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  1. This is a very interesting review, thanks for posting it, it has inspired me to make good use of my early mornings, which is something that is admittedly very difficult for me. The benefit of early morning work has been highlighted here in a way that makes me feel guilty for not taking advantage of this time. This is definitely going to be on my list of things to change for the upcoming year.

  2. Salams, great review! This has made me think that this might help me to use my time more effectively.I’ve recently been feeling as if the days just slip away and I’m not getting the things done that I need to do. It also just seems like you that when I try get started on something, what happens? I get distracted or interrupted!

    Yes, making use of the mornings might be the change I need. Allah knows I need some sort of change to my routine. InshaAllah!

    JazarkAllah Khair

  3. Thats great! and what a good start for 2014. Indeed the Holy Prophet (SAW) did mention the importance of the early hours of the day to believers. He (SAW) also told the believer to eagerly strive towards achieving things that beneficial to him. As he (SAW) on another occasion showed the believer a supplication in seeking refuge against laziness, cowardice and unneccesary worries. – (SAW)

    Really, our mornings are very important and beneficial

    ASASS ALI Abass

  4. I need to change my early mornings and be more productive! Allah(S) blesses us in the work we do in this time. Thank you for the review.Can I also get a copy of the ebook? Thank!