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  1. “And a du’a will also help you.”  This is a HUGE part of it.  We have to remember that “La hawla wa la kuwata illa billa” there is no might nor power except with Allah.  So the path to improvement has to start with the help of Allah.  We have to sincerely pray to him to be among the muhsineen (the ones who do things with excellence), and the mutahajideen (the ones who pray tahajjud).  We have to pray hard and FOCUS in our dua.  And the key to it is consistency.  Try to put your hands up and make dua everyday.  Make Allah accustomed to hearing you begging him.  Allah sometimes tells his angels to postpone answering a dua of one of his servants because he loves to hear him beg.  So keep BEGGING until you die.

  2. Love this!!! I want to say I adore and totally appreciate this website, you encourage me to do better everyday, it was also nice to put a face to the name when I saw you during Ramadan on TV! Thank you, and may Allah swt bless you lots.

    I was totally inspired by your mountain climb, I feel Iike I am climbing internal mountains!

    Especially with the tahujjud prayer(which I can say with allahs help I have finally embarked on the path of, stopping and starting, it has taken me literally a whole year which is shameful considering the amount of sins I have patethically accumulated. But once you get there, the beauty of the intimacy in the middle of the night, you feel Allah’s nearness even more. Moreover the Prophet saw said that the Honour of the believer is in the night prayer, it is something that all the Sahaba did, it was a given. I keep reading statements about the night prayer to keep up the motivation, the latest one I read was that the Prophet pbuh used to pray at night for Allah to change his days. I totally support the comment by Ahady15, just consider we are servants and our duty is to ask, Allah loves to be asked, learn his names, through them we know more about our Lord and more over the Quran commands us to call him using them. May He swt grant the duas of those who can ask, the possibility is immense especially when you consider that Du’a can change destiny, you will realise the worth of the gift in your hands.

  3. JAZAK ALLAH KHAIR for sharing such a beautiful, informative,thought provoking AND motivating article for people like me who make unlimited excuses daily. it is really an alarm for me. MAY ALLAH SWT grant hidayah to all of us especialy to me. plz remember me in your prayers.