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    • Assalamu’Alaikum and thanks for asking the question.  While I’ve read conflicting reports on the number exactly, the source I used states the following: “After the untimely death of her first husband, Abu Halah ibn-Nabbash (by whom she had two children), Khadijah married Atiq ibn Abid and they had one child.”   — She subsequently went on to have 4 daughters from Prophet Mohammad (Peace and Blessings upon Him). 

  1. Alsalamu Alikom 

    It is very interesting and useful article !
    Thank you Ahlam Yassen :)

    The story of Khadija (May ALLAH be blessed with her) really inspires me to face some hard circumstances in my life.

    I hope to meet her in Al-Jannah Inshaa ALLAH.

    But I heard that Khadija (May ALLAH blessed her) had no childern, and you said that she had 3 childern, Is that a true Info ?

    BTW, the picture is very inspiring, i like it :)

  2. Assalam Alaykum

    An amazing article =)
    JazakAllahu khair

    You asked who else comes in my mind, I would say the wife of Pharoah! (May Allah have mercy on her)

  3. I was blessed with a wonderful professor 2 years ago – she was energetic and much loved among students (she wore hijab! In a western institution). I went to her office hours one day, and was going through difficulties during that time, and she told me some words that have stuck in my head since. I also remember her as such an active and productive women – who kept her faith everywhere she went and also was sincere, carrying her integrity no matter what group or situation she faced. 

    • Truly, there are definitely amazing Muslim women in this ummah making a difference everyday who serve as an inspiration to us all! Jazak Allah for posting this reminder on how we can all influence those we interact with on a daily basis.

  4. assalaam alaikum,

    great article. talk about a powerful lady.

    just want to point out that there are conflicting reports about their age difference, w/ many scholars believing she was much younger than 40, as she produced all of the Prophet’s daughters, which would have been a really big task for a woman at 40+.

  5. i love her , i ask allah for a daughter to name her after Al Sayeda Khadija, i ask allah to enter me Jannah to see her there and to kiss her legs and hands :))

  6. 5air nissa2iha khadija bent khowailid,wa akamalaohona 3a9lan…radia lllaho 3anki wa 2ardaki,ya sayidat nissae il alamin…