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  1. Ameen to your dua’, Nur.

    Brilliant article! Loved the way you broke the whole process down into detailed steps and sub-steps with tools and resources along the way.

    And thank you so much for introducing me to Trello and Mendeley. I was looking at Papers which in my opinion is quite limited as a research tool for the things that I wanted to do.
    Mendeley is brilliant. If anyone wants to see how Mendeley compares to other tools, please have a look here.

    Testing out Trello at the moment – I love the check list feature on each card and the ability to set due dates! So, it can be even used as goal setting, planning and daily task management tool! Availability on iOS devices is a plus.
    Highly recommended.

    Thank you again for this article, Nur. It’s always helpful to have a systemised and streamlined structure to follow to stay productive.

    May God the Most High continue to increase you and help you help people with what you know. Ameen.

    • Thanks Nur for the researching piece. I am also a mature postgraduate student who have lapsed into inactivity. I am currently downloading Mendeley and by the testimony of what i think are good Muslims, it must be beneficial. Much appreciation to Thurein too for his comments and for the additional websites. Imagine if Nur had to labour to find the relevant quotes from the Qur’an and Hadeeth (not that she shouldn’t try!) to write this piece. As i pray to Allah to give me the strength to finish my studies i ask Allah to bless both of you

    • Ameen to your du’a brother Thurein! I really love Trello, i use it for everything from To-Do lists, to my research, to editorial calendar for some websites i’m writing for, to write down my daily writing ideas, to plan for events even! It’s as good as you wish it to be :D

  2. Jazaki Allah Khiran for these amazing tips.
    I am working now in a research project and your steps will help me a lot.
    I am using google drive to save my research articles and read them from any device, plus it has the sharing feature with my colleagues.
    Many thanks for introducing us to Mendeley and Trello. I like trying new tools and apps and they look very efficient and useful.
    Thanks again :)) ..

  3. Al Salam Alykom Nur

    Jazaky ALLAH Khayran for your very helpful and clear steps especially for a starting researcher like me.

    Despite that I have more than three years of professional career but working as a researcher in my master thesis (which I do now at the German Aerospace Center, Stuttgart ) is new for me. With the help of your words I can follow them and tune myself to achieve what I expect.

    I have a Two questions:
    1- What do you think of DOCEAR instead of Mendeley?
    2- What specifically are you using Trello for as I didn’t understand?

    • Waalaikumusalaam Brother Mohamed!
      1. I’m afraid I have not tried Docear, so I am unable to share what I think. My apologies :)
      2. I use trello for jotting down highlights of my notes, then I label them by themes. Trello’s interface allows me to rearrange the highlights according to the order that I want them to be easily. Of course you can use pen and paper as well to do this, but I prefer using apps :)

      • Al salamo Alykom
        Thanks a lot for your info, I guess you must use DOCEAR if you like mindmaps (like me) as it makes things really easy for a professional research work. take a look on it and let me know later your feedback

  4. SubhanAllah… Just what I need right now! Jazakillah khairan kathira for this useful info. I instantly downloaded the two apps that you recommended while I was reading through your article :)

  5. One of the most helpful article concerning research and the best thing on it is that it is straight to the point. well written and well organised. Jazaki Allah kheir