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  1. Assalamualaikum.
    This is something I recently began to practice: when I have a decision I need to make, I ask myself, "What would Allah want me to do?"
    Alhamdulillah, when I remember that my decisions and actions will be judged by Allah subhana wa ta’ala and taken into account on the Day of Judgement, that really helps me to choose carefully what my decision will be.
    Allah knows best.

  2. Jazakallah Khair, may Allah Subahanahu wa ta’la reward you. this is what we need right now. we need wake up, make decisions, be productive, leave good footprints, all in one preparing to get the fruit The Hereafter…

  3. Great article mashallah. I really liked the Istikhara part and Anthony Robbins explanation of life of average people. Even though I know about Istikhara prayer, but rarely perform it when most needed.
    Awesome post.

  4. Great article mashallah. I really liked the Istikhara part and Anthony Robbins explanation of life of average people. Even though I know about Istikhara prayer, but rarely perform it when most needed.
    Awesome post.

  5. By Allah, this is a great article. May Allah help us to follow it.
    The cherry on top would be the quote – simply too good to ignore

  6. Well written, inspiring)
    JazakAllah Khayr!

    btw, I guess “the feel out of control” should be “they feel out of control”

  7. Real Practical experience.Most of us have been doing it out of instinct. The article is real.Asalamalleikum.
    Sulayi Wandera

  8. Assalamu alaikum,

    Masha Allah it’s very valuable advice. It’s very nicely thought and put into words.
    It’s must to follow in our daily lives. May Allah reward you and make it easy for you.

  9. jazakAllah Khair for this lovely reminder of the immense capabilities Allah swt has given us and beautiful guidance to live our lives in the way of jihad towards Jannah also wanted to add in Surah AliImran when the prophet had made a decision he then stuck to it and said as the quran quotes that if you have made a decision then tawakal AlaAllah subhanAllah for his guidance and jazaKAllah khair once again

  10. Dear Brother,
    Assalamu Allaikum.I’m.converted muslim and I’m veryhappy
    FOR BEING a muslim I follow all rules all what saying in quaran
    But my problem is the behavior of my husband with her mother
    They both makes me destress.Because they both is the decissioner
    Even it is wrong They both was made me suffering

    • Salaamu Alaikum sister Jasmine,
      I’m a revert, also. I’m sorry you’re suffering and I just wanted to wish you the best and hope that Allah swt makes things easy for you. It’s only my personal thought, but I think the best thing for you is to try to use your wisdom and patience when dealing with your husband and mother-in-law. Make sincere duaa for them. And keep “doing you” — focusing on yourself, your own health, daily goals, and the ways in which you are pleasing Allah swt. Maybe it is a test and through it in sha Allah, you are growing. I hope it works out … love you sis for the sake of Allah swt.

  11. JazakAllah khair brother for the great article and reminder! I was looking online for more information about decision making and this article was right on time. This is a helpful site overall, masha Allah :)

  12. JazakAllah khair for the great article and reminder! I I know about this dua, 1/2 time I was follow this dua. This dua is very effective. Your article remind me again.

  13. Alhamdu lillah
    i m really thankfull to the author of this article.i really need of this advice as i had need of that.

  14. Assalamualaikm….
    really a nyc article… i hav prayd istikhara but havnt undrstd wt allah wnts me to do…!!!!!

  15. Jazakallah khair. May Allah reward you abundantly. I was searching for a dua to make when you have fear of making the wrong decision, and it led me here. Subhanallah, this was just what I was looking for! I’ve been wanting to make this major decision in my life for a while now. But fear of making the decision and the discovering it was the wrong one, always restricts me from making the decision all together. (sometimes, the fear and confusion is so bad that I feel like I’m having a panic attack!) . As a consolation, I usually end up telling myself, that, maybe, if I don’t make ANY decision at all, and pray sincerely to Allah, maybe Allah will make the decision for me, and Allah knows best. This article has reminded me that as much as there is qadar of Allah, we as human beings and individuals also have a role to play in making decisions for ourselves. Allah created us with brains and hearts for logic, emotion and reasoning. Thankyou for opening my mind and giving me a better understanding. May Allah reward you.

  16. Jazakallahu Khair for this article I’m suffering from this I am very indecisive but now In sha Allah I’ll work on this using the 5 points thank you

  17. Salam
    I m very confused so plz help me
    I want to start new business it’s my dream to open small restaurant
    But I m afraid if I will fail I will get big loss, one thing also I m from India and I want to start restutrant in dubai
    I have no much knowledge of dubai
    So what wil I do plz help me

  18. Salam
    Thank you for a great reMinder.
    I am asked wat can I do I work for an personal look after an care for but that person is making it reallly hard for me blaming an accusing me swearing cursing me
    She wants me to leave,I want to leave but that is my income which pays my rent an bills an food. I find it really hard to leave. Although she drives me crazy I have constant headaches an chest pain of wat this person dose to me
    And still I kinda feel sorry for her. And when I say am leaving she say am leaving her you dnt care,but wen am not wen she know am not gonna leave she starts up again throws the food I make her an so on. Plz advise me wat to do she making me ill but all so the income is helping me wid rent bills food ect.
    Please help.
    Thank u
    Kind regards.

  19. Assalam o Alaikum.

    Great article and I think it was the first thing over the internet that impress me. Especially, the Istikhara section. Once I observed that section, it satisfied me that the whole article is what everybody must read, at least once. Thanks for sharing this.

  20. I got admission in engineering clg but failed then lost 2 yrs of my career this year I joined another course and while I wanted my old documents back my engineering clg ppl says that he’ll pass me he’ll clear my engineering. I remember asking Allah to take better decisions in my life then I left engineering and joined another course. today m confused whtr I should take the offer or refuse. Which I’ve already done I have refused them. Pls give me peace of advice.

  21. I have one question which is bothering me.
    First let me clear that I totally agree with above steps including Istikharaa.
    Now questions is if we are doing Istikhara in every matter, then of course everything will turn right.But don’t you think this way our self confidence wont build on ourselves?
    Its just a question popped in my mind. Alhumdillah i totally put my trust on ALLAH in all matters.

  22. JazakAllah. Very good article. But I have a question.
    I’ve heard that doing istikhara is leaving the decision in Allah’s court from your court. You’ll get the hint of action in your dreams.
    While in this article you’ve mentioned taking your own action even after istikhara.
    Please clear that for me.