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  1. Though the article has no new information to add, but the way you presented it is way different and way better than alot other bloggers. Thumbs up for being a creative presenter ;), those Remember Tips are really great. 

  2. I was looking for material to present on goal setting from Islamic Perspectives. This really helped. JazakAllah Khairan for your efforts. 

  3. I have so many things to do, I have so many goals to achieve, but if I standing here without doing anything, I will get nothing!

    Thanks for this article… we must change first then Allah will change others, InsyaAllah Ta’ala.

  4. This is really well organized goal planning that I am looking for as a Muslim as surrounding people with those who are mainly chasing madly after Duniya. Really appreciate, jazakAllah khairan.

  5. I think this is the summary and result of really pure intension of productiv Muslim team and M far is. ….and looking final workable plan for being productive and getting ahead in this world and Aakhera.