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  1. Good and great tips for the Hajjis and Hajjis to be, may Allaah make your Hajj Mabruur and make duas for us all to be amongst the next team In Shaa’Allaah. Allaah Barik us all.

  2. Tip #1 Photocopy of all your official documents. YES, and scan copies of all of them and send them to yourself at all your email addresses. Then, for example, if your passport or ticket is ever lost, a photocopy of it is available as soon as you can get online.

  3. Salam aleykoum, Ma sha Allah, it is a very good article. jazaik Allahou khairan. I am french, and i want to know if english citizen can go to the hajj alone, not with a group agence, because in france, we must go to hajj with a agence, not alone. Could you tell me how much you pay to go hajj in england ?
    Baraka Allahou fik

    • Mashallah subhanallah brother. There are many Muslims in France. I love this. :) I can not answer your question because I live in Turkey. Assalamu alaikum

  4. MashaAllah! The best list of tips for hajjis i have ever come across. May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala reward you all immensely. Ameen. And all those you are reading this, please make dua for people like me who have not been invited for Hajj yet.

  5. I wonder if it is not an impolite question to ask what are the best duas to learn of by heart? I am currently learning a few and Inshallah I am eager to learn the best and most recommended ones..maybe someone can help or you can offer say Top 40 Duas to learn on this site, some short and some long? Otherwise a fantastic article, inshallah I can use it next year!

  6. Masha Allah! This is invaluable. As a person who has performed Hajj pigrimage several years ago,I feel the value of these tips is immesurable. May Almighty allah bless you for the will and strength to carry out this meritorious Da’wah work.
    Darvis Carrim, Los Angeles

  7. Ma sha Allah. Very important tips. May Allah accept your works and May Allah bless you in this World and Hereafter.
    Jazakallah Khair once again

  8. Mashallah . I think you have covered all valid points and Tips for ensuring any Hajji and Hajji to be a very easy, collective,productive Haj. May Allah Ta’allah bless all in your team with great Rewards. Jazak Allahu Khaire.

    • ASalam allaikum, may allah reward you inshallah, reading the above detailed tips you have written.. You have filled in many missing gaps i would not have thought of doing. So jazakillah.
      I have made intention to reform my hajj with my husband either this year or next hajj inshallah..depending on when allah thinks its the right time for us..Please make dua for us!

  9. Assalam Aliakum, Mashallah Great tips .May Allah swt Shower His blessing upon your team who made an effort to help us, Ameen. Inshallah I am going for Hajj this year. Please make Dua for me. Jazakallah Khair.

  10. Thanks for the great tips and advice, my son and I are Inshallah going on Hajj in October 2013. I ask Allah to make me strong as my bones are not what they used to be and I am also not able to bend down for prayers. I will make Duas for everyone. Ameen.

  11. May Allah bless you abundantly for the tips. .Allamdulilahi your tips were very helpful as my husband & I just came back from our first Hajj. I would recommend married women going with their husbands if possible (especially 1st timers). May Allah accept our prayers and acts of Ibadah.

    • My son and I have just come back from Hajj and it was shocking how people behaved badly during Tawaf, pushing, shouting and elbowing. We saw two people get stabbed and some getting pushed to the ground. People just holding on to the sides of the Kabba and screaming not giving others a chance to get near it. The officers in the Haram, shouting and pushing the Hajjis. I was also shocked to see all the rubbish being left around and when we got to musdulifa, the site was so filthy we had to lay down on all the rubbish. While my son was doing Salah two men came and pooped right in front of him and another opened his legs and peed. No wonder people are coming back ill. When it was time to get the bus back to Mina, that turned out to be another disaster. people were pushing and shoving and an old lady got pushed off causing her to get injured than some serious fist fights broke out between the hajjis. My son and I just stood back calmly for hours and waited for the crowds to die down before we could get on a bus. In Mina the women did not have the decency to dispose of their sanitary towels in the bins they were left in the toilets and all their underwear left hanging on walls where all the men passed.On our way back to London I sat with two women who literally took the dishes and cutlery which were provided by Turkish Airline after eating they put it in their hand bags.I have absolutely no words left for such behaviour.

      • This is so distressing to read. My husband and I are going for Hajj this year InshaAllah.
        The article has been a great help and a wonderful insight, but your reply has me praying maximum for patience and tranquility. I hope I can come back with better stories to share InshaAllah.

        • InshaAllah would be going for hajj this year. I am not surprised by what you write. Very well aware about people acting in such a way. People have stopped considering huquq of others as part of islm and start considering ibaadat as the only part.

  12. What to Pack for Hajj: Baggage Preparation

    Checklist Items
    Medicine & Toiletries
    • Saline Packet
    • Cetamol & multi-vitamins
    • Diabetic Drugs & Glucose Powder
    • Vomit and Lose Motion
    • Strepsils & Cough Syrup
    • Band Aid – Cotton
    • Savlon / Antiseptic Cream
    • Move / Deep Heat Spray
    • Antacid
    • Chap stick & Cotton Bud
    • Vaseline & Body Lotion
    • Tooth paste & Tooth Brush
    • Shampoo & Mouth wash
    • Wet wipes & Sanitizer
    • Face and hands washing soap
    • Nail Cutter & Blade
    • Razor & Gel / Tooth pick
    • Baby Body Oil
    • Packet tissues & Tissue Roll
    • Disposable Gloves & Mask
    • Detergent of cloth washing
    • Move / Deep Heat Spray

    • Multi Plug 2 Pin / 3 Pin
    • Electric Tester & Tape
    • Electric Kettle
    • Phone Charger
    • Alam Clock & Batteries
    • Travel Iron
    • Hair Dryer
    • Torch Light
    • Food & Accessories
    • Few Packs of Biscuits
    • Dry Food items
    • Small Knife
    • Paper Tissue
    • Disposable Glass, Plate & Spoon
    • Coffee Mugs
    • Flask & Water Bottle
    • Tea Bag & Milk Power
    • Plastic bags
    • Swing kit
    • Laundry Bag
    • Scissor 2 piece
    • Air Freshener
    • Food Container

    Non Hotel Accommodation Items
    • Inflatable Pillow
    • Bed Sheet
    • Sleeping Bag
    • Prayer Mat
    • Small shoulder bag
    • Umbrella
    • Towel – Hand & Shower
    • Light Jacket / Shawl
    • Small bucket
    • Small Water Plant Pot
    • Zip Lock Back
    • Small Food Container
    • Pen & Small Note Pad

    • Ihram
    • Money Belt
    • Pants & Shirts
    • Pajamas
    • Panjabi / Lose Shirt
    • Underwear
    • Light Jacket
    • Small Wallet
    • Handkerchief
    • Slippers
    • Sun glass
    • Reading Glass
    • Strap of Glass
    • Toilet Bag

    Traveling Documents
    • Passport Scan and Upload
    • Vaccine Health Card
    • Passport Photo Copy
    • Identity Card & Luggage Tag
    • Airline Ticket Copy
    • Hotel & Transport Doc. Copy
    • Foreign Currencies
    • Credit Card
    • Dua Book & Quran Sharif

    May Allah bless all of us.

  13. Assalamu Alaikum,
    JAK for your useful tips.
    Regarding “#19 Place a damp hand towel under your cap ….” . From my Hajj preparation materials from other sources, I learnt that during Ihram (male) cannot cover their head with any piece of cloth, cap…. not even Ihram cloth.
    Can you please clarify?


    • Wa alaikumussalaam warahamtullah Sajjad,

      Sincere apologies for the late response. You’re right. This tip would apply to the ladies and to the men only when they’re not in ihram.

  14. salaams,here are some more tips which may be useful. please forgive me if I repeat anything said earlier:
    * it’s essential to avoid perfumed toiletries. your pharmacy should have non-perfumed provisions. Ensure this Includes-
    – soap
    – wet wipes
    – toothpastes often have fragrances. I found non-fragranced “miswak” toothpaste at an Arab pharmacy.
    – mouthwash

    * BE AWARE OF PICKPOCKETS including little old ladies! our hajj guides provided us with these cloth wallets that you sling around your neck. in it I carried my cash…no more than USD 100 unless I was going shopping that day, and a copy of my passport for emergency identification. (your passport will have been taken away).
    of course you can’t wear this when youre in Ihram though…

  15. There are many tips on preparing for hajj.first thing is Be sure you are ready to perform the Hajj because As with all forms of Muslim worship, the Hajj must be undertaken with sincerity and out of a devotion to God.the other thing you need to consider is Decide which type of Hajj you will undertake because Muslims have three different options when it comes to performing the Hajj. Once you are well informed about the religious requirements of Hajj, the next thing you should do is to check around for the various Hajj packages available.So check around for a good reputable and experienced organisation that has a good track record and make your bookings with them.

  16. Ma sha ALLAH.Very important tips.May Allah Taala bless you abundantly for the tips.
    In sha AALAH I will try to translate them into Portuguese language to benefit more peoples.

  17. Jzakallah bi khair for the tips!! Totally what i need to know. I will be going to hajj with my husband this sept. May we can do it rightly and become a mabrur hajj, insya Allah, aamiiin.

  18. May Allah bless you for this tremendous Islamic knowledge and guidance and food for is an excellent piece of work that needs to ponder on

  19. Prepare yourself about a month before to go for Hajj with the complete devotion to please Allah Almighty and avail this super chance to make yourself to be one of the Lord’s favorite persons. Its a perfect moment to change yourself and your life. Very informative blog with great tips.

  20. Excellent tips for the Hajj pilgrims; think that the Hajji’s may be benefited from the tips ; may Allah (awt) give rewards to the persons. And also may Allah (swt ) accept the Hajj from all muslims around the world including me. Thanks.