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    • Waiyyaki dear Kiran. There is more to come InshaAllah, look out for part 2 with some helpful tips to improve our Khushu levels.

    • Assalamu alaykum sister Nasreen. Waiyyaki, please do share this article with others if you found it useful, Jazakallahu khairan.

  1. SubhanAllah, Jazakallah ya ukhti for writing this article, it is really beneficial for all the muslims out there, may Allah bless you for this wonderful deed and reunite us all In jannatul firdous :)

  2. Jazzak Allah Khairan my sister for this article. It was really helpful for me especially as a new muslim sister. Please email me more articles to read and increase my Iman. Thank you.

  3. Assalamu alaikum alhamdhu lil Allah it really inspires me .. 😍 I will try to implement this actions with my maximum effort with the help of Allah .. I ask Allah to make it easy for me ..and guide the ummath of Nabi (sal) through this productive Muslim and grant sheikh faris jannathul firdaws !! aameen