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  1. Let’s talk more about handshakes. Brothers how do you respond when a female Non-Muslim throws her hand out to shake your hand. What do you do?

    Here are the stories that i’ve come accross:

    * Reluctantly shakes the hand (feeling guilty for the rest of the day)
    * Attempts to busy his hands (holding a cup/folders/stuff) as an excuse not to shake the hand
    * Continues talking/walking/activity as if he did not see the hand
    *wraps a hand as if it is injured on the first week of a new job to avoid shaking hands with absoloutely everyone

    and the best of all

    * Explains clearly that he does not shake hands (which is usually greeted with a pause/amazement/shock)… Usually a nervous laugh is followed…. then an explanation. I knew of a brother who did that during an INTERVIEW! and you know what? HE GOT THE JOB!

    That’s right brothers, stay firm. People usually respect you when you have set values that you adhere to no matter what they are. More importantly Allah will be pleased with you and that is what matters.

  2. JZK for the awesome advice! Loved this part especially:
    “Remember, there is no need to say too much! We have 2 ears, and 1 mouth, and we should aim to use them proportionately.” It’s such a common sense statement that implies the amount we should talk vs. the amount we should listen but you seldom see someone talking about it from that aspect. amazing job, I look forward to hearing more from you!

  3. if you happen to be late then do not cover it up on a job interview. rather look you were prepared to do anything to be punctual. also socialize(but not too much!) with the person at the front desk so that rather then her/him saying “sir, your 11’o’clock is here” she/he will say” sir, (your name here) is here for his/her interview(*cheerily*).