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  1. Alhamdulillah, Jazakallahu khairan. I have never seen it from this perspective before and I admit I have been ‘cracking nuts with sledge hammers’ x_x. May Allah give us the ability to apply this pieces of advice and make us productivity ninjas.

  2. Yes Alhamduliah. I have never thought of attention management as well. It is an eye-opening concept and given me a light bulb moment. It helps to understand time management in a much much better light. Jazaka Allahu khairan. Great post ( masha-Allah)!

  3. amazingly true, very practical advice MashaAllah, I must admit I quite often ‘crack nuts with sledge hammers’ . jazakumuLlahu khayr for this eye-opening article.

  4. Loved this article….it provides a structured description of something that we sometimes subconscioulsly struggle to do….but never end up optimizing our attention levels, and therefore our time management, because we do not plan conscioulsy to do so.