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  1. These types of books are great but ‘self help’ has come a long way in the last thirty years well above and beyond what you can get out of reading and incremental learning. The best current example of something that will actually transform who you’re being is a course called the Landmark Forum ( – for people in the UK). The results in about one weekend are one person does it then their family rifts end, practicing becomes sincere, inauthentic cynicism disappears and people come out utterly awakened and free from their past. The results are regularly astounding. About 200k people do this course every year globally. Muslims scholars who have done this course have said things like ‘many years of wisdom gained in one weekend’ and ‘if this cost a million pounds it would still have been worth it’ and ‘aside from coming to the Deen, this has been the most powerful experience of my life’.

    As Muslims we need to catch up with this and then take the lead, not just be happy with covering the basics to get to where everyone else was in 1995. :)

    I haven’t read the book and I’m sure it’s finely written. My point is if you want to really transform who you are as a Muslim and your effectiveness as a Muslim, then do the Landmark Forum.

    • Assalaamu alaikum, I have experienced the weekend Landmark Education Forum and must warn people to be cautious about these courses. They are not what they appear to be on the surface. That being said, I look forward to reading Life Coaching Muslims to learn more about embarking on a transformational journey rooted in Islamic principles and guidance.

      • Wa alaikum salaam. I’m sorry to hear your opinion about that brother (although I’m genuinely happy you replied about it). In response, there are tens of Muslims that I know now who have done this course over the last few years and, as I said, have been astounded by the effectiveness and the positive impact it has had on them as Muslims, and continues to have years later. This has included famous speakers and some of the leaders of the most famous courses that Al Kauther and other organisations run. These are learned folk who have read all the best books and guides out there already.

        With the Landmark Forum, there’s nothing ‘under the surface’. The ideas are very simple and are just taught with lasting impact. What people struggle with most is taking a good long hard look at themselves in an environment condusive to straight talking. Real growth and real personal development does involve taking on your own ego, your own inauthenticities, your own ‘nafs’ and yes that can be confrontational, just like starting to pray for the first time or wearing hijab for the first time or growing a beard can be confrontational, but we know that inner struggle is well worth it. :)

        It’s time to raise our game and when it comes to personal development, this is critical to our Ummah and we should be talking about the best stuff out there now.

        (Shabukar, I’ll contact you privately as I’d like to understand your comments further if possible.)

        • Oh. And for the record, I ONLY recommend this course to Muslims who are practising and have a solid foundation of Islam in their hearts and in their understanding. Muslims who are not practising should focus on traditional channels for their own development and may Allah make it easy for us.

          (Shabukar, if you’d like to drop me a line, my temp gmail address is manonfire808 at gmail dot com, I hope to hear from you).

          • Asalamu alaikum,

            I have recently done the forum and the advanced forum, my son and I greatly benefited from it, I love all the comments you have made regarding it. I would like to recommend it to others but would love to know what advise/comments scholars have made about it to share with the people I introduce it to.
            Do you have names of scholars who have done it and comments they have made?

            May Allah enable Muslims to get the benefits of such amazing content in sha Allah.

    • Zishan, i would love to get in contact with muslim scholars who have done this course. Please advise. JazakAllahukhairan

  2. Self help books usually leave me critical, but this is one that seems quite refreshing! Hope to read it soon inshallah!

  3. I wish I could look on the images closer (enlarged). Every time I click on them, they load the page again.. What’s the point of that?
    The book looks interesting. :)