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  1. 20 -60 minutes? i want to live in a pace where that is feasible. that would be even tough for people like me (original german potato). and i live in indonesia. transportation 4 hours a day, parking takes 20 minutes each time, waiting 40-120 minutes in average, small talk premeeting 20 minutes, small talk post meeting 30 minutes. meeting, if not forgotten at all, takes x minutes +/- 150%.

    • Dear Stephen,

      Yes, it is a bit hard to do an effective 60 minutes meeting with the crazy traffic in Jakarta. Most of our time is spent in commuting. And commuting by car, indeed spends more time compared to commuting by commuter line (train) or other public transport (you can economize your parking time and driving energy).

      Here are some tips for you when dealing with meetings with some people here.
      1) make two schedules: time for assembling (30 minutes before the real agenda) and time for the real meeting.
      2) small talk is not obligatory, though a little bit of it might help to create social attachment. Know who are the productive people around the team, and talk with them about their ideas instead of random topics.
      3) keep your commuting time productive too :) i.e. listening to business radio, talkshow, audio book, etc. (if it does not distract your driving focus)

      Good luck :)

  2. JAK for the wonderful tips. I do have a concern with how to get those individuals to give others a chance at speaking ( and think their idea is always right). Thank you in advance.