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  1. In the name of Allah,the most merciful the most beneficial.
    The article cautions me of media commentors who are always on hand with ready advice,directions,and solution.
    Do they really not project their shortcoming?.

  2. SubhanAllah there’s so much depth into how our minds actually work and how we portray our behaviour,
    I had to read this over and over again (like three times if not more) to fully understand it.
    Waiting for the next one and this time, I’m ready to take notes!
    S T U N N I N G !

  3. SubhanAllah you have found an amazing way of teaching self defense mechanisms! I love every episode of this series and can’t really wait for the next one ;) Reading this, I realized how many times have I been a ‘projector’ and snapped instead of oiwing up to my own shortcomings. Alhamdulillah I have learned to deal with it. Now I am trying to learn how to deal with the projectors, who might not even know they are projectors. Do you have an advice as to how we can deal with them?