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  1. Assalamu alaykum wa rahatullah. JazakiAllah khair for the wonderful, insightful article. I just wanted to comment on one sentence “Allah subḥānahu wa ta’āla (glorified and exalted be He) made an exception for pregnant and nursing mothers during fasting, making them up by giving charity or fasting when they are able to.” Based on what the Shafei scholars explain she must do both, not just one. However, according to the understading of the Hanafi scholars she would need to make up the fasts, only, without giving any fidyah. (The opinions are based on the ijtihad of the scholars). Perhaps you meant one of the above, but the sentence seems to relay a slightly different understanding. Thank you for sharing your experience! JazakiAllahu khairan. Wassalam.

    • Walaikum salaam warahmatullah sister Sadaf. Jazakh’Allah Khair for your kind feedback sister it is much appreciated. Yes you are right sister according to the various scholars there is a different matter of opinion based on only making up the fasts or giving charity. Insha’Allah Allah (Swt) knows best. May Allah (swt) bless you and thank you so much for your kind response.

  2. MasyaAllah. TabaarakAllah :-) well am nothing near to a mommy to be yet enjoyed reading this. I anticipate to read more about weaning during pregnancy. JazakiAllah khairan.

  3. Beautiful article very enjoyable read looking forward to the next one to find out how you got on ;-) All the best for your delivery sister Tasnim Nazeer really enjoy your articles and other works :)

    • Jazakh’Allah Khair sister Asfah I am really humbled you enjoyed it :D insha’Allah will let you know how it goes keep an eye out for the next edition insha’Allah :)

  4. I am in 12 weeks Alhamdulilah, sometimes the moods are so down due to hormonal change and nausea. your writing give me a boost Alhamdulilah. looking forward for your next writing.

  5. Ma Shaa Allah. Very interesting information for the mothers to be. A special thank to sister Tasnim, we make duahs for her that Allah grants her health, courage and make her delivery easy and give her a wonderful baby.

  6. Very enjoyable read mashallah I wish the author Tasnim Nazeer all the best and look forward to your next article :D Love it!

  7. Alhamdulilah tried your tips for nausea i am 13 weeks at the moment and the hot cup of ginger tea has helped :D thanks sista looking 4wd to more…

  8. A’Alaikum i am pregnant and in the 1st trimester this wos helpful and concise article, i look forward to reading ur next diary thanks PM for running this series :D

  9. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatuLlahi wa barakatuhu!

    I have a question: how do you manage to be a mother, a wife, a journalist and I am not even saying a mother of 4 kids, and a journalist with awards. I am not married, not working but try to be productive… Masha Allah, may Allah give you healthy baby, and barakah in everything and more strength! Ameen ;)

    • Walaikum salaam warahmatullah wa barakatuhuh sister Suheilya, Thank you for your kind feedback and dua’s sis. I think sis the key to being the most productive is through managing your time effectively and it really helps to do work or tasks around Salah times. It does also help that I work from home and in times when the children are at school/nursery or wake up bit earlier before Fajr prayer. Insha’Allah sis I wish you all the best with all your endeavours May Allah (Swt) bless you and please feel free to contact me directly through my email anytime :)

  10. Ma shaa Allah what a beautiful surprise. Children are such a blessing & a huge means of reward- I am not yet a mother but I appreciate this fact.
    I have so much respect for mothers, theirs is a full time job which they do with love & care ma shaa Allah. Please make duas that Allah too blesses me with children.

    May Allah ta’ala bless you & your family & may your children be the coolness of your eyes (aameen)

  11. Subhanallah….it’s s0 inspiring….Now, i feel the same with you sister, for my 4th pregnancy…duah is the best way to decrease all of what king of symptom on first trisemester. Thanks…