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  1. Jazakumullah sister, one of the most well-written articles I’ve seen on the site so far. I do love the content of this site, but often the way an article is written can dilute the message a little. It is brilliant to see that this article, as well being as inspiring and full of great, meaningful content, is also well-written. Look forward to seeing more of your articles in the feature.

  2. Alhamdulillah, a well thought out and written article. May Allah (s w t) bless you for your efforts sister.

  3. ~~, assalamu’alaikum, dear brother sister. Changing the world is not ambition what we need is just practice, keep trying, help with du’aa, stimulus with charity, at the least leave everything to Allah

  4. Mashallah! This particular article was quite the modest outstander that immediately grabs your attention and imagination! And she’s right, change is most definitely achievable.
    Change doesn’t have to be as big as we imagine it to be, usually it’s just something new that you do in your life. But change is effective, it’s refreshing, it’s alive.
    An advice: Don’t think too hard about what you plan to do; have a dream and go for it. Let the rest catch on.
    wishing all a blessed day!

  5. a motto to share :
    each one of us can make a positive differnce and do work for the better of the ummah,
    each work is no little, it does contribute and Allah is all-knowing :)
    SO LET US ALL STRIVE HARD IN WHATEVER WE ARE DOING AND WORK FOR BETTERMENT NOT JUST LIVING. May Allah make it at ease for us and increase our productivity and emaan. ameen
    and make us the leaders of the righteous. AMEEN