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  1. mA, beautiful article! I’m loving this series. Thank you Sister Nur and jazakallahu khairan for sharing your journey, insights and very practical tips… and for bringing two of my favourite subjects together, the sciences of the heart and the mind. :)
    And I really appreciate the fact that you identified and highlighted the key areas when it comes to successfully building productive habits.
    * Starting small and
    * Building the keystone habits first
    Most of the time, we “fail” because we make the mistake of attempting to change many things in many areas of our life too quickly all at once and skipping the fundamentals and the foundation. It’s so important to focus on small important habits first and focus on completion and being consistent.
    Reminds me of the hadith by our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, “The best actions are those that are small and consistent” [Bukhari and Muslim]
    Digging the advice from Shaykh Yahya Rhodus as well – beautiful. Thank you for sharing that :)
    “Do not beat yourself up! Pick yourself up!”
    And put the ‘fun’ back in, and go ‘mental’ with, the ‘fundamentals’!
    I think this series, especially, this article compliments my Productivity Thinking series article on the importance of rituals.
    Sister Nur, thank you again and may you be rewarded with the best of both worlds. Ameen.

  2. Mashallah, it’s a great article. I’ll do my best Nshallah to apply it on my life. It is only with knowledge acquisition, hardworking, self discipline and courage , a human being can be a better person and by transferring his experience to the others, he can change the world.
    I would like to share this article to a person that i recently met, Ms. Hana with my best wishes to her.

  3. Asalamualikum

    MashaAllah a very beneficial write up. Loved it. May Allah impart more wisdom into you and make you a source of inspiration for a lot of Muslims striving in their journey to Allah..

    Alhamdullilah this came up into my life at the right time.I am at the beginning of my journey taking small steps for becoming a better Muslimah,In sha Allah. Allah SWT sends His help in a lot of ways and through people like you. SubhanAllah !!!!
    JazakAllah for becoming a beautiful and useful resource in my journey.

    May Allah SWT purify our intentions, keep us focused and motivated all along this journey and accept our deeds. Ameen.


  4. Maasha Allah, this advice will certainly makes us a real performing and productive muslim in sha Allah, jazakallah

  5. Masha allah for this beatiful inspiration more on the dhikr part. I have just acquired a tally count to increase my dhikr from just 100 to (1000) each may Allah guide me continuosly and guide u as well.amiin

  6. Thanks a lot I like your “Choose Unavoidable Cues”.

    May ALLAH increase your knowledge and beautify your actions and those of all Muslims.


  7. Assalamu’alaikum

    Thank you for the article. The keystone habit I would like to build is waking up early. I find it difficult however to break the pattern when I am in that sleepy state and it has become ingrained to snooze! The few times I managed have been almost physically painful! Any tips for overcoming this habit at a time when my guard is on its lowest?
    Also, are there any other points of reference literature wise?