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  1. Whoops! I think my comment was deleted:

    Thanks for this post! For me personally, transitioning to wearing an abaya full-time was a HUGE lifehack. I’m indecisive and get overwhelmed shopping, so I had a hard time culling pants/shirts/skirts, etc. from the mall/online that would cover what I want to keep covered. It takes so much layering and coordinating!

    Now, I just keep a couple of pants, skirts, and t-shirts for wearing underneath my solid-colored abayas, and some floral/patterned hijabs to coordinate. I buy most of my stuff from Bulbul (not an ad, I’m just a happy customer!), and they make sure many of their patterned hijabs coordinate with many of their solid abayas. I mix and match, so it seems like I have many more outfits that I actually do! I save my time and energy for buying pretty non hijabi clothes to wear at home.

    I tease my husband, because when we are packing to go on a short trip, his clothes take up much more room in the suitcase than mine do :)

    • Sister Um Hamza,
      I still have a long way to go to transitioning to abayas full time but I am slowly and surely getting there, inshaAllah
      Abayas are unquestionably the best way to stay covered at all times without the hassle of mixing and matching so many wardrobe pieces.
      I have tons of skirts but it takes me ages to find the right top!

      What a good feeling to be able to pack light! I salute you for achieving the seemingly impossible – to pack lesser clothes than your husband. What a feat sister! One that I aspire to myself inshaAllah.

      Jazakillah for sharing, I must check out Bulbul soon :)

  2. Alhamdulillah,its really helpful as in the morning have a lot to do and sometime even stress what to wear

  3. Aa
    1. Love your article. One of the things I have found helped me enormously is starting to wear abaya. Prior to that, trying to match a pant / skirt with hijab was a nightmare. Now I have only two pieces to match. Much easier exercise.

    2. I buy classical colours in abaya , good quality, so I can wear them for a few years. I change the hijab and I find I can change the look completely with hijab, shoes, jacket/ jumper and accessories if I’m in the mood.

    3. I have all my hi jabs organised in colour co- ordinated boxes. That way if I need a blue, pull out one box and …..also much easier to buy a new hijab and change a look, than buy a whole new outfit.

    4. If you are ironing , place abaya and hijab on one hanger and that’s all u need to pull out of your wardrobe. Decision made.

    5. Have a hijab swopping day with friends, your unused hijab that has been hanging around for a while might just revitalise someone else’s wardrobe. No waste and an excuse for a get -together with the girls.

    6. Lastly and most importantly, remember that you are dressing to please Allah st first and foremost and that should be the thought as you take that last look at yourself walking out of the door.


    Love you all out there forge sake of Allah.

    Um Ayesha

    • Sister Nazareena,
      I agree with you wholeheartedly! I find that wearing abayas is such a huge time saver. If I’m in a hurry to a halaqah gathering or an outing with the family, it’s so easy to just grab a plain black abaya – I can match it with any color hijab that I want and out the door I go! No more hemming and hawing about what to wear. Recently I’ve started to add to my abaya collection – adding more basic colors so I can wear them to work and still appear modest and professional.
      Jazakillah for your tip! And I just love point number 5! What a marvellous way to spend time with my girlfriends!

  4. i liked getting it out the night before and getting bargains.I own a international CHARITY website for the whole family called and if you shop here you not only get great items you help Muslims in need the world also makes a great homeschooling resource.with over 100 gold Allah pendants and 250 all occassion Islamic cards,and 250 eid decorations,and 200 Islamic decorations,300 hijab pins and brooches,and so much more.enjoy your stay and thank you for shopping with us.Sister Debbie Al-Harbi

  5. I frequently have the “what to wear dilemma” and have found colour grouping my clothes really helps including different hangars (saves on ironing!) for blue scarves, greens, pinks and purples, blacks and greys etc. Recently I sorted my many hijab pins too, into long pins, fancy brooches and small under-the-chin ones – can’t underestimate how much times this saves rather than wading through to find the right pin!

  6. Sister Lotifa, I love that your article has brought up such a universal topic that any muslimah can relate to. I’ve just recently de-cluttered my wardrobe and true enough, almost two thirds of it I had almost never worn! Getting rid of unused clothes is almost like a wardrobe detox – I am left with only the most utilized, necessary items that are more than enough for me to survive any day- Plus, some extra pocket money from selling them off. A very good tip I picked up from an article recently is to pay attention to cost per wear. Say, if we bought an item worth 50 dollars, how many times would we be wearing it? If it’s 5 times, than the cost per wear would be 10 dollars. The goal is to get as much return as we can from one piece of clothing. Even if we spent hundreds of dollars on a good coat, if we wear it often, than that’s a sign of a good investment piece and that all that money spent was well worth it!
    I enjoyed reading all the comments too. Excellent tips dear sisters. Jazakillah for sharing :)

  7. ASWW.
    This is a very productive article indeed. I basically shop without considering matching colours with my scarves. And I iron, or at least I decide my outfits a night before…….but I don’t think of scarves. I end up taking time in deciding what scarf to use in the morning. This article has really helped. Now I am wiser.
    Jazakallah Khaira

  8. thank u so much. I am always packing my closet but the next minutes everything is upside down and in the morning I will get late to school because of the time I spend searching and deciding what to wear. Thank you so much sis. I love to read the comments too.

  9. Great Tips! I found here some amazing hacks and tricks that would help to organized wardrobe. I always prefer to keep set of Hijab along with matching Jalabiya together so that it makes easy to decide what to wear on daily basis.