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  1. Assalamualaikum,

    Great article mashallah!! I usually pump iron after Fajr and combining it with some oats and raisins make my day great!! One think I would like to add is the importance of Nutrition when exercising. No point in slogging an hour on the treadmill only to scoff down a cheese burger for lunch.



  2. Great article! I agree with Adil above, nothing beats good nutriton. Increase your intake of fruits and veggies and remember to drink water always!

  3. Jazaki Allahu khair for these tips. It is very true that in order to be productive we not only have to fight external demons like distractions in our environment but also to tackle our internal demons like mood swings. Exercise is really important. I don’t exercise but I am thinking of starting. I would love to ride a bicycle outside but due to lack of parks exclusively for ladies and safety issues I find it impossible. However, I can always do it at home.

    I think the last advice is the most important and puts us in the proactive mode. We truly are responsible for whatever mood we are in. We have to fight our impulses and be as positive as we can and try to be as happy as possible. This is not only good for us but also encourages others to do the same. Unnecessary grief and depression are Satan’s handiwork.

  4. Jzkk. After a work out, i usually take a shower shortly after to prepare for classes and stuff. Why do i feel so sleepy after shower despite it is also refreshing.

  5. Its a well researched and an excellent article. My regards for the authors for sharing the wonderful information.

  6. May Allah reward you Wasim and Myriam for such great advice. Sadly many people neglect their healths, alhamdulillah both of you have not neglected your health. Thank you both for information you put up on youtube, facebook and productive muslim. May Allah allow us to benefit from the advice.

  7. Assalamualaikum, the idea of the article is nice but some of the tips are really worrying for me, when a Muslim promotes “Allah made me funny” type of comedy it is tragic, those people are making a mockery of Islam and Muslims, whether intentionally or not is not the issue, but they give a bad image, yes Islam has room for humor but not this type, never did Muslims of the past laugh like crazy and attend or even entertained the idea of a comedian standing up and cracking jokes (which almost always involve backbiting/making fun of some Islamic practices/making fun of some Islamic etiquettes/etc.)

    • @Saleh: I haven’t seen much of this type of comedy but if they contain mockery of Islam, Islamic practices and manners then it should be strongly discouraged. This is an action whether done intentionally or intentionally can lead to kufr. This is a very serious matter.

      Here are two explanations on the subject that our community can benefit from:



      Nowadays it has become a trend to watch utube videos that are ‘funny’ and ‘Islamic’. However, they are the things for which a Muslim should have veneration in his heart and no room to make jokes. I have seen young kids watching these types of videos and laughing at it.

      We need to be very careful and not send out advice without knowing fully what is in Islam or what Allah and His messenger ( peace be upon him) has mandated for us.

  8. Asslam o Alikum

    I have a question; Can i do cardio exercise, like running right after Fajr in an empty stomach ?
    because i go to the park to run rather than using the treadmill, and i don’t carry a water bottle!

    • Wa Alaykom Salaam Anas. Great question! It all depends on your goal. if you want to maximize fat loss then we would recommend jogging lightly after Fajr on an empty stomach. Jogging lightly requires a slow steady stream of energy that the body will obtain from your fat reserves. Running for more than 5 minutes at a time becomes cardiovascular conditioning and requires too much energy for most people to perform on an empty stomach. If you can handle it than by all means, go for it! Either way cardio on an empty stomach is very effective for fat lose. You should always hydrate as you work out. We lose a lot of water through sweat. Hydration provides your muscles with much needed H20 while working out, in turn allowing your body to perform better.

  9. I love your website so much Alhamdolillah!
    The whole concept about productivity is just amazing & lets us know that Islam
    is a complete way of life, and has much more to it than just beards and veils (no offence) :)
    When I grow up, I will do all I can for this website insha Allah!
    May Allah bless us all!

  10. great article….please, need tips for gaining weight through healthy foods..especially for those who are skinny

    • Assalamo Alaykom wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu. Great question and it is asked more frequently than one would think. If one is skinny and finds it difficult to gain weight, and by weight we are talking about muscle mass, not fat, they are probably an ectomorph in body type (naturally thin with little natural muscle mass). To enable healthy weight gain through weight training and exercise, one must know what their body type is. We recommend that you go to the link provided below. It is a serious body building and fitness site that we use and trust. They have a survey there that you can take to help you pin point your body type and recommendations on how to build your muscle according to your body type. Once you’ve done that feel free to come back to us for any further questions you may have Insha Allah.
      As for dietary habits, and ectomorph must definitely eat more calories. You want to avoid fat gain (because it is unhealthy and brings no advantages) and focus on lean muscle gain. For this the muscle needs clean calories and good sources of carbohydrates, protein and fat as well as hydration through H2O.
      We recommend that you go to our Youtube channel, muslimfitness, where you will find loads of advice on proper nutrition and diet as well as exercise. You can comment on any video and we’ll reply promptly Insha Allah.
      Barak Allahu Feek