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  1. Alhamdulillah, article is informative and very useful.  Further, it is helpful to keep 
    in mind the following points.  According to hadith, during Salah, our heart should have fear of Allah (SWT), remembrance (zikr) of Allah and imagine that we are seeing Allah (SWT) or at least Allah is watching us, this will help us to concentrate during our Salah.
    Jazakallah !!

  2. Jazakhallah khair for the excellent article. May Allah bless all individual who took part in publishing this article. Ameen. The Du’a you mentioned near the end is soo beautiful it’s what I’m exactly asking Allah SWT in my Du’as.

  3. Jazakhallah khair for your endeavour!This article is really good& and through reading you get really motivated to focus on salah. The only thing you might try to changa is that if you write Allah, 
    glorified and exalted be “HE”- you should not write this so because Alah is Allah and not (subhanAllah) he or sth like that. Try to write glorified and exalted be Allah (: I hope I won’t be considered preumtuous for this advice ! salaam

  4. jazakAllah khayran. The Prophet saw used to say in his supplication: O Allah, I seek refuge with You from a heart that has no khushoo’… [Allaahumma innee a’oodhu bika min qalbin laa yakhsaa’…]
    At-Tirmidhi, vol, 5, p.485, hadith no. 3482; Saheeh Sunan at-Tirmidhi

  5. JazakAllah for these amazing tips! Very helpful.
    I would like to add that mental images help alot too. Like for example if you are reciting surah 105 “Al-Fil” then try to imagine the elephant and the flocks of birds in your mind. It really helps your concentration!

    • Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatu allahi wa barakatuhu sister Aziza !!
      I would like to give you a little advice if you don’t mind , please and don’t get upset with me as we are brothers and sisters from one ummah. In islam when we want to thank someone for something we should say JAZAKA ALLAHU JAIRAN ( may allah reward you with goodness ) and not just JAZAKA ALLAHU . Because jazaka allahu means “May Allah reward you , and saying just this , it is considered incomplete.
      So let’s all say Jazaka allahi jairan and get the full reward for it . Amiin ya rab !!
      I hope you don’t get upset with me . Love you for the sake of Allah !!

  6. May Allah bless you brother Aziz, very nice article, Some of the points i already knew and i’ve been implementing them during my salah but you have summarized surplus points at a single page.
    I will adopt all of them and since I really owe you brother, i will surely remember you in dua.
    May Allah bless us all and give us the capability to keep ourselves steadfast till death

  7. JazakAllah khayran for posting this article brother!! Well summarized and informative. I will try my best to implement all these points insha’Allah.

  8. This is one of the best articles I have read here in! It is very useful and these tips really helped me a lot to gain Khushu. Jazakallahu Khairan. Hoping to see more articles of such useful information in future.

  9. Subhanallah! I really needed to read this; Salah is so important that you want to gain the most from it. I pray that my salah can get better & have more khushoof, ameen. May Allah ta’ala reward you with jannat-ul firdous, ameen

  10. MashaAllah – thank you for such a concise & useful article.

    I’d like to add that in the world we live in these days, one of the toughest things to do is to ‘unplug’ ourselves from that ‘little distracting devil’ called The Mobile Phone.

    Although what Allah s.w.t. requires of us for salah will only take about 10-20 mins, many of us feel this compulsive need to always check our phone, myself included! & Now that mobile phones are connected to the Internet & social media like Facebook & WhatsApp, it intensifies this compulsive need for us to always check our phone, even when getting ready for salah. Astaghfirullah.

    Therefore, I find that it helps immensely to literally switch off my mobile phone during the time I’m entering into the state of salah. This helps me enter ‘The Zone’ that Brother Aziz refers to, bringing Calmness, Focus & Catharsis to my private communion with our Creator. I can then leave the salah feeling Rejuvenated, Refreshed – & Grateful for the blessed experience.

  11. Jazakullah Khair! I was listening to a lecture by Imam Suhaib Webb once, and he told the story of a man who once had incredible khushoo is in his salat. When asked how he had so much focus he replied to the person saying that when he prays, he imagines that Hell is on his left, Paradise on his right, the Kaaba is in front of him, and the Angel of death behind him. He also imagines that his feet are on the Siraat. I hope this helps.

  12. alhamdulillah for these. this is a beneficial knowledge should be shared among us to improve our solah. may Allah rewards u abundantly. and us together and get barokah from all of these and keep on protecting us.

    i wanted to share my experience in performing solah. at first, i always took solah into granted but Alhamdulillah Allah’s there to help me always. i always thinking that even though i dont have enough knowledge to perform a better solah but Allah’s had guided me and helped me through this life because i dont missed solah. if i did that intentionally i will make qadha. how gracious is Allah my dear sis and bro! we will never make anything without His help so lets improve our solah and make every solah as though your last solah in life. Remember that every single seconds :)

    I also found that, if i did solah slowly i will really enjoyed the moment and i felt at ease. and i prayed that Allah wills make my solah (and ours of course) better from time to time because thats only time we are facing our Creator. InshaAllah

    may we granted the highest ranking of Jannah, ya Rabbana :(

  13. salaam brothers and sisters I was on a wrong track but Allah guided me but about Salah I used to pray Salah but this is not a joke I sort of prayed all sorts of way people teaching you pray like this and that but this one Salah I prayed don’t remember now but it was from the intention of the heart and all my devotion towards Allah, you know when I finished, you know when my heart said when is the other Salah time is going to come so I can pray, I just wanted to share with you cos the Salah has power and it makes you happy like you have achieved something but like I said when your heart desires and can’t wait for when the other Salah is going to come, I reckon you have achieved some thing but yes sometimes when you read it you feel happy but don’t stop there try to be more closer to Allah by knowing what your saying and feel it, I know its hard but after reading that I tried again and again but I could not achieve the limit as I prayed that Salah but all I can say is the secret is the heart wanting something, being humble and feeling and accepting to submit to him and thanking him being try to communicate and don’t cut off when you say one ayah and then going to another and don’t forget the first one what you felt and said that feeling and continue it right till the end as I am talking to you and you are listening and you know what I wrote and what its all about, how it started and ending and have it memorised, you’ll be strong in your prayer and its beautiful, I know the satin is with us but don’t think about the shaitan even if he is there whispering or what ever and please excuse my writing, I hope you understand and may Allah give us all jannah and forgive all our sins asalam alaykoom

    • Reheat,thanks for sharing this excellent way of praying This addition from you is great.Thank you for sharing,Jazakallah.

  14. As Salamu Alaikum
    Jazak Allah Khair for the invaluable advice
    Masha Allah there’s a lovely book on how to get the sweetness of Salah on
    Called love of Allah. Works wonders Insha Allah

  15. Alhamdulillah! We have possible to get very helpful advice and tips for our improvement. we really need to remember to improve daily our Salah and sometimes we need to understand right how to perform it. thanks for your very useful post, May ALLAH SWT will bless you and reward you for your wish and help to others brothers and sisters. insha’ALLAH!

  16. Asalamu Alaykum

    Jazaakallah khair for the tips, and I will In shaa Allah remember you in my prayer.
    I have antoher helpful tip, its is that you from the beginnig have a clear intention to perform salah. From the first step you take to perfom wudhu to the salam in salah.

  17. jazakallahu kheiran, i appreciate the author of this fabulous n beautiful tips about prayers n my input is that we should concentrate during ablution if we want to achieve maximum concentration inshaalah. wallahu a’alam.

  18. Masha’Allah, what an amazing article, I’ve been having problems with focusing on my Salah and now I know… I will In sha Allah try my best to focus more and more. Thank you so much. May Allah give you great Ajar ameen!

  19. All praise is to Allah only, very informative article. Would surely apply as I too often face concentrating on my Salah, the one thing I would like to share one should make intention of Salah before doing it, for me its when I leave for home from office I always make intention for my Salah and while doing Wadhu also

  20. Aslm alkm warahmatulahi wabarakatuh ..u said whenever u find ur mind wondering u shld spit on ur left hand side 3 times …is it during salah that u shld or b4..thank u

  21. jazakallahu khairah fi dunia wal aakirah brother…
    may Allah accept yo wk and reward u abandantly..ease fo u all matters in this world and the nxt
    Ammen ya rubb

    read thru and am happy. i no wt to do
    in sha Allah

    please make videos if possible
    atleast more detaIls will b protrayed

  22. Baraka allahu Feekh. Thanks For Sharing The Message Of Our Dear Prophet. May Allah Aza Wa Jal Reward You Accordingly. Jazaka Allahu Khair! ;)

  23. Salam.
    Wonderful techniques to focus in our daily salat Alhamdullillah.
    It surely will benefit thousands of readers.
    Jazakum Allah.

  24. Wasalaamualaykum two tips is make a sharp quick duah before salaah start and 2 to make during every end of sajda and before every salaam at end of salaah

  25. Asalam aleykum brothers n sisters,i try to think on how I can present myself when given a chance to face Allah and pray in His presence,it gives me a total concentration but still can’t stop hearing part of me thinking of other things and not really good things

  26. Masha Allah I did effect the way that I used to think about salah and the shaitan is always distracted in salah time but now I think its is the focus that give all of our brother and sister the chance of good namaz and salah
    – wahid

  27. Masha’Allah Jazak’Allah khair!!! Thank you so much. May Allah help us all become devoted to our Salat.

  28. A.S.A.W.R.W.B Dear brothers and sisters,
    In ruku and sujud, I focus on the countless ni’ima He has and is giving me, for free, with or without asking…
    Wellahi there is so much I don’t even know how to explain.
    May Allah guide us through the right path !

  29. ‘Allahumma innee ala zikrika wa shukrika wa husni ibaadatik’

    dear brothers, this dua u wrote regarding this article, according to my observation, contains an error. I have searched for it and, to my knowledge, it should be “a’innnee” instead of “innee”…you are doing a great job guiding ppl to islam…just consider it as a contribution. May Allah help u with this work and put barakah in it
    Best regards.

  30. Mashallah may Allah reward you in this dunya and in Aakhira…. these tips were incredibly useful to me!