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  1. Assalamalikom brothers
    you are amazing and I’d like to thank you for all your efforts . walahi you change so much in my life in good way . i used to share your tips and articles with my friends who are not visiting your web site .
    may Allah bless you all

  2. Aslm. Amina I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article. I’m a mother of 2 grown up sons 20 & 18. However, I wanted to forward the article to them but if I do they probably find it too overwhelming.The society we live in isn’t majority “muslim” and even when in contact with muslims they don’t always portray or practice their religion as we are meant to be.
    I find it a real challenge for them. I’d like them to pray but I can’t force them.
    What will be the best way, in your mind to, pick up the prayer rug once more and use in to please Allah in salat?
    I used to remind them every salat but now it’s at a point of ;Mum ?! You know I don’t pray so why bother me with it kind of thing?
    It hurts me but it’s the truth and there’s no way in hiding things.
    I also have a 14 year old daughter and then she wonders why should I pray ?
    My brothers don’t.
    Yes, I’ve told her so many times don’t look to them . Look to yourself etc..Masha Allah,she prays in her own way making dua , which is very good but adding salat to it would be much better.

    How do we as parents build that close relationship with our growing children?
    They want to chat to their friends and my daughter for instance seems less interested to have a chat with me than say 2 years ago.

    May Allah guide us and especially the youth , ameen.

    • Wa ‘alaykum salaam Sr. Maartje,

      May Allah reward your struggles as a loving & concerned mother. Do not despair, remember this life is a test after test after test. Although I have no solutions, but here are a few suggestions. And Allah Alone guides

      – Make a lot of Dua for your children, asking for Allah’s Guidance & Mercy on them.
      – Make a lot of Dua for patience and better understanding of your children’s personal struggles.
      – Enrich your Islamic knowledge and act on what you learn.
      – Read about the Prophetic way of interacting with children & young Muslims
      – Try to be a model yourself. e.g Always pray on time, read the Quran daily, keep good company etc
      – Attend Islamic events or volunteer at your local masjid or Islamic centre and invite them along.
      – Buy them Islamic books, CDs, magazines etc as gifts
      – Subscribe to an Islamic channel and watch together as a family.
      – Don’t be too preachy, try to talk to them about everyday life – share your wisdom/ experiences and try to build a healthy relationship.
      – Stay productive and develop yourself.
      – Share articles, videos and podcasts you think will benefit them including this one. You never know when a word will touch them in a different way.

      And Allah knows Best.

      May He guide us to that which is most pleasing to Him at all times.

    • Assalamu Alaikum, I’m not the author of this great article, but I thought I’d add my two cents anyway. I’m 19 myself, so I believe I can somewhat relate to what your children must be going through. Living in a non-Muslim country can definitely be a challenge. But forcing children to do certain acts of worship won’t get them anywhere since deeds are rewarded by their intentions. The things you can do is to make continuous du’a for your sons and daughter so that Allah guides them to the straight path. And be a good rolemodel to them which I’m sure you already are. Eventually their “Aha-Islam-Is-The-Truth-Moment” will come insha’Allah. This is an issue many parents have to deal with unfortunately and would be a topic for an entire article that I will do my best to write in the coming months insha’Allah. I’ll keep you in my du’as. Wassalam. :)

      • Wa alaykum salaam Sr, Naima. Thanks for your contribution. And look forward to your article. It is definitely worth discussing further. Young Muslims face such huge challenges today. May Allah make it easy all Muslim parents and young people.

    • Aslamalaykoum sister. Masha Allah, keeping up with Islaam when you’re abroad isn’t easy. But you should know that a duaa of a mum is very powerful. And I’ve read somewhere that a few mothers who’ve experienced this made duaa in their last sujood in their last rakaah. Make duaa with a sincere heart. The duaa is from Surah Ibrahim, verse 40. Please memorise this duaa and include it in every salah you make. Insha Allah, they will start praying soon (everything takes time, so dont get overwhelmed if this takes time too.) I hope Allah SWT makes it easy on you, please make duaa for me too insha Allah.

    • parents dua’s are most powerful for the kids.. u keep ur hope and pray Almighty.. also explain them positive aspects of practising the wonderful Islam.. wish they will be in right path soon

  3. The way I am trying or currently implementing productivity in my life is by using the concept of ‘purpose’. We often get distracted in what ever we are doing, and forget the purpose. We are here for a reason, so lets not forget that reason/purpose.

    E.g. If I go to the library I must remind myself that I am here for a purpose, not to socialize, go on Facebook, procrastinate etc. Similarly if I’m at work, i’m here for a purpose, same applies when performing Salah (being mindful of it’s purpose). I find by keeping track of why and what reason you are doing what your doing helps achieve productivity, as it aids the visualization of the goal you are trying to achieve.

  4. Being part of this age its not that obligatory for us to get the realisation of the creator.

    Is it because all we are benfited by creator in a nonstop flow of what we are doing,

    Are we im a fastlane of life ,were we neglect think about thr begening of this earth,

    What would have been our situation when we were alone in the earth , what probably wr would be seeing ,,,

    Would that be sun ,sky,stars etc big big stuff which are continouly provoding us……..

    Then we suerly had thaught that we are nothing and these big sun moon etc are the big powers ,,,would’t we ?

    Ea then we might started praying them too…….

    We might think think …….
    So are not we blessed with quran alone ………

  5. Assalamu Alaikum,
    Masha Allah,and Jazak Allah Khairan so much for your effort for this most wanted article.
    Alhamdulillah I have been able to see matters through the lens of productivity after getting to know PM and implement in my life. Alhamdulillah .
    Hoping to develop my level of productivity through your awesome ideas.
    Once again Jazak Allah Khairan .

  6. Salamo alayki Amina! here’s my question, what are the limits of woman’s work? I ask my self this question several times a day! i want to serve Islam and Allah, but people keep telling me that “staying at home is the best thing for woman,for her Deen, and life”,(i live in a arabic country!), but i think if i stay at home(what i’ll never do !) I will not get better but I’d rather worse! …I like working under pressure, I like adventures and challenges, this way I get closer to Allah, i become a better muslimah,more sure and certain about Islam and my relationship with Allah hardens, but on the other hand, I dont want to go beyond the limits,forget my main role and disrespect myself.
    what do you advise me? if there is a book that can help me or something….Jazaki Laho Khayran sister :)

    • Wa alaykum salaam wr Sister,

      Masha Allah! Its good to ponder and think about your role in life. But your ultimate guide should be the Qur’an and Sunnah.

      As the message of the article goes, ‘every youth can have a productive life’. Do not be limited by what others think & say, build a productive life wherever you find yourself – using the Qur’an and Sunnah as your guide. Your ultimate goal should be seeking the Pleasure of Allah. So boost your knowledge and your connection with Allah. You will find your answers in the teachings of our beautiful religion.

      Read more about the inspirational stories of the Mothers’ of the believers and companions of the Prophet (saw). They led pious lives, yet remained active & productive.

  7. As salaamu alaikum. I am very thankful that I found this site. I enjoyed this article, especially the part about goals and maps. It is so easy to get off track or sidelined by day-to-day activities. I work at an Islamic School and have printed two copies of your free ebook (one for me and one for the teachers` room). I look forward to starting to read it at lunch today. Thank you and May Allah reward this effort.

  8. Salamunalaikum, Amina. Reading this piece I thought;who wtote this?Alas,she bears The Name of The Mother of The Greatest and The Best ever!AlhamduliLLAH. Perhaps that’s why is good to pick names of Quality.JazaakiLLAH bi khairat . This is the best of recent from PM.You have written on productivity with Islamic perspective,quoting from Islamic sources and enabling the connection.This is not like some lifeless write ups that are no more than from books available in Bookshops under “Inspirational or How to..Keep it up and may The ABLE continue to help you and sharpen your understanding;it will benefit you if you include,if not already, …رب زدني علم. as part of your du’a.

  9. Very Fine and Practicle Article. Jazak Allah Khair. Wanted to add my 2 bit regarding the Dilemma of many parents regarding the upbringing and islamic practices in todays world.
    I too was exactly like the present day Youth having studied in the West Influence and Top that with Service in the Non Islamic Army–with no Muslims/ Masjids in site. But with parents and relatives with very strong BELIEF and Sincere Practice of Islam–NOT THE RIGID form of Adherances. Had not the read the meaning of the QURAN. Hence the knowledge was very scanty and Most of it was DON’Ts. There was no English Translations available to me. Had read the QURAN in Arabic without understanding a word,hence found it a burden to go through. One day My Dad gave me the English Translation of QURAN by Abdullah Yousf Ali.
    I read it as a story book the first time.Found it to be the most LOGICAL BOOK. Read again to actually study it like Exam.Had doubts it sorted from scholars.Must have read it many times.Every time some new doubts linger. These days it is easy to get them clarified. My suggestion..PLEASE READ THE MEANING OF THE QURAN LIKE YOU STUDY ANY SUBJECT FOR EXAMS. DON’T READ HADITH TILL YOUR IMAM IS SOLID ROCK. HADITH IS THE LIFE OF OUR PROPHET(saws)LIVED TO PERFECTION. WE MUST TRY TO FOLLOW BUT EVERY ONE HAS LIMITATIONS OF HIS CAPABILITIES–eg.If you ask the fastest man on earth Bolt to run Marathon he will fail or not complete it. But ALLAH (SWT)Justice is Perfect. So he created100 Grades of Heaven.So those who follow the hadith to the T go to grade1 and so on.At least we Muslims start with PASS MARKs by only saying KALIMA .We have to now ensure that our marks are not cut for bad behaviors and the 9 BIGGEST sins. Allah has said that sins HE will forgive if he finds us as Genuine Muslims.REGARDING PRAYERS START WITH ONCE ADAY TO THANK THE SUPREME,MERCIFUL,LOVING ALLAH FOR THE PRECIOUS THINGS HE HASGIVEN US LIKE EYES THE FUNCTIONING ORGANS AND JOINTS. ONCE YOU START TO THANK THE LORD ONCE A DAY YOU WILL WANT TO DO MORE. After all we take so much PAIN to thank our friends and relatives for the small gesture or favours..IS IT TOO MUCH TO THANK THE CREATOR.EVERY ONE HAS TO THINK AND FEEL HIMSELF/HERSELF.WE AS PARENTS OFTEN BECOME A PAIN IN THE NECK. AIM SHOULD BE TO GENERATE REALISATION. MAY ALLAH GUDE ALL OF US. PRAYERS OF PARENTS SHALL CERTAINLY HELP IN GENERATING THIS REALISATION. PROGRESS WILL FOLLOW THEREAFTER IN SHA ALLAH.

  10. interesting article, remind us of our primary assignment. Like the perfect example of all Prophet Mohammad SA said value these 3 (Time, Opportunity and Ability)

  11. Mashaa Allah. this was the same ques we were discussing in our usrah here.. Im still a student and keep on questioning my self on how to be productive and contribute the most towards the community. I always think that we can only contribute when we are working because we have skills and money and more matured. but I was wrong! We can contribute the most when we are actually young! Mashaa Allah. Allahhu akbar. now I realized. it is very clear to me now. jazakallahu khayran kathira for this article :)