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  1. Thank you so much for your helpful articles!
    I think i am a mixture of ISC but maybe more S… i have a fear of failure, not sure how to overcome that one practically though.

    • You’re welcome, Zulaikha. Thank you for your comment. Regarding the fear of failure, it’s about understanding that “failure” is a part of life, that making mistake is a part of growth on the journey of becoming your best self. There is no failure, only feedback. And separating your work from your identity. What you do can “fail”, but you’re not a failure. Work on your self-esteem, which is covered in the next part of in this series.

      I covered quite a bit on fear and failure in Part 4. (read the comments as well)
      Trust that helps. :)

  2. JAK for this well- written article. I couldn’t relate much to any of the given types until I read C (needs to be right). As an entrepreneur, I do EVERYTHING related to my businesses – attention to detail consumes my time and I have trouble delegating tasks which makes me overworked and frustrated. Also, it’s hard to listen to criticism, unless presented in a constructive manner. I have however, realized this and am starting to ‘let go’ a bit, hopefully not too late. May Allah reward you for your efforts and grant you (and everyone) success in this lifetime and the next. Ameen.

    • Wa iyakum. Thank you for your comment, FN. :) As you’ve shared, you’ll have a very challenging time growing (or starting) your business if you’re a high C. Start thinking like a D, focusing on Vision and not so much on getting things “right”.. but getting them done. Once you got them done, you can improve based on the feedback. Then use your C for systemisation after that.. coming up with procedures and checklists, so that you can delegate.

      As entrepreneurs, this self-knowledge and flexibility in being able to model different profiles and think differently is very important… not in just you running your business but in you being able to understanding how different customers or clients think and behave… so that you can more effectively help them. Trust that helps.
      And Ameen to your dua. :) Jzk.

      • Alhamdulillah, i do get things done (on time) and yes, tasks have to be done right- with organized thought, checklists, goals, etc. I re-read D and that profile IS more like me give or take. C and many other factors (not mentioned) do play a big role. :)

  3. This is a major impact article masha Allah, thank you so much. I think I’m more of a S or C person, I can’t decide which one describes me best but I guess I have improvements to make anyway :) Haven’t decided on an action plan yet but I’ll definitely come back and comment here as soon as I put it on paper.

    Jazak’Allahu khairan

  4. NIce article very insightful.I fit into C.I want to be right on making the final decision without offending anybody.I also want to work without offending my parents’s views,which most often are divergent on both their count.Though I try making both of them see the limitations in their points of view, I end up displeasing both and they don’t really get to know what I really want.This is I think b’cos I want to accomodate both their views and also do what I think is essential for me.Most often this leaves me not being able to move forward or take any step since I don’t get their unanimous approval. Finally when they relent, asking me to do what I think is right I just don’t take any action b’cosI think they are not convinced with me.It means a lot to me to not go against their thinking but I desire to move forward. What changes can I bring to move forward?

    • Thanks for your comment and question, Fathima.
      To answer your question based on what you have shared, to change your situation, here are a few pointers.
      1. Your intention is to please your Creator
      2. Know that your parents love you and want the best for you
      3. Pray Istikhara and take shura. Council the experts and knowledgeable people in the direction that you want to head in.
      3. Learn to communicate what you want in their language; so, instead of “making both of them see the limitations in their point of view”, learn to communicate “what’s important to you from their point of view”
      *What’s important for them? What are their values?
      *Let them know that what you decide is ultimately for their happiness and wellbeing as well.
      *Always be respectful and come from a place of love and compassion.
      4. Know that you cannot please everybody and you’ll never be 100% ‘right’ in your decisions.
      So, learn to be ok with people getting mad at or upset with you and you getting things wrong.
      5. **Is it important that they’re completely convinced for you to start taking action?**
      If they relent, that’s a go! Once they start seeing you getting result and that you’re happy, they’ll be happy for you.
      6. Know that ‘ultimately, you’re the only one standing in your way’, as you probably have realised. So, work on yourself, get clear on what you want, your values and take action to get some result.
      And Allah SWT knows best.

  5. MashaAllah I enjoy reading this articles from part 1-7 but the problem is that I have to read and read again to get required message. JazakaAllahu khair bro

    • Shuaibu, thanks for your comment. Wa iyakum. You enjoyed reading and you got the message you needed, so where is the problem? ;) And don’t say it’s my writing! LOL.
      Just joking. It is rare that we get what we need the first time. It’s completely ok with having to read a couple of time and piece things together, especially with something a bit technical like this article.

  6. JazaakiALLAHU bi khair, Thurein.It is a reminder and can/should serve as a reference article. I enjoyed every bit of it and especially the Islamic nature of the whole write up.

  7. Assalamu alaikum,
    JazakaLah alf khairan brother Thurein. May Allah make your dreams come true in dunya and akhira. Ameen:)
    MashaAllah, this is a wide subject and a very important article with serious content. I watched the videos and I am so thankful to be a muslimah, AlhamduliLah. At the same time, it is our duty as muslims to make a difference. So I am proud of the staff from ProductiveMuslim. You are all role models to me (after our beloved Profet Muhammad- salalahu alaihi wasalam).
    I make dua to Allah the Merciful to give you strength and the ability to continue, to make people think off and thank their Creator and to remind us to be honest and honourable community members. So we can all enter Jannah Al-Firdews-Al-A3la. Ameen.
    WaSalam Zeineb

  8. Masha Allah. Great series of articles, and really helpful. I am hoping you will write that bonus article on how to stop these behaviours, insha Allah. It would also be really helpful so please do, brother! I pray Allah accepts your efforts and helps us to implement the beneficial things we learn from them.

  9. Wow, this was a truly fantastic article. Re-iterated a lot of what I already know but don’t always act upon, and also introduced me to some new thoughts. Looking forward to going through that resource list in my spare time. Thank you!

    • Thank you Fathima K. I’m glad you found it beneficial :)
      To know and not do is to not know, right? jk
      Yes, we all need constant reminders.
      I would love to know how you found the resource list and which ones you find most relevant for you.