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  1. salam alaikom….ma sha Allah sister Lilly

    some great episodes these are…at the same time….some scarey stuff too….love the way you interwined it all in with the deen….makes us realise holding onto quran and sunnah with our important that is!! in my don’t want to live defence mechanism at the moment..due to array of things..etc.

    one thing did get me thinking though from previous episode….about seeking the weak hadith with marriage…as much as mama may have been considered weak by many….bec of her calm kind and patient nature…its got me thinking about when looking to reconsider and search for that strong weak half of deen..they say we sometimes marry those who remind us of our parents..mothers in particular…..

    anyone reading this..plz make dua for included

    barak Allah feekom

  2. as scarey as it is….and as defeat mode sets wishing to be a mountain hermit and isolate…the sunnah of speaking good or remaining silent ironically said is best option…..even tho it is our duty to ward off evil and spread justice and that’s how Allah sees what each generation does…it also seems pointless….as it seems injustice is part and parcel of its self is unjust

    apologies for crying out or being pessismestic

    • Why do u say life is unjust. That is like saying Allah is unjust. And he is the Lord of All justice. Try to read some Quran everything will become clearInshaAllah

    • I actually agree with “life is unjust” part coz it’s true…
      Bad things happen to good people
      Innocent people become victims and tyrants sometimes are the ones who rule on Earth
      This hardly seems just…
      But as Muslims, we know that there’s more. Life is a tough test, and we will be rewarded in the Hereafter
      Because even if life is unfair, Almighty Allah is Fair. Rest assured, that nothing you go through will go unnoticed…
      There’s judgment day, and heaven and hell
      In the end, all your hard work will be completely worth it inshAllah

  3. I had nooo idea of the Reaction Formation mechanism, I still have one question though…Is the person consciously doing this? I mean if he/she isn’t, could it be because of their lack of knowledge or self-consciousness?

    • It’s usually done unconsciously. You defend your own morals with so much anger, and sometimes a lot of that anger is with yourself for not measuring up to your own ethics and moral standards

  4. Assalamualaikum sister mohsen. it really touched me alot , we usually try hard to hate what Allah has forbidden for us and with such mindset we preach others without understanding the person ….. atlast we loose them due to our harsh behaviour …………. may Allah grant you sucess in this world and for hereafter…. we need the people like you to understand the things better and to have an effective approach to correct people… may Allah increase your wisdom….