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  1. Subhan Allah, Motherhood is indeed a be enjoyed and cherished every moment. I too learned this only after acquiring the knowledge of the Quran.
    May we all benefit from Elim.
    May Allah bless our parents with the best of Deen, Duniya and Akhirah. Ameen.
    “Rabbir hum huma kama rabayyani sagheera”.

  2. Masha Allah very good tips indeed. We must make a great deal of effort in all tips mentioned above. But the one we see too often and have much difficulty with is point 7. So very challenging to explain why we won’t buy these gadgets. We find that keeping them physically active is the best alternative. We participate along with them. It make for great family bonding and brings about all sorts of wonerful discussion topics. May Allah guide us all to be the best parents for our children and help us raise them God fearing and righteous. Barak Allahu feek

  3. Masha’Allah a good article but regarding point 10: differentiate between halal and haram. Now of course without any doubt this is important, but how about teaching young children who is Allah (SWT) – include the 99 beautiful names – Encourage them to understand what is the concept of God in Islam before anything else – this reinforces a good strong foundation. Secondly, in order for the child to appreciate what is halal, haram and why, it is equally important to encourage the child to actively develop a healthy relationship with Allah – from there and as the child matures into a teenager then a young man or woman, he/she will understand and apply these guidelines based on their individual conviction and knowledge of what they need to do a strong, confident, independent and practising muslims. A lecture related to this is by Amina Assilmi (May Allah have mercy upon her Soul) – available on youtube called: Getting to know Allah through Nature.

  4. aslamoalikum alhumdulilah it’s beautiful and almost covers everything that we usually do or miss in handling our children, the beautiful thing of this article that there are references from the life of our beloved prophet Mamauhammad (SAW).

    only one practical step i want to ask some children our bestowed with high intllegence mashallah and if we say to them straight away ” you are doing in this thing, ” and even they have good memory they reply ,”i’am wrong in everything o.k” then how to manage this, how to place this thing before them saying things you are doing are not appropriate simple things like learning swimming, focusing on the task doing.

    awaiting for your reply

    jazak Allah o kheir

    ume gul

    mum of one 5.10 year daughter in class 1 in public school Sydney Australia(told you her age and environment she’s coming from as i think it’ll help in replying accordingly..jazak Allah o kheir)

    • By Positive encouragement. You daughter said the above sentence because she thinks she never did anything right,.. so my advice to you ( as I had the same issue with the same age of my daughter ) take a deep breath, do not react when she says so and calm yourself, now instead saying you are doing this WRONG…………..say, you are trying your best or excellent effort, or hmmmmm you did almost right , would you like me to help you etc,… again positive encouragement. Children make mistakes, sometimes they repeat mistakes, so be patient though I myself is not very good at it but I learned how to deal with my daughter who is 7 in Canada.
      Sometimes my daughter gets frustrated by doing something and then not only makes mistakes but also crosses the limit and values that we are trying to instill in her,…. again the same thing I will take a moment, will talk to her by starting all the GREAT and GOODS she has, once she starts feeling that mom is there to help then she focuses, and listens.Hope this tip will help inshaaAllah

  5. Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah, this article was a real inspiration first thing in the morning to me today!

    Thank you for sharing these tips – I have already forwarded these to the near and dear in my family…

  6. masha allah what a beneficial tips and jzazkallahukhair for sharing.May allah(swt) guied us in the right path.

  7. Subhanallah sister I am very impressed with this article may Allah reward you for the help you have given me. Sister can you please write an article regarding other aspects of parenthood as a whole inshallah look forward to reading it

  8. Jazak Allah Khair for sharing! On the notion of listening to Quran does anyone know of any children CDs that have children reciting Quran? When children hear other children it becomes more interesting for them….

  9. Asalaam alaykum, hope your all good inshaAllah. Firstly I would like to apologise for replying so late. Alhumdullilah I was away performing Umrah. SubhaanAllah that is the place to be. Jazak Allah Khair to all of you for taking time out to read my article, all benefits you recived are from Allah SWA and all mistakes mine alone.

  10. Asalaam Alaykum, hope your all good inshaAllah. Firstly I would like to apologise for replying so late. Alhumdullilah I was away performing my Umrah. SubhaanAllah that is the place to be. Jazaak Allahkhair to all of you for taking time out to read my article. All the benefits you received are from Allah SWA and all mistakes were mine alone.

  11. Hello Nice article .Unfortunately Allah did not bless me with such a Mother with such qualities especially when i needed them decades ago.
    I take my mother (still alive) as an Azmaish from Allah , he tries people in watever way he wants i suppose give and see take back and see , withold and see etc etc …
    I only pray for her and hope Allah keeps me safe at the end since there is no room for me to do anything but have patience , i only have patience for her since it is a Command Of Allah amd his Prophet not for anything else so basically my relationship is only for divine command ….

    But sometimes i am confused since in my entire life i have never seen her
    1) PRAY ( see does not know how)
    2) FAST
    3) READ QURAN( does not know how)
    4) hajj/umra etc
    5) zikar/tasbih
    6) showing gratitide to allah , just complaining
    bUSSS PRAY FOR ME that i come out sucessful in this trial

  12. Shukran may Allah SWT reward us parents in our effords and grant us to fullfill our duties towards our children in a way that onlly pleases Allah Insha-Allah. From your sister in Islam.Kashiefa

  13. Assalamu alaekum ! Alhamdullilah i have been.following few steps n tips out of this …and i am very much thankful for others steps . May Allah help and have mercy on all mothers who strive to make their children best amongst the believers. Allahafez