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  1. So hard to stay active while being ill ! But this is something we can do to push ourselves more and more :)

    Thank you for the beautiful article :)

  2. This is all great except for the flu shots, why would we intoxicate out bodies with these toxins?
    Our prophet peace and blessings upon him is the best doctor
    Eat organic humanse halal pure, breathe fresh sir, move, avoid packaged goods, fresh lemon in a warm glass of water every morning, honey , dates, fresh ginger
    My best cough syrup is 3 table spoons of raw honey, squeeze half a lemon in it and add grated fresh ginger, mix well and keep in the fridge
    Use it within a week
    You can also sprinkle a half a teaspoon of black seeds in it
    May Allah bless and protect everyone

  3. Please! Also show some guide lines for medical students on how to manage their time for work & religion. So that both are given equal time & practiced properly.

  4. assalamualaikum. came across this quite by’ accident’ i idhniAllaah…
    when a bad cough persists at night, i took a dose of honey, rinsed my mouth and fell asleep…subhanAllaah i never coughed thereafter. i guess the honey stays down the throat and ‘acts’…does whatever it is suppose to do!, maybe we should take it last thing before sleeping…waAllaahualam.
    also, do recite the dua’ for ‘pain’, (hisnul muslim)even for a mild headache, i recite it even when emotionally hurt…subhanAllaah. recite the Fathiha , the next time a mosquito stings…back in my homeland in the tropics you’d have recited a good number of these Oft repeated ayaath.!!!
    Allaahumma as’alika aafiyah.

  5. woww this is really beneficial to me!!! i always interested in this kind of treatment and i love to know many things as the alternative but this is what i exactly been quested. yayy way to go!

  6. I don’t have any research to back this up, but getting out of your house clothes and dressing in clean clothes helps lift the mood and makes you feel better (not sure if it actually makes you better, but I definitely feel better/happier).