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  1. Jaza Akallahu khair, I’m single now, I will keep these advices and I will practice when Allah give me Family. Many Thanks Sister, May Allah reward you well.

  2. This was an excellent article. I benefitted a lot from it. I don’t have children yet, but I hope I will be able to help my brothers if they ever need it inshaAllah. May Allah reward you for this great article. :)

  3. Great Article,
    I would also like to add the following?

    Recognise know one has the right to touch or to harass you in any way. All schools have very clear policy’s in this type of behaviour.

    Understand that the accusations, allegations, criticisms, taunts etc that the bullies make are all false and are a projection of the bullies’ own weaknesses, shortcomings, wrongdoings and failings. Whilst the accusations often contain a grain of truth, that grain of truth is there to fool you into thinking the whole accusation has validity, which it does not. The bullies’ have criticisms, allegation, accusation, taunts etc have no validity whatsoever. It is important to understand this.

    Bullies like to use today’s Social media to bully you. Always show your parents and send copies to the school.

    Keep a diary of everything that happens. If possible e mail the contents to the school and to your local police if needed. Remember thus is also a criminal offence and is taken seriously by the Police…

    W A Salaam

  4. Its good article Alhdamdulilah but these are the things talked about me ! i am 19 old and. I never get my dad love for me , he never teach me these things , he says bad words in front of me and beat my mom , i got no sister , i got two big bro and one small bro , they all mad of dad , he doesnt change , I am mentally ill now ! i got panic attack , i am confused of my life, I hate myself so much , I feel bad all the time , I run from those people who talk about studies or job work , i dont get that background where my dad says son i am with u or ever teach me anything , except giving me harsh examples and treat me like i am his slave or something not only me my other bro and mom too ! :(

    • Salam alaikum. That sounds like you’re in a very negative situation! Do you have someone you can talk to about your problems? Please do try and reach out, you can also contact me by email. May Allah ease your affairs.

      Maryam Mujahid

  5. Very important issue. In fact, bullying is really bad in schools. It can be so horrifying and parents often don’t have a clue about it. Boys are more vulnerable as they feel that they are supposed to be ‘manly’ and not be bullied, so they often don’t reveal what is going on…