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  1. Thank you both, Br Abu Productive and Hakim Archuletta for this amazing interview… giving us the opportunity to see productivity from a different and a very important and wholistic point of view, mashaAllah. I love his work. I got so much out of this interview, alhamdulillah. So grateful!

    I’ll just share a few gems from my three pages of notes that I got from this gem-packed interview (of course, these are my interpretation).

    * Depression is caused by dissociation and disconnection which cause lack of vitality, energy and courage to ‘be’ and act
    * It is important to be able to feel and be alive
    * Don’t wait for disasters to come wake us up. Re-connect with and rediscover our true self and learn to work together and give from what we’ve been blessed with by our Creator
    * The word ‘health’ originates from the word ‘whole’
    * The most important knowledge is self knowledge, knowledge of our Creator and reality
    * Respect our body, eat organic, pure and wholesome food
    * Connect with and spend time with people in person
    * Then action based on knowledge. *Knowledge mandates change*
    * Change starts from within and with each one of us
    * and so many ‘duh! hakim’ (Duh-wisdom!) <- cracks me up! Yet, so true.

    Jazakallahu khairan. May the Most Wise continue to increase us all in wisdom and the ability to implement and take action from what we've learned! Ameen.

  2. Alhamdulilah! I connected with this interview in so many ways. I thank Allah for this Productive Muslim and their initiative to promote this type of knowledge in our ummah. May Allah reward your efforts.

  3. Al-Hamdulilah, may Allah reward you for this article and for all of your very helpful and informative posts. I have saved this and will share, its so important to remember!

  4. Subhan’Allah this is the type of knowledge we need nowadays. We are forgetting about our true self and how to change that for the better. May Allah bless Hakim Archuletta. Ameen!