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  1. Subhanallah.I just watched in tv alhijrah about this productive muslim seminar that’s gonna be held in malaysia,international islamic university.I don’t know where else can I go to say my thousands of gratitude to the admin group that there’s actually a web page and here I am.Previously all of the web pages that I’ve gone through alhamdulillah was good but only to their point of view but what great about this web page is it’s all been presented together with its islamic character and I totally in love with it.I hope to learn more and more and try to gain as much as I can to expand my knowledge and become a true muslim individual and to contribute to the ummah one day inchaAllah.Again,thank you for having us to have this splendid web page,I don’t know how gratitude I am and only he the Almighty can reward ure good deeds.amen