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  1. SubhanAllah, this article has appeared just when I needed it. Reading it uplifts your soul and brings hope to those who are dealing with their own hectic lives. May Allah swt bless you and reward you for sharing such kind words.

  2. AS-salam ali kum. This is very Good . i am very happy with this . Know i am very angry with my Kids . i came back from Home. know i am in Office. when i came & open my mail. i first Note about your Artical . this is very Good as per my think .
    Please let me know about . how to be with Kids. when they start telling the same they want it.
    second is that when i go home they start telling that . she did like that she did first no she did first . in this i will be very tired of lisening this from past some many time. i have told them when i come home please dont start this.
    Please let me know how to be with my family . Please pray for me & my family & kids
    thank u
    As- salam ali kum
    Mohammed Saleem

    • Wa Alaikum Salam Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatu,

      Masha’Allah, I’m pleased to know you benefited from the article. In general, remember to be kind and gentle with your children. When you come home from work, they are very happy to see you and each one wants your special attention. Here is a famous hadith that tells how the Prophet (saw) acted around his young family members:

      “The Prophet (saw) kissed his grandson Hasan while Aqra’ ibn Habis was sitting nearby. Aqra’ said, ‘I have ten children and have never kissed one of them.’ The Prophet looked at him and said, ‘Those who show no mercy will be shown no mercy.'” (Bukhari)

    • Assalamu Alaikum,

      One of the best ways to learn how to avoid reacting brusquely is to find someone who regularly responds to their children or others in a gentle manner and emulate this person’s mannerisms as often as you can.

      Also, read hadith and the seerah to discover the numerous examples of how gentle the Prophet (saw) was with those around him. Model yourself after the Prophet (saw).

  3. Man sha Allah !! These are Very sunnatic productive tips for any Muslim household. As usual the tips are well tailored to suit the audience being addressed. I pray Allah reward you for this noble effort, in this World and in the hereafter amin.

    • Masha’Allah, Ameen and thank you so much for your kind dua and encouraging words, Sister Nimota. (such a beautiful sounding name) May Allah bless you and your family with Firdouse with no accounts at all.

  4. jazakumAllaahu khairan…well written and sahih! a little comment. point6: The kids sometimes talk…the womenfolk sometimes…yes. no mention of ‘the husbands’, Hm. Given this is scribed my a male, i guess it is an oversight…(overlook, Allaah says) “the husband sometimes clicks ‘porn’, sometimes ‘raises him hand’,sometimes;…”. dear brother, the abuses are many. Yes , WOMEN ARE NOT PERFECT, THEY ARE FROM THE CURVED RIB…please, could you address the husbands on abuse, PLEASE ? verbal, physical, emotional…wasalaams…may Allaah set right the situation of the women and youth of this ummah.
    jakhALLAAH all the same.

  5. MasyaAllah, i am so in need of this reminder.may Allah make ease to all our affairs,give us strength and patience.ameen

  6. Shukran Jazillaah team for such an inspiring article, all are easy to follow and adjust but for this….Be Patient With Your Family’s Imperfections…its a little bit tricky n not easy to accepttheir mistakes…but after reading this tips l shall try to accommodate them and everyone else ln shaa Allaah for the sake of Allaah as no one is perfect except HIM.

  7. Alhamdulillah…..good article…

    I expect a article about “how to become a active person”

    may allah bless you…

  8. Assalamalaikkum, This article is very good for all of us, regardless of age, profession. May Almighty help and bless us to lead our life acceptable to him.

  9. Djazak Allahu kheiran! Great reminder. How to make dawa to parents best? who are prejudiced about practising muslims. They think that you should just believe in Allah in their heart and all the rest (salah, sawm, etc.) is not obligatory. And all practising muslims are just extreme.
    Also, they both are went through surgery and I am scared that I have limited time. I didn’t do dawah by tongue, I try to be good to them, do what they need, and just tell them things that I don’t, like not celebrating New Year, eating ony halal meat, etc.

    • Assalamu Alaikum Sister Suheilya,

      You are doing one of the best things a Muslim can do to guide a family member to Islam. You are trying to be a good example. Although your family may not express it, they do take notice of your upright character. People often hear others speaking from a moral podium. But they don’t often see others truly following what they teach. When they do, they are more likely to take closer notice.

      If you are uncomfortable verbally speaking to your parents. you can also try giving them Islamic literature to read. A little pamphlet or booklet about the pillars of Islam or tawheed in particular would be benficial.This way, they can read at their leisure, if their interest is aroused. You want them to learn tawheed in particular because this is the essence of Islam.

      Your time to give dawah is not over until your parents have returned to Allah. So never give up trying to impart Islam to them in whatever way you find most comfortable. Sometimes people are most receptive when they are close to returning to their Lord.

      And of course, never give up asking Allah to guide your parents. He is the One who guides and changes the hearts.

  10. Assalamu alaikum. I feel happy reading this article although I have not married yet but I find all the 7points very vital from fear of Allah to prayers for the family. I also like cooking which inshaAllah I will try my best to be helping my wife with not only cooking but other house work. For the prophet S.A.W also help his family and he’s the best sherperd to his family. Once again Jazakallahu khair for the article. Looking towards for the part 2 and 3

      • What a nyce piece of advice on building a productive home, its easier said than done may we read and try to implement what is good for our family. Shukran jazillaah for sharing

  11. Assalamalaikum . Jazak Allah khair for this wonderful article.I believe that Practicing
    Patience and controlling anger are two main ingredients for a peaceful household.
    May Allah SWT help us achieve these two qualities . Ameen .

    • Wa Alaikum Salam Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatu Sister Maryam,

      Thank you and Jazakalakhair for taking the time to share your thoughts. Ameen, to your dua.

      Your Sister in Islam,
      Grandma Jeddah

  12. I find this article useful. May Allah help you gain paradise with ease (amin). Being patient is a gift of Allah may Allah endow us with it. Please how can someone deal with the spouse that always take his wife to be stupid? May Allah be with all of us and makes our family extend to Janaat amin.

    • Bismillah Arahman Araheem

      Assalamu Alaikum Sister Latifat,

      Thank you and Jazakalakhair for your kind words and dua. Ameen.

      May Allah reward you for trying to find the best way to manage your marital problems.

      First, make sure when you approach your husband to discuss issues, it is the most suitable time. Try a time when he’s in a good mood and when he’s not being critical of you. This requires a lot of patience, I know. But you are more likely to find him receptive at these times.

      Also, try your best to make sure you are doing things that please him. Dress up and look nice around the home when you can. It can be a challenge when you have to run after little ones, cook and clean. But this small gesture can make a huge difference in your husband’s demeanor. Try to fix him his favorite meals, and even try to do what he is criticizing you about. I know it can take a lot of effort, but it is well worth the effort.

      Your marriage is extremely important and well worth the effort to make it work. You will find women and employees in general who will bend over backwards to please their boss in a work environment, but make little effort in deferring to or trying to appease their spouse. Being married is a blessing from Allah. Many people dream of being married. Put all your effort into being patient with your husband. Only Allah knows what type of mental pressure, childhood experiences or insecurities cause him to act in the way he does. Be his comfort and his rock.

      You might like this article: How to Keep a Successful Marriage (From:Living Islam, By: Imam Moustafa Zayd)

  13. Assalamu Alaikum
    First I would like to thank for such a good article
    I am having problem with my sister and I am not talking to her since one month. Still she had not realised her mistake . Should I forgive her ?

  14. this is highly beneficial piece, insha Allah. may Allah reward you abundantly, and increase your knowledge and wisdom for the benefit of mankind. amin