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  1. Assalamu ‘alaykum,

    I was expecting more emphasis on memorizing quran, but it’s a wonderful article though :) baraka Allahu fik.
    I wonder if there are scientific studies on the benefits of memorizing quran…

  2. Assalamu ‘alaykum,

    I’m sorry i didn’t understand what is “aerobic”. Could you please explain me this.

  3. loved this! JZK for sharing…i love articles that deal with memory improvement and i would like to advise everyone NOT to ever let go of memorizing/reviewing the Qur’an because when you do, your memory significantly becomes weaker and it becomes extremely difficult to start memorizing again. While memorizing the Qur’an, there is no such thing as a ‘break’ and even after you’re done with the whole thing, you need to review it EVERYDAY. This is the advice all of my Qur’an teachers always gave me.

    • You are absolutely correct. My teacher taught me that once a person learns Quran and then forgets it,his mind will turn to be like a whole rusted iron. (sorry fo ma bad English)

  4. If anyone wants a huge benefit to their lives, Go to the masjid for Salaat Fajr.
    Try and be there at least 30-40 minutes before Jamaat. This is the time when the doors of mercy are WIDE OPEN. So ask and Allah, the Supremely Generous will give!
    Remember every morning two benefits decend 1) Rizq (sustenance) for all (believers, non-believers, animals, plants) and 2) Baraka. But baraqa is only for those who attend congregational prayers.
    I was ignorant till Allah Ta’ala guided me and helped me attend Fajr prayers in the masjid. My life turned round totally. I am at peace with myself, I never feel depressed, I am full of energy, my health is now so good that I hardly ever take any medicine. I feel my memory has sharpened. At 56 I had a health MOT and I passed. All my vital body systems are working well.
    I attribute all this to Salaat Fajr in jamaat at the masjid. At the beginning, I had to dig deep into my will power to go to the masjid. Now, even wild horses will NOT stop me from attending. To miss Salaat Fajr at the masjid – NEVER ! InshaAllah.

  5. asalam alaikum. can u pliz help me and send me the medicine 4 brain health and foods that can heip me improve the brain memory.

  6. Thanks very much for uploading this great information. Secondly I feel so happy to have our muslim brothers and sisters to share their knowledge and experiences with others.

  7. masha Allah it’s quite productive for us… the best thing is that the steps that r described r quite fruitly & has an immense benefit for all of us … I m feel really feel plzr for being adopted this steps n my daily lyf ..and inshaAllah the day vll come I dnt ve a prblm of memory loss

  8. Jzk. I hope this works as I’m currently finding it very hard to learn my door of the Qur’an. If anyone has been in this situation and knows a good way to learn door please help. It will be appreciated a lot.

  9. It is really true that we must use our brain. On my 2nd year of college, I forced to stop because my father died and my Mom could not longer send me to the University. I was very depressed then. What I always do that time were – eating junk foods, sleeping, watching TV, just like that, a cycle. I haven’t even read my books and flipped my notes. I was living like a devastated woman until such time that my Auntie said that she will be going to send me back to school Of course, I was very happy, who doesn’t want that, right? But to my surprise, my memory didn’t work on our first day because we had a diagnostic test. I don’t know what I got on that test but I’m sure that it’s I got a low score. I should have used or exercise my memory when I had a time. Perhaps, these tips are helpful. Thanks for the tips though. Anyways, I take klamath blue green algae as my brain food. I do cardio exercises too to have a healthy body for my healthy mind. Kudos!

  10. Assalam alaikum,

    Thank you very much, and best wishes for your works for the development of Ummah.
    In my case too, I was “SAD” about few bad things, that happened in my life, and as you said, it lead me from a topper(in case of memory power during my school days) to the least powered of my present gang. Now training myself to comeback. The sorrowfulness has strong impact..

  11. Thanks for sharing these great tips in the light of islamic knowledge and Quran.i was a bright student once and used to play logical mind games but now when ever i try such type of exercise i get headache.iam very worry about my mental level as i have to do a lot of things in my life and without sharper brain that will be impossible.i heard a lot about the benefits of olive iam going to use it INSHALLAH

  12. Salaam . I m happy to know about this that in the light of quran n hadees yo great extend our daily problem could be solved .my problem is when ever i sit with my book to study i feel sleepy.also hav short memory

  13. Assalamualaikum,from Nigeria,i Am Abdurrahman Ibrahim.Truly Who Ever Fear Allah And Do A Good Deed Alwas, Allah Will Guide Him To Understand What Ever He Reads.Dont Commit Any Offence At Your College,dont Concentrate On Female Do What Takes You There,fear Allah He Will Guide Yov To Understand

  14. jazakallahu khayran 4 this little piece,but then I have 2 great challenges;1 always feelin headaches when i carry my books and 2.I dnt always feel interested.Pls any advice?