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  1. BISMILLAHIR RAHMANIR RAHEEM.everything every moment still a question n my mind .this s an unexpected moment that i have encountered n my life……insaALLAH..ALLAH swt. is the most merciful and allknower

  2. Jazakumallahu khayran katheera! This was a pleasure to read and inspiring too. May Allah ta’ala bless us all with the ability to make the most of our talents, ameen

  3. Jazakallah khair. .:)
    That was really an awesome, inspiring interview. And as said, balancing is indeed something you will have to work hard for. Being a medical student I was always anxious of this aspect: the fine aspect of balancing. But the answer in the interview, that you have to prioritise things, was just something I was looking for as an answer, I think.
    Jazakallah khair again. In sha Allah, I will try to make changes in my life accordingly.

  4. Na’ima and Production muslimah thanks very much. this has indeed been a great inspiration. would love to hear more from you all for motivation and encouragement. May Allah (swt) bless all of us to be of benefit to the ummah.

  5. Wow, this was a great interview. I haven’t read her books but I do follow her on Facebook already, so it was nice to get to know more about her.

  6. We all love success stories, but never associate words like ‘hardship & sacrifice’ with the journey. So it is inspirational to hear it from Sr. Naima. That is an important lesson for those struggling to find their passion – especially young Muslims; something to engage in for the sake of Allah(swt), helping humanity and in order to leave a legacy.

    Thanks for sharing bits of advice for the writers out there. Your perspective is so relatable. Baarakallahu feek.

    May Allah bless your work & striving for His sake.

  7. MashaAllah great interview and very inspiring, may Allah reward her. I haven’t read any of her books but after reading this and reading great reviews on “From my Sister’s Lips” I am definitely reading it and might even use it for my bachelor’s project.

    On another note: do you know of any good creative writing summer courses in London for a novice and international? JAk

  8. Assalaamu alaikum wa rehmatullah wa barakatahu
    Na’ima’s interview is very inspiring and has made me want to do more. she has actually managed to show the readers how to maximize the effectiveness of their time and productivity. Jazakallah Alkhayr May Allah bless us all to work for Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala’s pleasure only.

  9. Jazak Allah…
    Being an aspiring novelist myself, this interview really helped me regain my footing while I was constantly questioning my choice of life. I really do belive the best writing is the one written from heart, but had always questioned myself about the audience. Will anyone really want to read all the stuff I am planning?
    But now I am gaining confidence. By seeing this blog so much successful and by reading about these amazing writers. I feel I just may make it. :)
    Jazak Allah again :)

  10. SubhanaAllah! Answer of the second question has literally moved me. May Allah bless you sister Na’ima.