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  1. Jazakallahkhairan, this came @ d right time. I am trying to work on ma patience. I will try using your advice. I urge you to please pray for me to be successful. Masalam.

    • Wa iyakum, Aisha. It’s great that you’re working on being more patient. One thing I’d suggest if you don’t mind. I urge you to stop “trying” and eliminate the word “try” from your vocab :). Please just use whatever that you found beneficial and implement. Because the your language has power and it affects your behaviour and reality. You either “do” or you “don’t”. I shared the power of language in this post here. May Allah give you tawfeeq and blessing in your actions. Ameen.

  2. JazakAllah khayr.What a great post! Each article of yours seems to be better than before.
    The fact that one of your references is which is one of the best websites I follow and visit most along with, I will be glad to find one of your series coveing some entrepreneurial insights.
    I look forward to the next article. JazakAllah khayr.

    • Wa iyakum, Said. Thanks for your kind words. Alhamdulillah, all praise is due to Him SWT. I agree, that’s an excellent site. InshaAllah, I will be covering some content focusing on entrepreneurship and productivity. And kudos to you! We need more entrepreneurs in our community. Please get in touch with me because I’m running a productivity program and it’ll be very beneficial for you as an entrepreneur.

  3. JazakAllaah khair, a very uplifting article, it definitely inspired me to work on my goals and stop procrastinating. Thanks again!

  4. I always admire the Sahaba with the time they had they used it to the maximum.Why is it we
    seem to always have less time, Is it because lack of baraka in the time we have been allocated by Allah, How do we gain this Baraka – This is efficiency to the max

  5. I finally found the source of all my problems. Next step is to destroy it, and make sure it does not step one step closer to where I am right now.

    • Yes! Pull it all out and uproot it! Then pour concrete over it and build a strong foundation upon which will be built an amazing house and many life changing projects, bi’ithnillah. :)

  6. Masha Allah! !It was an eye – opener for me for I am exactly in need of such articles and posts enabling one to live ‘ above the line ‘. Allah bless us all. Ameen. Barakallahu feekum :)

  7. An excellent article! I’ve found the answer I was looking for in this article. JazakAllah Khair for this! :)
    The strange this was that I was contemplating upon my question all day yesterday and today and came to a similar conclusion, but not as defined as this article. Hence my delight when reading this as it has put merit behind my thoughts. Alhamdulillah! :)

    • Thanks for your comment, Jalal. Wa iyakum. That’s just one of the many signs from Allah that you’re on the right track :)
      Isn’t it awesome when you have these epiphanies and the ‘synchronicity’ and ‘coincidences’ that are insightful and beneficial?
      Glory be to Allah, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe and everything in it! He SWT is the only one who guides and everything that’s true and beneficial is from Him.

  8. MashAllah, jazakAllah , I thank you very much for your insightful advice. I needed this at this time in my life. May Allah reward you for your helping others.

    • Salam erum, wa iyakum.

      Thank you for your asking. I missed my January deadline due to some scheduling conflict, but it will be very soon iA :) Please subscribe to the ProM’s newsletters on the right and you’ll be emailed once it’s published.

      Thank you again for your interest, patience and support :)
      It means a lot to me and to the PM team.
      JazakAllahu khair.

  9. Assalamu’alaikum brother, May Allah swt grant you success and prosperity in this life and hereafter. I love your writing. It’s so amazing. Please also write a series on “purpose of life”. JazakAllah

  10. Salam. I have just joined an intensive tajweed course and am finding difficult to be firm on this path. I have been fighting with myself and want to be steadfast and bulid a relationship with Quran but i keep thinking of my job that i left for this course. Alhjamdulillah this series is exactly what i needed and is changing me for the better. May Allah reward you and keep me in your prayers.