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  1. JazakAllah khair for this very helpful article! I’d be very grateful if you wrote more articles on depression. I’ve read lots of things about it from a medical and non-Muslim perspective, but I think we need to have more articles on this from a Muslim perspective.

  2. i also have experience depression myself..i ussually wake up feeling heavy..and tend to sleep more because life is too painful so my escape is to sleep…actually im still recovering from it..but what made a big change in my life is THE FEELING OF making a habit of listing down all the the things that im grateful “ALhamdulillah,thanks Allah for_____because___”…and i can feel the change almost a day,list 10 thing that u r gratitude for..and do this everyday..hope it helpss..:D

  3. Assalam a’alaikum,

    Great article mA! I like that you give lots of different ways to help overcome depression – which are all relatively accessible.

    I think it’s all worth noting that there is no ‘easy way out’. You do have to work hard to find yourself again, and that starts by taking small manageable steps before taking great leaps. During my deepest, darkest, weakest moments listening to Quran and reading Islamic children’s stories made a significant difference to my life. Although it was initially very difficult to, talking to people (whether family, friends or professionals), has been very effective, and as annoying as it might sound, patience is key.

    I do believe that mental illnesses, like depression, are a test from our Creator, and like all tests we should try and strive to keep close to Him despite the difficult nature of things around us.

    I have to agree with Bunny’s post; Muslims suffering from depression and other mental illnesses and disorders do need an Islamic perspective when it comes to recovery. May Allah Make it easy for you to continue the good work you are doing isA!

  4. Jazakallahu Khair for this article. I, myself have a long history of this horrible disease. Diagnosed with Depression at a young age – Postpartum Depression after my 2nd child was born – PMDD in my 30’s and finally Diagnosed and Treated correctly with Adult ADD; I have been on a number of depression medication cocktails. Not only is the disease horrible, but the side effects of going on and off the medication is so incredibly insane.

    When Allah SWT guided me to Islam, my family actually stated that I was “just going through another Depressive episode” Ha… are they shocked that 9 years later, I am doing much better – being weaned off of medications & starting herbal supplements instead – Happier – living Sober – and so on and so forth which is all due to Allah SWT.

    Of course, I now look forward to the ever wonderful Peri-Menopause which is a new challenge in which Allah will test my Depression – ALHAMDULLILAH – I know I am loved when my Lord gives me these challenges.

    I am going over to your website to subscribe Insha Allah.

  5. Waiyakum!

    I love sharing my experience with depression. Isolation is best friends with depression so the more we reach out the better!

  6. السلام عليكم
    Thank you for writing this. I am a new Muslim. After accepting Islam my marriage to my husband was over. Now I am living divorced and isolated. Not telling anyone in my community about my new found faith. I’m isolated physically from any Muslim community which makes me feel even more alone. It’s hard.

    • salam Sol, i m sorry for you, i hope inschaAllah you will find some people who can help you, dont stay alone. Its certainly possible to talk to a Iman about your problem, in our Mosque they pray for us if we habe problems. Wher are you from? I hope you understand me, my english is bad. salam alleikum . Nadia

    • Dear Sol. Don’t ever think your alone. Believe in Allah when He Himself says what can be translated to mean: فان مع العسر یسرا. “Verily with Hardship, there is ease.” Whenever you see the letter ف at the beginning of a root word in the quran, it is a sign of something ‘instantaneous’. this is the same letter that Allah uses to start this verse. Thus, as soon as hardship strikes, Allah promises ease-instantaneously. Allah is with you right now, don’t ever forget that. Know that what you are feeling now is preparing you for your future, for this is the very essence of the meaning of Allah’s name رب- the One who takes you through stages in life, the One who nurtures you and prepares you. As a word of advice (inspired from the prophet Muhammad’s narrations-Hadith): remove yourself from the environment you are in now, ask Allah to surround you with pious Muslims who will InshAllah help you find your way to Allah. Follow your heart and do not waver in your faith. may Allah be with you and may He guide you through each and every stage in your life. You shall find ease soon InshAllah. I am sure of Allah’s promise.

      Salamualaykum warahamtullahi wabarakatuh

      • what if some one feels that i have done some thing bad..remains depressed n thinks that i have no right to remain happy …i should not be happy as i am not very gud person in accordance with rules of islam

        • Salam Aroosha,

          It’s understandable to feel down when you feel you are far from Allah for not follwing the rules of Islam. Forgive yourself for Allah is the All Forgiving. All you need to do is ask Allah for forgiveness and Allah WILL forgive you. As the article mentions, when you get closer to Allah you will feel better. And don’t ever think for a second that your deeds are too bad for Allah to accept you, no matter what you have done. He is always waiting for you to come back.

    • Assalamo alaikum dear Sol,

      I pray to Allah swt to make this situation easy for you and bring you out as a stronger and a better Muslimah, inshaAllah.
      Please see this program for revert sisters I am sure you’ll find solace here, inshaAllah.

  7. JazakAllah kahir for this amazing piece of work.,,I know if i get down these would run in through my mind and help me..! I am so very greatful for this..!
    I am sure that it will help others too..!
    And let Allah bless you for sending this message!! ^ ^

  8. Assalamualaikum

    Thank you for your great article, i was having a hard time because i just broke up with my fiance, and it really affect my mood, my job and people around me. I feel like some part of me just died. And i kinda lost. It’s easier for others to say advice, “be strong” and yet they did not experience the way i am. At the same time, i feel i want to go far away from people because i hate it when people will ask about my soon-to-be marriage which it was end up travesty.

    When you said, it was about the quality of salah. yeah it was true. No matter how much you salah in a day but if there was no khusyuk, you will not get the real benefit from it. That what i learned when i was in hard time, you need to spend time in quality way with Allah so you could feel that Allah was really with you.

    Thank you again for writing these, and for others who also had a hard time, i know sometimes you will question why this happened to me (i also did this). But don’t keep questioned like that because all happened must have a reason, you just need to keep positive and dua for Allah. Get busy, don’t let yourself alone. Insha Allah, you you will be okay. :)

  9. Thank you for writing this, my husband is going through depression and it’s really taking a toll on our marriage. Everyone tells me that there’s nothing wrong with him and that he’s just selfish etc. I think there’s a big misunderstanding about mental illness out there.

    • I too am suffering from depression and that what everyone says to me that I’m selfish faking it and a good actor. It is affecting my family, my depression is affecting their lives, feel like giving in and icaabif see the light at the end of the tunnel……t

  10. Jazakallahu khair for this wonderful article!
    I read and ponder upon the Quran or read the stories of the companions of the prophet(peace be upon him)…Alhamdulillah its very beneficial!!

  11. Im in deep depression these days that even praying is not helping alot,i try my best to pray with sincerity but still it is not helping?…i want to know whether Duas and prayers have any effect? does God listen to prayer? Does He care really? i have been very good muslim all my life but still why im being in trials often one after the other,im becoming patienless! plz help!

    • Salam, I’d like to tell you first that Allah brings hardship to the people he loves the most, and if he did to you it means that you can do it, wallahi! You are a strong and blessed person, keep being a good muslim and try to make yourself more grateful and patient insha Allah. Jst 3 comments under this one, “zhen” wrote a great comment and i’m sure you will relate to it insha Allah

    • Don’t feel overwhelmed. It’s not your fault. It sounds like you’re desperate for a quick solution but this is not a problem that can be fixed easily. Take a look at your life and try to figure out if there are any triggers that might be causing your problem. For example, do you have financial problems or relationship issues? Do you have a lot of stress from work or stuck in a job that you don’t like? Do you have health problems that need to be addressed? Do you exercise regularly? Are you getting enough sleep? Do you spend enough time in the sun and get adequate Vitamin D (low Vitamin D is a major cause of depression). As the article mentions, depression requires a multi-pronged approach so try and see the big picture. Dua’a and prayers are just one part of the equation.

    • Subhanallah,Allah subhanahu wata’ala neither sleeps nor slumber and he is aware of all situations, just hold old to Him,follow no teaching except His And his messenger,let’s try and win this tests,if we loose our Iman we’ve failed.jst move closer to Allah,more sadaqa ,Qur’an recitation,zero to music birthdays And watching films.May Allah help us All.

  12. I am suffering from this disease for the last 12 years.i couldn’t find any help one to help and support.after reading this article can see a ray of light to get rid of it soon

  13. Assalamu Alaikum

    May Allah swt reward you Sister Sabah and support all the brothers and sisters experiencing trials and tribulations Ameen. I am a pharmacist by profession and experience similar ‘lows’ as have many close to me. I have seen loved ones go through depression and take anti-depressants and it is the Deen ultimately that has helped them through Alahmdolillah. May our Deen be strengthened and our trails alleviated – InshAllah these trials are to raise our status by the Will of The Almighty Allah swt!

    • Assalamu Alaikum, say like your mind is going crazy due to you being left alone, for years without the appropriate support networks or that you only had your family to help you offer or learn salah, but you refused as you was suffering from a deep sad emotion, and that you felt unloved due to having only family support but nobody much too talk to or get help, or that you didn’t live in a large Muslim community, and you felt left out, and was suffering from constant pain e.g falling into tears, or your brain losing consciousness, or severre depression, would you be forgiven for all those years of missed prayers or not wanting to learn salah, I know it can be hard to know what’s going through someone’s mind is that a valid excuse…only Allah Knows the problems or issues someone maybe facing…

  14. Slamo Alaikom
    I’ve suffered from serious depression for long years. I finally got over it alhamdolellah.
    1- Always trust Allah’s plan for you. He’ll cure you. Be patient. It feels good when you remember you’re gaining thawab :) Donia is imperfect, everyone has his own problem.
    2- Believe you are strong. Allah brought this into your life, so you CAN do it insha’Allah. You’ll pass this feeling one day and get back your energy and freedom.
    3- When I remember these days I thank Allah and feel proud of myself. Without this long tough experience, I would have been a very week person, I would have missed many important life opportunities out of fear.
    4- It’s no shame to take anti-depressants or to go to doctors! It’s illness so you need a doctor, that simple.
    Jazak Allah khairan for the article.

  15. There seems to be a stigma in most Muslim communities about depression and other psychiatric problems in general which perhaps prevents people from seeking the help they need. There is a fear that if word gets out that a person is seeking help from a psychiatrist or therapist, they will be branded as “crazy” and in general, someone with such problems is ridiculed or laughed at (often behind their backs). They are seen as being “weak” for not being able to deal with life’s issues, ungrateful for what they have, “drama queens” looking for attention or a host of any other labels. I speak from experience. I had severe depression and I had a very difficult time dealing with it. I mentioned it to my doctor one time and his response was, “What on earth do you have to be depressed about?! Look at your life – you have a lovely family, a good job, money etc”. I got a similar reaction from a friend when I mentioned the same thing to him and that actually made me feel more depressed because I felt like it was MY fault.

    While there might be external triggers such as stress, personal difficulties, family situations etc that cause depression, it is effectively a problem of bio-chemistry and the wrong chemicals are in the wrong part of the brain. That’s where medication comes in. It helps restore the brain bio-chemistry or at least manage it. However, while I came very close to starting medication (on a doctor’s advice, of course), I personally felt very worried by some of the side effects and resisted. I’m so glad I did. Today, after almost 7 years, I feel like my depression is completely under control and that my mental prowess is sharper than it’s ever been, even when I was in university. I made some fundamental lifestyle changes including removing all junk food from my diet especially “diet” drinks, reducing sugar and other refined foods, ignoring the “low fat” advice and increasing my intake of natural fats like butter, ghee and coconut oil (no vegetable oils), exercising regularly, meditating and praying and – the most important in my opinion – getting adequate sleep. Not only did these changes improve my mood, but I also lost a considerable amount of weight. There is mounting medical evidence to suggest that for the long term, these are the best ways to tackle depression. One study showed that a 30-minute walk a day was AS EFFECTIVE as anti-depressants and without all the nasty side-effects.

    I am not a medical practitioner and I am not giving any medical advice, merely sharing my experience. You need to figure out what works best for you but don’t think that the problem is insolvable or that medication needs to be the only answer. Be informed, be healthy and be happy.

  16. Jazakallah khier for this article. It has given me some hope.
    I am a recently married sister. Been having marital issues and have suffered with depression for the duration of my marriage. I am currently living alone “seperated” from my husband. I have good support from family, but i am still suffereing emensly from depression. I have so much regret, and dislike myself very much for all the choices i have made and being in this situation. I do not wish to take medication because of the effects and not solving the issue. I would like to try therapy however, i am unemployeed and unable to afford the costs of counsellors and pyschologist fees.
    I feel quiet isolated, and shocked by the lack of services for muslims. The ones that are available are costly and i am unable to afford anything. I wish the muslim community would set up a voluntery service. It is much needed, as many sisters do not work.

  17. last 25 years i was under severe pain of agony due to depression. i dont know the solutions .but all i know is that dont expect anyone to understand you or come to help you.the path is tough but its like that for some people and expecting others to understand that is a folly

  18. Thank you for this article and for sharing your experience every one ,the person named Abu abdullah great comment Insha Allah I will also fallow your steps thank you again every again insha Allah we will pass this test .

  19. Can I please pass on this talk, which has helped me greatly. It is called Qurans Remedy for Sadness by Nouman Ali Khan. If you youtube this and listen to this, and also make notes, you will be taught the different forms of sadness which are mentioned in the quran and how to tackle each one of these kinds of sadness, specifically depression. Here is a link:

  20. Aslamalekum. I am going through severe depression myself and am trying my best to cope. I think accepting that you have a problem is the first step and from there pray to allah swt to bless u with good health inshallah, do dua its very powerful. Its been hard for me because it just came out of the blue for me with no specific reason. Im taking medication and with allahs will inshallah il overcome this illness.

    • It would be a good idea to see someone professional if you think that there is a barrier to you being able to study. There is no shame in going to speak to a counselor or psychiatrist, and a lot of universities already such services for free so make better use of them. Plus with this, you will be able to get extentions on any pieces of work you are unable to do, giving you more time to complete them.

      Sticking with the Islamic context here also, make sure you read all your salahs on time and try focusing your mindset on the positive aspects of your life, because gratitude will attract allahs mercy and so the more grateful you are the more you will get.

      If you feel its just motivation you’re lacking there is plenty of materials on the web that can pump you up and help you with your procrastination, if that is the problem. You can YouTube a popular university speaker by the name of Eric Thomas, his most famous speech called The Secrets to Success is usually shown to students and with his channel on YouTube you have access to hundreds of short 10 minute motivation videos. What makes him unique is that he’s from the streets and was homeless until he decided to change his life round, to the stage where he is doing his Phd at the moment.

      I would seriously advise speaking to someone and making sure you’re also staying away from sin, as this is blackness and it will be a heavy weight on you. All the best insha’allah.

  21. Asalam e lekum to all friends I m ahsan from Pakistan I m tooo much mentally disturbed now a days I m 22 and I have done I think every sin at this stage I realize I fell regret which is killing me day by day I started praying 5 times but I can’t sleep all night due to regrets plzz u people help me to get out of this situation here is my email u all re my bro and sis kindly plz help me to get out from this regret it makes me crazy here is my cell number also I need ur help friends ……………03440805930

    • Waalaikumasalaam Ahsan,

      The fact that you have been able to recognize your sins and are making sincere efforts to turn your life around is a clear indication that you are on the right track! Remember that Allah has made us inherently weak – we are easily attracted to that which we know is wrong and with Shaytan’s assistance, staying away is definitely not easy. But you know what, Allah KNOWS this! You may be wondering how I can be so sure :) Here is a beautiful and comforting Hadith which illustrates that regardless of the wrong we have committed and the enormity of it, Allah is always willing and ready to forgive us.

      “O son of Adam, so long as you call upon Me and ask of Me, I shall forgive you for what you have done, and I shall not mind. O son of Adam, were your sins to reach the clouds of the sky and were you then to ask forgiveness of Me, I would forgive you. O son of Adam, were you to come to Me with sins nearly as great as the earth and were you then to face Me, ascribing no partner to Me, I would bring you forgiveness nearly as great at it”. [Hadîth Qudsi]

      Not only does this show that yes, even someone such as yourself who has committed tons of sins WILL be forgiven by Allah, but it also shows that Allah is aware of the fact that we, as humans, will undoubtedly commit sins in this world but we have nothing to fear because if we truly feel regret and sincerely repent to Allah, then inshaAllah, everything will be okay! Always remember that He is Al-Ghaffar (The Most-Forgiving), Ar-Rahim (The Merciful), and Al-Wadud (the Loving one). It’s up to US however, to take advantage of these qualities.

      Have you by any chance heard the story of Prophet Adam (alayhis-salaam)? Not only was he living in the garden of paradise with his wife, but he was also given the right to eat wherever and whatever he wanted. Imagine that! Living in a place with rivers of milk and honey and fruits of every kind! However, even though Allah specifically warned them to not go near that one particular tree because they would then be among the wrongdoers, Shaitan’s temptations led Prophet Adam (alayhis-salaam) to disobey Allah. But what did Allah do? He didn’t say Prophet Adam would go straight to hell nor that he was doomed to live a life of misery. Rather, Allah states in the Quran that He taught Prophet Adam words of repentance and then He accepted them! That’s right! Even though Prophet Adam knew EXACTLY what Allah’s orders were and even though he did the exact opposite, Allah immediately forgave Him. Why? Because He is At-Tawaab (the Biggest Acceptor of Repentance) and Ar-Raheem (The Most Merciful). Subhanallah!

      So how can you ensure that Allah has forgiven you and its okay for you to move on? Here is a well-written article which outlines the steps we should take in order to seek forgiveness:

      Additionally, this article highlights some ways of seeking repentance, as suggested by the Prophet (pbuh),

      To further exemplify how much Allah wants us to call on Him, we have even been informed of the best times to make dua! This list descibes these times (#1 – 8, 10 & 11 may be more applicable to you):

      So now what should you do? Firstly, believe with all your heart that Allah has forgiven you just as He forgave Prophet Adam. Secondly, its time to move on! Here is an article which I hope will explain to you why this is so important and inshaAllah, provide you with some motivation and encouragement with this crucial step as I know this is where you are having some difficultly:

      Now, remember that once you have asked Allah for forgiveness and have made the sincere intention to not turn back again, shaitan is still going to tempt you to back to your old ways (this may have been why you found it difficult to leave in the first place)! However, there are many things which you can do to resist and ensure that you remain firm on your decision. This article outlines some of these:

      Also, here is a small dua as well which has been referred to us by the Prophet (pbuh). Make it your goal to memorize and recite it often, inshaAllah:

      Lastly, if your sins were taking up a large portion of your life, you will undoubtedly have a void which you will need to fill. Here are some articles which suggest different activities you can get involved in to make the most of your time, inshaAllah:

      May Allah accept your intentions, reward you immensely for your struggles, and keep you satisfied with the attainment of His pleasure, inshaAllah.

    • Wa alaikumussalaam warahmatullah Ahmarin,

      Apologies for the late response; we were away on Eid break.

      You’re right, the website is no longer working. Let me get in touch with the author for you and check if the link has been changed.

    • Assalaamu alaikum Br. Ahmarin,

      We recently heard back from Sr. Saba and she explained that she has closed along with her ebook, and she is working on a new and similar project which hasn’t been launched yet.

      Hopefully, you can benefit from it once it’s launched, in sha Allah.

  22. Salaams to all
    My husband was murdered in March. I was married for 14 years. I am having a hard time coping. Everybody thinks I am fine but nobody sees me crying at home but my kids. I read this and it helped me feel a little better.

    • Wa alaikumussalaam warahmatullah Sr. Jameelah,

      May Allah reward you for your patience, ease your affairs, and instill peace and contentment in your heart. Ameen. I pray you’re all back together again in Jannah, inshaAllah, after this temporary abode.

    • Waslaams dear sister, i am very sorry to hear about your grief. There is a dua to recite during such times which is the following:
      Allahumma ajirni fi museebati, wakh lufli kharum minhu

      The story behind this dua is very beautiful. A pious woman in the time of the prophet pbuh, lost her husband and just like yourself was struggling with the grief. She was told to recite the above dua as it is asking allah for relief from the hardship and goodness from it. During recitation she would feel that where else would i find such a pious and noble man, nobody can compare to him. But through the power of the above dua, she received a proposal and that proposal was from our beloved prophet muhammad pbuh himself. Such is the power of the dua.
      Please do not think this is a dua to find another spouse it is a dua requesting allah to ease your pain and suffuring and to grant you goodness in whatever he knows is best for you.
      I pray allah grants you peace and contentment in this life and the next and that your children grow up to be pious people and the coolness of your eyes. Ameen.

      • JazkaAllah khair Br. Riyaz for the soothing words and advice!

        Sr. Jameelah, I just wanted to share the link to the hadith which mention this dua:

        You’ll find a translation of the dua in the link above and here’s the transliteration: Allahumma ajurni fee museebati wakhliflee khayram-minha

  23. iam having problems ,, i don’t what has happened to me .. i feel fatigued often times ,, not able to concentrate ,, i also have memory … i wasn’t like before ,, i have make lots of duass to Allah but nothing has been happening so far ,, plz help what should i do … thanks

  24. I have a problem as u wil know about the tragidy in army public school peshawar I cant take it out of my mind all those kids are moving in my head there pics blood everywhere please help me

    • sister,

      I am also serving at military …have witnessed event like this… i am very bad guy…just can’t guide u.

      but do prayer regularly…. recite this ” Allahumma laa sahla illaa maa ja’altahu sahlaa, wa anta taj’alus sa’ba in shi’ta sahlaa.”

      (O Allah, nothing is easy except what you make easy, and You can make what is difficult easy if You wish)

      it may help u …and please keep me in your prayer….So that …Almighty can forgive me ….

  25. I am very depressive person. The main reason for being in depression is that people who are jealous of me have all rights to do anything wrong with me and I have no option or help to protect myself. I have no sister no brother, my father is neither a good husband nor a good father and everyone take advantage from this situation always do jealousy and selfishness with us. When I grow up with all these life hardships I had marriage with a person who always said that he loves only me and always cares but after marriage a big nightmare came in my life that a husband whom I trust and loves beyond my limits is a selfish person he only thinks about his family ( mother, father, sisters and brothers) not me and what ever his family do wrong with me he always support them we fought a lot but no cure since my marriage there is always tears in my eyes but nobody see them. I am in depression doctor feel samphathy on me and he prescribe anti depression for me . What can I do I feel alone so many times and nobody wipes my tears nobody understand my painful mental feelings, I ask ALLAH in alone that what is my fault.

  26. Assalam o alaikum!
    From my childhood till now I am in suffering
    And only Allah,s blessings with me.
    But now I think there must be some change in my life with Allah,s blessings.
    I am always thankful to Allah what He has given to me and what He is giving to me?
    At this part of my life I want to have a life partener who may understand me,respect me,in a friendly environment we learn and grow.
    A pure love it is so much difficult to get it but it is not impossible.
    I think I will get it but I don’t know where is he?
    I am in constant of his searching.
    One love is beyond everything that is Allah,s love.
    But this love is also necessary to live in this worldly life.
    And who found it they spend a beautiful blessed married life.
    And I want to be.
    Without any greed he accept me as a life part enter.
    With all these things he help me in improving my abilities.
    It is my dream which may come true.
    I want to prove myself a best wife.
    Insha Allah

  27. Salaam

    Wow, sub han Allah just reading all the comments on this article shows me how prominent depression is.

    I wrote this article back in 2012 and I thought I had depression under control. But sub han Allah this disorder is something you can never or at least I can never ignore. It’s always lurking in the back and I constantly have to keep an eye on it.

    Alhumdulillah I know that as long as I offer salah, I’ve got help even if I feel seriously depressed. I just keep imaging the skies of heaven like how Assia (may Allah bless her) saw angels covering her with wings when she was being tortured. We are not being tortured by someone but by scary thoughts.

    As long as we have sabr and seek treatment, Allah will reward us for every shrilling depressive thoughts we have. I have complete faith in that and I hope you do.


    Saba Naz aka MuslimBipolar :)