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  1. Salam 3lykum…great article mashALLAH tabarak ALLAH. My mood is always uplifted when reading them from this series…may ALLAH swt increase you in reward and give you ikhlass and thabat.

  2. Assalaamu alykum waRa7matullaahi waBarakaatuh..
    So finally this beautiful series of articles has ended with a superbly beautiful inspiring article..For me every article was like COMInG AT THE RIGHT TIME! Alhamdulillaah..
    I learnt a lot and hope to see much more productivity articles like ds.. though some concepts explained needed a lot of thinking…yet it was a 5 out of 5 star series..*****
    JazaakAllaah khair Author..
    Jazaakumullaahu khairan whole PM team..
    BaarakAllaahu feekum :)

    • Walaikum salam wr wb Taa’liabul Ilm, thank you for your comment and feedback… and your 5 star rating! :) It means a lot to me and to the PM team.
      Wa iyakum.

      I urge you to sign up at the link above to receive “Productive Thinking eBook” – all the eight articles nicely bounded up in a beautifully designed PDF format. It also includes some extra action guides plus easy-to-read infographics.

  3. alhamdulillah .thank u so much this was all i needed the most.. inshaallah il benefit from this.. jazakkallah

  4. Assalamu Alaikum WW
    excellent job may allah accept this
    a small request
    i’m a dawa worker among Youth if you allow to use this grade guide I’ll translate in to Tamil language and guide our youth Please.
    with best regard

    • Walaikum salaam wr wb, alkan. Ameen.
      Thanks for your comment and request :)
      By all means, please feel free to use it as you see fit. I would love to see this message spread as far as it can in the ummah iA.
      I just request that you give credit to the original articles and author here on and include the original link in any translation work that you do so that your audience can benefit from other beneficial resources on PM.

      **Before you continue**
      Please double check with and get their permission by contacting them using this ‘Contact Us’ form :)

  5. TJhis whole series is amazing. Really life changing.Dont know what else to say .i am really motivated.Jazakallah

    • Wa iyakum, zia. Really appreciate your comment :) Please share these articles in your emails, on your blogs or on Social media. We don’t want to keep the “Really life changing” stuff to ourselves now, do we? ;)

  6. Assalamualaykum brother…. i am 19 years old and i have a problem with self esteem.. though it might sound stupid and childish but it is because i m short and i feel worthless even though i know that it is according to allah’s will and that he is testing me through it.. i just cannot find a way out and it is ruining my whole life.. please help

    • Walaikum salam hilal, thank you for your comment and sharing the challenge that you’re were experiencing. I used to have a similar challenge. I want to help you and you gotta commit to doing what I’m sharing with you below.

      Please commit to doing these two things for the next 2 weeks.
      For the next 2 weeks, everyday go out and make at least one person smile! Find something beautiful about someone and give them a compliment. Be genuine and caring.
      And everyday for the next 2 weeks, write three things that you are grateful for in your journal and make sure you really feel the gratitude.

      And let me know how you go. :)
      Watch this video interview with brother Sanel Mehmedovic who affected me when I was at a low point in my life.

      And remember, great things come in small packages ;)
      P.S, Please take time to go through and check out the resources at the resources section below this article.

  7. MashAllah your resources are wonderful. Jazakumullah khairan kaseera. I will surely read this series more closely again and will take a look at the resources in more detail, too. I bookmarked it on delicious :)

  8. Jazaka Allah khair Br Thurein for the article. Lots of points to consider and work on.
    I have a question: How can I feel that ‘I am enough’ and still want to do more i.e. strive for the improvement of self and others?

  9. Assalamu alaikum,

    my low esteem is mainly due to my parents. i know that they are trying their best for me but they put me off my aspirations, curb by ambitions and make me feel like i will never amount to anything. they have pretty extreme views that i simply dont agree with for example that i will not get into uni because i wear a headscarf. i stopped arguing with them and just ignored them so i dont lose my temper. in school i already feel low, i go to a highly competitive school constantly trying to prove myself so i hate the way i am made to feel by my own parents. i tell them what they are doing to me but they either dont care or dont understand. they tell me how my goals are unrealistic for a person of my race and religion yet expect me to achieve top grades. my father is particularly controlling. i dont know what to do to make them stop and let me pursue my goals.

  10. Jezakellah My dear brother this piece is an example to the fact that Muslims also deserve a thoroughly studied and intelligibly written beneficial knowledge to their reach. When I see Muslims discussing issues like this one it is like ” whatever they will read it anyway”. But this one alhamdulillah it was very informative and practical