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  1. Such a great article! I’m going through a lull these days with my work and I really feel more motivated after reading this. Thank you for sharing x


  2. Visualizing your goals is such an important as well as a foolproof technique. I didn’t know that Our Holy Prophet also recommended the same (though not surprised). We often need such reminders to keep ourselves motivated

  3. Really like your approach in this post. Put everything into it and then have faith in Allah. I totally agree, staying motivated and consistent can be really hard. I have been a victim of leaving my plans in between because I feel I’m not getting anywhere. I like how you said we need to map it down. I think that’s where I lack mostly, not having a clear action plan. Thanks for sharing your tips ☺️

  4. Such a lovely article… invaluable reminders! I’ve been feeling down in my writing efforts lately, as well as my blogging. I will use these tips to try and give myself a jumpstart! Thanks :)