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  1. Your article’s theme coincided with that of the Khutbah today.
    It as if Allah is giving me signs through you and Sheikh Umal, a leading and popular Scholar in Eastern Africa. The general theme was ihsaan: serving Allah by being of service to the creation.
    ” Allah’s sunnan is: forgive and you will be forgiven, give and you will be given, help and you will be helped, serve and you will be served, do good and you will receive googness, for verily the reward of goodness is nothing but goodness and Allah is with Muhsinoon.” Sheikh Umal.
    This article really help change perspective especially;
    ” Do not complain to the creation, call out to the Creator.”
    ” I am sure some one else will help.”- an ecuse that I make sometimes.
    JazakAllah khayr. May Allah make us Muhsinoon. Ameen.

  2. Sister, In your introduction(at the end of article) its mentioned that your are working for “Syrian Bread factory project”. I followed the link for donations; i just wanted to know is there any other way, than “GoFundMe” website to send donations for this project. I don’t want to use this website as they charge around 7% in fees. I prefer to send my donation directly into a bank account.
    I’ll be thankful if you could help me in reaching the sponsors/managers of this project.

    • Asalamu alaikum,
      Yes there is a way you may send money directly into their bank account.

      The details are (stated in the “more information” section of the fb page):

      Barclay’s Bank
      Account Name: Survival
      Sort Code 20 – 09 – 03
      Account Number 43013782
      Ref: SB



      May Allah reward you for every penny you donate towards this cause. Ameen.

  3. Assalamu Alaykum Masha ALLAH brother jazaka ALLAHU kahyran

    what a wonderful tips its really a good lesson for me may ALLAH reward you ameen

  4. Good conduct and noble character are the most valued qualities in any society. MA SHA ALLAH! you gave amazing tips to be a good person in any society !