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  1. Recite all of The Holy Qur’an during pregnancy,9mnths, more than once,say salawat on TheProphet and implore ALLAH in like manner of Prophet Zacharia in sura3 v38 رب هب لي من لدنك ذرةطيبة انك سميع الدعاء…Remember,Prophets Ibraheem,Zacharia and Syedat Mother of Maryam prayed for children and the results were excellent.

  2. Well briefed and resourceful masyaAllah- and thanks for the additional links. May Allah bless us with righteous kids amin. Jzk Allah khair!

  3. Jazakha’Allah for this wonderful piece given I consider it a great gift…….may Allah S.W.A. Continue to give the wisdom and grace to do more of his work…..Madinat from Nigeria

  4. JazakAllahu khayran for this very meaningful article. Although I am pregnant with my 5th child, I do still need these kind of reminders. InsyaAllah I will make the best of my pregnancy and I am very, very grateful to Allah for giving me another chance to be pregnant at the age of 41. BarakAllahu fikum.

  5. And after expressing sincere love and gratitude to Allah swt and His illustrious prophet Rasullulah SAAWS…always take time to look your best at home. Awake each day with a goal in mind. Wear bright cheerful colors, keep your hair healthy and coiffed. Behave like a queen who has been honored with the responsibility of carrying a future leader. Walk with grace and maintain a feeling of empowerment even in the confines of your home. Dress to impress(yourself and husband) and let the beauty of motherhood shine through.

  6. Thank you very much for this beautiful article! It totally lifted my spirit! i am 19 weeks pregnant and am going to finish Quran in next weeks for my baby inshallah!

  7. masha Allah.i am very happy to read through this article,its so funny that the website was given to me by a male friend on my list. Alhamdulilah!!! i am in my 6mth now,n i will really make use of all that i read from here henceforth. thanks once again,may Almighty Allah continue to strengthen u. ma salaam.

  8. Thanks a lot for this article. I have to say that in our arabs societies what is important when a woman is pregnant is only the physical needs. From my two pregnancies, I only remember all the members of my family feeding me like every Two hours and when you try to stop them and say Alhamdoulellah, you will have to listen to like two hours lecture about how you are still Young and you cannot understand these things
    And even if you find someone who cares about your emotional needs, they will treat you like a depressed person or like a lunatic!!