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    • Assalamo Alykom Br. Yes! Great suggestion. has many good home workouts for both ladies and men. JAK

  1. There are some really great workouts on youtube.Look out for melissa Bender.She has her own website with loads of good workouts and diet tips.

    • Masha Allah, we know what that was like having lived there for 8 years. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. JAK

  2. To be regular in exercising at home never works out, somehow you never get into a routine and many things come in the way. But ofcourse a group activity is a good motivation but not everyone has that luxury. I may sound skeptic but frankly there arn’t much options for muslim women specially in a non muslim country specially where the muslim community is also not that big. Some of the sports you mentioned like swimming also requires a separate facility for women.
    Thanks for this article and showing concern over one important issue but frankly, none of the options fully address this issue.

  3. Awesome ideas, and jazakallahu khair for posting! But spare a thought for Muslim men who also seek to keep healthy and preserve their modesty. Being around sweaty, scantily clad women isn’t exactly condusive to wholistic health. I think men’s only exersise facilities should be a considation too.