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  1. Salam Akhi Farhan.

    Great article about finding the right balance between working life and personal life.

    To be honest, I don’t think work-life balance exists because if we look at our lives closely, we spend 3/4 of our time finding a halal source of income, insyaAllah.

    It is not about finding a balance but it is more of making the effort to give time for rest, recreation, family and other optional ibadah, but when you do the calculations, we still spend more time at work and commuting to work than at home with family. And, sadly the whole has accepted this as a norm.

    For myself, I focus more on my hobbies than my work and my family. To me, taking a break is when I get to do my hobby and not really taking a break because my hobby is to keep fit, read articles and learn more about setting up a business. It makes me happier and something I look forward to after work.

    So, my life is always either working or working on something awesome, then find a time for family and friends. Of course, I take breaks in between and I find it important to have meals and perform the prayers with my family.

    The important thing here is to find what makes you excited, happy and keep you healthy as well!:)

    Am I right or am I right?

  2. A perfect researched article on professional productivity and maintain work life balance. And how we can spiritually , socially , physically and emotionally productive in every aspects of life in this technological ruled world .

    Very well said about attending gatherings in weekends with Islamic classes . I would say, atrleast once in 3 days we need to attend spiritual classes or listen to online Islamic classes or read Islamic ariticles . Sometimes , I Google articles with subject from productive Muslim to recharge oursleves to keep us productive .

    Also, whatever we learnt or read we teach others , hence we tend to remember .