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  1. Asalaam u alaikum

    JazaakAllah khayr bro. we studied the Paretos Principle during our bachelours n from what i remember i was something like and i could be wrong that if your task is well planned like you put 80% of your effort in planning it immaculately then you only need 20% of effort to get it done … I could be wrong if so i had only say this principle sounds good too :D but I really appreciate the "Productive Muslimized" version of Pareto Principle makes it quiet practical… :)

  2. Excellent advice. Inshallah, I plan to do a workshop on this very topic in the not too distant future. As Tim Ferriss puts it, what one thing could you do, if you were to look back on this day you’d think ‘at least I got that done’. Such items – no more than one – should be done no matter what. Easier said then done. The hardest part is making that mental decision each day.