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  1. @Tip 1… What if I am a technical person and want to have my blog contains both technical and non-technical stuff and I separate them using menu?

    • As-Salaamu Alaikum Farhan,

      Same apology to you as Sr. Claudia.

      IMHO, it is best to have your blog or website focus on specific issues. The more focused it is, the better it will be for those who read it.

      If you’re inclined to technology, I’d suggest you have one blog dedicated to tech and maybe even a specific sub-category in technology, or perhaps a sub-sub-category (like Nintendo 3DS mods).

      And even though it is difficult, you should create a different blog for your second topic, whatever that may be.

      The reason I suggest this is that you don’t want to confuse your visitors.

      For instance, your blog articles about technology are going to attract people from all walks of life, Muslim and non-Muslim.

      If you have a bunch of Islamic articles on that same blog, you might alienate those visitors of yours who aren’t interested in Islam or any other religion.

      The only way a mixture like this would work is if you blog about Islamic technology, like Quran software and Islamic apps.

  2. as-salamo aleikom. i have 2 blogs about Islam: one in English and another in Portuguese. I wanted to know if there are any halal ways to start having some income from these blogs. People tell me Google AdSense as the first option, but it’s not really halal, since it may show advertisements for haraam things, which i have no control over… Any halal options for this? jazak Allah Khair

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam Sr. Claudia,

      I apologize for taking so long to respond. This apology is extended to everyone else who has comments or questions. Just a busy and hectic week, what can I say.

      The best way to make some income from your blog Sr. Claudia is to sell your own products. Digital products work best, but you can also sell physical goods and services.

      I don’t know if the moderators of ProductiveMuslim will allow it, but if you leave a link to your website I’d be happy to check it out and give you some ideas. You can also follow me on Twitter (@islamiclearning:twitter ) and leave me a link.

      • No problem about taking long to reply. I thank you for your time in responding. jazak Allah Khair.

        I actually have 3 blogs:

        One of them is not about Islam, although my target audience is Muslim women most of the time, but it can be applied to non-Muslim women as well:

        The other 2 are about Islam. The one in English has more than one author, as i use to ask sisters to be volunteers and make da’wah, sharing the reward, and this is mainly for Muslim women. The one in Portuguese is only me but it’s the oldest of them and it’s all the Muslims that speak the Portuguese language.

        English –


        P.S.: I know the designs of the 2 last blogs have some problem in the menu and header (i really don’t know how that happened) but inshaAllah i’ll take care of it soon. The problem is that I might have to do a design all over again, since I use Artisteer 3 to make them and I didn’t back up the template when it wasn’t having problems. I just happened suddenly and I didn’t install any new feature to the blogs recently either. Kind of confusing…

        • As-Salaamu Alaikum Claudia,

          I checked out your websites and the potential is amazing.

          For the Muslim wife blog, I would suggest two things:
          Sign up for an affiliate account with Then review and suggest different items on your blog that you think your readers would be interested in. When they buy, you’ll get a commission.

          I also see you have a few recipes on your site. This is a no-brainer to me.

          Write a cookbook and sell it online!

          You can do it all for free. Put a cookbook together and load it up on Amazon’s Kindle service. When they sell, you’ll paid (though Amazon will get a cut).

          I can give you more details but there isn’t enough time on this blog for it. If you want to know what else you can do or the detailed steps for the two ideas above, shoot me an email at

    • Hi Claudia
      you can use a “adsense for content” adsense. so the ad will match your blog’s content.  or you can sell Amazon books – that would be more controllable than adsense. hope this helps

    • As-Salaamu Alaikum Ilma,

      SEO means Search Engine Optimization. This is the science/art of making your online content appear as high as possible on search engines (like Google, Bing, etc) results page.

      I checked out your website and it is about education for Muslim children. When I go to Google and type in “education for Muslim children” Google sends back tons of results.

      Don’t get offended, but your website doesn’t appear on the first two pages (at least not in my neck of the woods).

      SEO done properly should get you at or near the top of that list, perhaps on the first page. And most people searching for things in Google are going to click on a link on the first two pages.

      But take this with some caution. Google has done so much tweaking of their algorithm that a lot of the tips you find online are outdated and obsolete.

      The best way to get traffic to your sight is build a community. Create an email list, create a facebook page, create a twitter account for your website brand. Then offer good stuff, and be consistent.

      Before long, people will join your community and you’ll have a nice following of fans. I currently have about 3000 people in my community. But that’s nothing compared to Productive Muslim which has over 30000!

  3. Jazak Allah Khair for the tips. They’ll be really useful to me as I just started an Islamic blog.  Question.  Do you think benefitting financially from a blog that is designed for Da’wah purposes is unethical?
    -Umm Qamar

    • Wa Iyyak Umm Qamar.

      Not at all. I say this because I give away so much free material on my blog. And all of the true dawah material (information meant to call to Islam) is free.

      Articles. E-books. E-courses. Podcasts. Audio recordings. All of it is available for free. I don’t even ask for an email address for much of it (I do for some things though).

      So, for me to try to offer a few things for sale that I’ve worked hard to put together is just a drop in the bucket compared to how much I give away.

      Then I look at famous Muslim speakers like Bilal Philips and Siraj Wahaj. These brothers have given so much of themselves to help Muslims, yet you can find pirated material of their books and lectures all over the internet and even in Muslim shops throughout America.

      Someone is out there taking their stuff and profiting off of it and the authors never see a penny of it. I’ve even found some of my books pirated online.

  4. Because of I don’t know my real purpose of blogging, I started to write anything that came across my mind and see the readers responses. Than I start to find it wonderful to write something I and the others cared about. That is how I love blogging. These tips really help me now the way I should do on my blog. Thanks a bunch.

    • You’re most welcome Izham. I suggest the same advice to you as Farhan above. Try to focus your blog if you really want to attract a lot of readers and possibly make some income.

      But if you’re just blogging as a hobby, then go for it and write whatever you want.

    • Wa Iyyak Sr. Ruqaya.

      I checked out your blog. Mostly the design looks nice and it’s easy to read. Judging from the posts, you do update the blog frequently.

      I would suggest using larger text to make it easier to read. And some of the images on the sidebar look a little garish in my opinion.

      Otherwise, I think it’s a fantastic site.

  5. I am a Muslim. I want to become a muslim blogger. But I can’t find any Popular Blogs for blogging. I searched google but I couldn’t find register option in muslim blogs. So how can I solve this problem?

  6. Salam alaykum ILM.

    This is good for new and existing Muslim bloggersthat are passionate abour sharing knowledge.

    Do you have any material on blogging that will seve as a quick-stop reference?

    I look forward to seeing more of you here.

  7. Very helpful I will try and apply them to my new blog, I just started a couple days ago and no one has really seen it yet.
    I’m blogging about the answers to questions I constantly get as a revert to Islam.
    Trying to let people see its not a crazy journey but a gradual growth.

  8. The holy language of Islam is classical Arabic, whose nuances and beauty are intricately tied to the holy text of the Quran. For insight into this language, or if you’re brave enough to attempt to learn it, check out the sites below designed to aid in your language discovery.

  9. Ma sha Allah… Good Tips. I have this article before also, I mean before starting my blog. This time I am pretty happy to announce and share that now I have started my own blog on Islamic Quotes :)

    Jazak’Allah for inspiring and sharing great content.

  10. Assalamualaikum brother. Masha Allah, great post brother. As Muslims we should also productive as develop an Islamic blogs to media information . As I do, provide information about Islam . Alhamdulillah , now my blog visitors has reached 140 thousand more each day . Thank you for sharing information. :)

  11. Its my first time of being here and i found it awful to be a guest.In sha Allah,am hoping to start running an islamic blog soon,hence my visit to your blog.thanks.Qozeem from Nigeria

  12. I have started my new blog and named it “Abisai” . My blog is related to babies, and I have found a name Abisai in Babynology which means Gift of God. Is it the good name for the blog or not please give your opinions on it.

  13. Assalamualaikum, I know that I’m too late to leave a comment here. But I started a blog last month please sir if you find time check it out and let me know my faults and suggestions to improve it.

  14. MashaAllah, that’s great advice for new bloggers! I was hoping you could do another detailed post for the new Muslim bloggers today enlisting some of the SEO strategies that have helped great blogs like Productive Muslim and Islamic Learning Materials grow over time.. I feel like there are too many daunting & exhausting SEO tactics out there and if you could share the ones that have helped you the most, it would be very handy for many bloggers like me. JazakAllah!
    I have recently launched my blog for the Muslim Youth Self- Development and I would appreciate your advice and tips very much.

  15. Assalaam Alaikum, I’m at a place in my life where I’m about to start a blog. First I thought I’d start a travel blog as I just came back from Africa and I wanted to write and share my journey but then I thought I’d write a lifestyle blog as I want to write about many different things and issues in life that I faced, facing and will face (eg: showcasing my art and writing about it, my journey after I came back from from Africa and how it changed my life afterwards, colourism/racism in the community, family, children, relationships, volunteer work locally and internationally, etc..

    1- Should I keep it to just a travel blog and have different blogs for different topics or have a lifestyle blog?

    2- I will be having a website where I will showcase my business in the next 2-3 years (business will be around health, wellness, nutrition, fitness and counselling as that’s what I’m currently studying but not certified yet) so that website will have my name and that will be my brand. Should I keep my blog to my name as well that I can link to my business website later or should I have a different name that can be fun, etc (eg: humble pursuits, walk the talk, humble intentions, humble inspirations, humble adventures, etc..).

    Please advise. Jazak Allah Khair