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      • Assalam aleikum,
        I have a six week old baby and I’m trying to get back into the swing of praying again and reading quran but its hard as he is still not in a set schedule and he wakes up at night, cries a lot because of colic then I feel sleepy when its time for fajr prayer. I do not like praying when I’m sleepy and usually the wudhu refreshes me but the problem is when I am so sleepy that I cannot even get up to do wudhu. As a result I have been praying fajr late. I will stick to your article and try and force myself to get up as I see that there is no other way and I need to reconnect with God like when I was pregnant and had more time to myself.

        • Walaikum Assalam Asya,

          We, I and my wife, have gone through the same days. Now we have 6 month old baby, MashaAllah, Alhamdulillah. Initially it was difficult for us also. May Allah forgive us for that days. But afterwords, Allah made easy for us. I going to share with you what we were doing. We are taking care of our baby on alternative day. One day its my duty to taking care of baby and my wife will sleep. The next day its for my wife. It is responsibility of that person who is sleeping to waking up for the fajar. We set up two alarms before going to sleep for fajar.

          I hope this would be helpful to you.


      • Dear Sister first of all , thanks for the tips regarding , bringing back our iman . I would like to get advise , about studying in Germany . If is it possible , could you give me some some suggestions , to get admition from university . Management in engineering . Many thanks

        • BismALLAH AlRahman AlRahim

          alsalamu aleykum dear sister,
          why do you wn to study in Germany?
          The islamophobia is growing threre day by day,
          and I advice you to go to study in a Muslim country,
          as Turkya, also not so easy with terrorist attacks,
          but at least a Muslim coutry with very good President
          and good government.
          but at least

  1. Asalamalaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,

    It’s truly a sign from Allah swt. I’ve been feeling pretty low about falling short in my religious duties, and read this article – it helped things to make sense:)

    I just read Surah Kahf since it’s Friday, and the verse mentioned above stood out to me, then it was repeated on this article, SUB HAN ALLAH! ““Say: “If the sea were ink for [writing] the words of my Lord, the sea would be exhausted before the words of my Lord were exhausted, even if We brought the like of it as a supplement”.” [Qur’an: Chapter 18, Verse 109]”

    – sometimes tho, I feel like I may be doing my obligatories and even voluntary things to earn Allah swt’s pleasure and reward but then I get bombarded with waswasa that my “intentions aren’t pure”… I feel like they are but in this chain of overthinking I become more and more worried that my intentions just aren’t pure. How can I make sure they’re pure?

    JazakhAllah Khair for the article!

    • This is a thing that I pass by too every now and then…I don’t know if this could help, but here are two things that I do:

      1st: At the time of taking the decision to do anything, just stop and think about the intention and be true to yourself. If it’s something major, you can even write it down in your own notebook or something.

      2nd: If you suspect you intentions aftwr already doing the action, follow it by doing another good thing. It will keep you satisfied inshaa’Allah :)

      I hope this helps and Jazakom Allah Khairan :)

      • Once during an islamic lecture I heard that, the intention should be checked thrice…before doing a deed…in the middle of it and after finishing it..that is to say astaghfar in case you feel there were slight or lot of impurity. If you try to bring your heart to purity thrice for a deed in shaa Allah it will train your heart to have good intentions always…I used to be so good at it and now experiencing serious difficulty…may Allah (s.wt) help us all..ameen

    • Salam wa Alakum,
      I don’t know much but experienced this a few. whenever get this feeling (which I believe is normal at times) is first to myself ask Allah in dua to purify my intentions and after that put my faith in intentions to Him and carry on. I try to think about what my real priority is with doing something, and enforce it by saying In the name of Allah. These two things favor me sometimes. All praises due to Allah.

    • My problem is that I practice islam in beautiful way after some periods I felt worry about jannah I started losing hope in jannah and after life my heart gaves negative thoughts about islam when I saw comments about islam by atheist and why it is a false religion help i

  2. please, could you say me the name of the Sheikh who sings in the video”يوم فى حياة مسلم مستقيم ”
    Thank you.

  3. Assalamu ‘Alaykoum,

    BararkALLAHUfik for this article, very sound advice!

    When my Iman is low, I feel so depressed and then I let all the depression out by crying. It usually happens after I’m finished Salah and I can guarantee you that crying gives me the strength to stand up and start over again.

    Alhamdulillah for Islam!

    • Yes crying definately cause relief…..I know it’s out of your great Iman to cry when you feel it’s getting lower…But let crying be your last choice of getting strength :)

      You’re are stronger than what you thing you are…If you think about this beautiful Ayah, you’ll understand that you are strong enough to get by this times of low iman:

      Besm Allah Al-Rahman Al-Raheim
      “Allah does not charge a soul except [with that within] its capacity.”
      Sadaq Allah Al-Azeem

      Jazakum Allah Khairan and May Allah keep you near to Him :)

      Chapter 2: verse 286

  4. Salam Aleikoum
    Jazaki Llahou Khayrane for ur article, it came on its time, really!

    Well, i have another tip : Get back to your friends.
    You don’t have to tell them exactly what you feel like because sometimes the relation that u entertain with your Lord is so private that it’s not easy to speak about with other people, but just tell them you don’t feel good and explain your emotional state with concrete examples.
    If you have smart friends, there are a lot of chances they could understand what you mean. Maybe they will remind you of what you’ve done and the satisfaction you got from doing some good deeds in the past, especially if they took part in it.
    Well, it also just brings us to a very important point in one’s life: watch who you are taking as friends, they surely can be the ones who push you forward or who pull you back.

    Thank you again, and may Allah bless you and all the staff of Productive Muslim. :)

    • Thank you very much for this tip…But as you mentioned you have to make sure your friends are the right people to ask for help.

      May allah keep good people around us and keep away the bad-Ameen

      Jazakum Allah Khairan :)

  5. Masha Allah…
    jazakallah a v v needy article for the time bng…
    I used to do 3rd tip..wenevr m down,i turn the quran randmly and look its meaning and findng wat allah ta ala s sayng me.

    it worked!!!

  6. subhanallah.. thanks for sharing this article
    there are times when you feel not in the mood to perform good deeds, and that happens quite a lot to me
    I hope I can always do the tips :)
    jazakumullahu katsiron

    • Inshallah you will be able to perform them all and all will work well :)

      Thank you for your comment :)

  7. Masha’Allah that was an amazing read and an eeman booster itself !

    I especially liked the line “never settle for how you became”

    Jazakh’Allah khair, this article was really appreciated.

    • Thank you very muchh for your comment :)

      May allah grant you the strength to get over a low Iman :)

  8. Salam Alaikum,

    There is a cross on the crown in the image. I humbly ask you to remove it.

    “Praise be to Allaah.

    Al-Bukhaari narrated in his Saheeh from ‘Aa’ishah (may Allaah be pleased with her) that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) would never leave anything in his house on which there were any crosses without erasing them or – according to another report –cutting them out.

    This hadeeth indicates that if the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) saw a cross on something, he would not leave it without blotting it out, or cutting it out if it was still visible after blotting it out, because the cross is something that is worshipped instead of Allaah, and its presence is something objectionable (munkar) which must be changed. This is a summary of what was said by Al-Haafiz in Al-Fath.” []

    JazakAllahu Khairan.

  9. Jzkk for ur efforts!

    I’d like to share,
    Well, it happened to me too where i just feel lazy to do anything include salah and read al Quran but alhamdulillah, i always make sure that i won’t neglect my salah no matter how lazy i am on that day.

    The tips : since salah is the first thing that will be asked on the day of judgement i want to at least have an answer so that my other good deeds won’t be wasted. Just remind yourself about that and with Allah’s will, you want to perform better salah everyday.

    And another tips to rejuvenate or re-branding your iman is by performing Solatul Taubah. I always do that whenever i feel like I’m not doing good as a muslim. Just remember that we r created weak. And Allah is the Most Merciful. As long as we don’t despair and give up, there’s always hope.

    I learn from a scholar that the Rahmah (mercy and love) from Allah in this dunya is only 1% and the remaining 99% is during the day of judgement. How great is that? Subhanallah. So don’t give up even if u feel that ur sins r as vast as the ocean. Allah knows best.

    Wallahua’lam =)

    • Mashaallah…Thank you very much for these very beneficial tips :)

      Jazakum Allah Khairan and May allah grant you forgiveness in life and Akhira inshaallah :)

  10. Jaza Akallahu khair!!! It’s important to progress religiously and make sure you have goals. It gives you motivation to better yourself once you have set a target. I like adding extra sunnahs to my life bit by bit. Duas-ask Allah to forgive you and ask for guidance (again and again, especially when your imaan is low).
    I loved all of the tips Alhamdulillah. It is very nice to fast a extra day occasionally even physically it gives you a real high and you feel closer to Allah.
    May Allah bless you all who work for productive muslim.

  11. Assalamualaikum

    Jazakum Allah khair for the tips, they came at a very needed time indeed subhanallah.

    I would like to add : just pray 2 rakaah sunnah and sincerely beg Allah to help you out, to not let you go, to pull you back closer. That’s what i do

    another thing: usually, I notice that when my iman drops, it’s also bec I’ve done something I shouldn’t have done. So, I try to think back to what i did wrong and ask forgiveness for it. Sometimes it can be something as simple as thinking bad about someone, or praying late, or something I uttered. My salah will usually be affected, it’s like a cycle.

    The trick is not to let despair overcome you and make you give up and as the article said, ‘settle for how you became’. for despair is what shaytaan wants us to feel. so in this, look for articles talking abt Allah’s mercy.

    Keep friends who will remind you of Allah’s mercy.

    Subscribe to websites, blogs that are uplifting and will send you reminders. This is also what i do and it’s super amazing subhanallah how the answer/response from Allah comes to you from these.

    Again, jazakum Allah khair for the wonderful article! Baraka Allahu Feekum

  12. Subhanallah, I’ve recently joined the Al-Kaleel Support Grp for recovering drug addicts. ان شاء الله. At our next meeting I will be sharing these prodound tips جزاكم الله خير may Allah سبحانه وتعالى. Reward you for sharing مع السلامه

    • This is really GREAAT

      Thank you very muchhh…Jazakum Allah Khairan Kathiran :)

      May Allah help them to recover as quick as possible :)

  13. JAK for this article! Allah (swt) ALWAYS gives us what we need, when we need & this definitely what I needed! This is a MUST SHARE! ;-)

    • Whenever you think about something good then you start thinking about excuses, quickly say “Aotho b allah mn al shaytan al rajeem”.

      Plus, in life, we usually try different things out of doing something new…and since mashaa’allah you have good intentions…So why not try fasting?! Try it once and you will do it always :)

      You can also look at the benefits of fasting and it’s value in Islam :)

      May Allah grant you the strength to keep always motivated :)

  14. Jazakumullah Khair for all of the BR.’s and Sr.’s of Productive Muslim.
    May Allah subḥānahu wa ta’āla (glorified and exalted be He) increase our Iman and May Allah give us Jannatul Firdaws.

  15. Jazzakallahu khait ukhti! May Allah reward you and grant you forgiveness along with jannathul firdous for this great article. Aameen.
    It really will help me inShaa Allah.

  16. I always feel the difference in imaan when I spend part of the day gaining knowledge. Tafseer,seerah or simply making an effort to learn Quranic Arabic.. theres lots on the net and many apps on android mashallah.

    • Yes Mashaallah :)

      jazakum Allah khairan and May allah increase your knowledge and keep you nearer to Him :)

  17. Jazaakallah Khair for the article. Practical solutions for a very common problem.

    There is a dua in the Quran in Surah Aal Imran ayah 8. I make this dua when I’m feeling low in eeman.
    رَبَّنَا لَا تُزِغۡ قُلُوبَنَا بَعۡدَ إِذۡ هَدَيۡتَنَا وَهَبۡ لَنَا مِن لَّدُنكَ رَحۡمَةً‌ۚ إِنَّكَ أَنتَ ٱلۡوَهَّابُ (٨
    [Who say], “Our Lord, let not our hearts deviate after You have guided us and grant us from Yourself mercy. Indeed, You are the Bestower.[3:8]

  18. Assalaam Alaikum WRWB

    Alhamdulillah very beneficial article..may ALLAH SWT grant you Ilman Nafeyun & Riskhan Waseyun….JazakALLAHU Khairan


  20. Jazzak Allah khyaran sister may Allah bless you with good in this life and hereafter….i am the one who has been got troubled with the dip of low imaan…..but you enligten me by the blessings of Allah…i am thankful and grateful to you…and this is the first time i am writing this much big comment becoz really what you written is golden ink……please pray for me….to follow and implement all the above said things….specially for fajr prayer i cannot able to wake up ……peace and blessings be upon our prophet muhammad sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam…


    • This big comment really made me glad :)

      Thank you very much for your comment and May allah keep your nearer to Him.

      Here are few tips that I once read about waking about for fajr:

      -Sleep early
      -Make Dua’ that you be able to wake up
      -Set your alarm and leave it away from bed so you get up to close it and this helps
      -reward yourself for waking up…May be a beautiful breakfast or a walk in the cold breeze at fajr time

      I hope this helps and All the best wishes :)

  21. Hi Author,
    This article really helps me like the other articles.

    Especially this article i think its a miracle for me from the Almighty, i think it is written only for me today. since i was really down in my iman than the previous weeks.

    Thank you Author.
    May Allah rewards you more and more here and hereafter in sha allah

    • Thank you very much for your comment :)
      you made me really glad…

      Ameen and same to you Inshaa’Allah :)

  22. JAZAKALLAH khair for the article, indeed it is very benificial! Hurdles,,ups and downs,,emotions,,all are a part of this duniya as we live we learn to handle all aspects,,but the best part about life is that it keeps happening and never stops,,no matter what!! And so this is the nizaam Allah has created which wont change ever for anyone,,and therefore we must take life as it comes and trust our Creater for a beautiful life here and in aakhiraa..without anxiety,,depression or fear..

    • Yes, this is really true…We should learn to appreciate what we have and even what we do not have for it’s all for our benefit in the end :)

      Besm Allah Al Rahman Al-Raheim
      “And your Lord is going to give you, and you will be satisfied”
      Sadaq Allah Al-Azeem

      Thank you for your comment :)
      jazakum Allah Khairan

  23. jazaka allah khair for these advises. of course, it happens that our Imam get low, but we have to boost it sometimes.
    Selim from Germany

  24. Very well written…
    Jazak Allah for this. Keep writing more.
    May Allah (SWT) reward you for spreading His message and invoking Imaan in people’s hearts, ameen.

  25. Salaam,

    Jzk for a great article. Surely these tips are not difficult, its getting this advice at the right time. Its positive, it reminds us the most important part never leave Salaah the easiest one people leave when feeling low.

    May Allah SWT reward you.
    One other special tip i share with all:
    When you feel very sad Recite Surah Ad Duha….

    • Jazakum Allah Khairan…Yes surely Ad-Duha is a beautiful Surah

      Besm Allah Al Rahman Al-Raheim
      “And your Lord is going to give you, and you will be satisfied”
      Sadaq Allah Al-Azeem

      may Allah reward you for this beautiful tip :)

  26. Assalamu alaikum

    Fasting voluntary fasts on Mondays and/or Thursdays, will give a huge imaan boost when done sincerely for the sake of Allah. And if one falls short in the fasts, or give it up all together, the sense of guilt that follows shortly afterwards, is enough to pull us back onto track. This is usually indicative that our level of Imaan and our closeness to Allah has increased dramatically by the fast. Allah knows best!!!

    • Yes, that’s true and it’s also beneficial…
      We should try anything just to lift our Iman up again…
      Thank you for this tip..Jazakum Allah Khairan :)

  27. Jzk Allah to all sisters from this blog. Macha Allah good tip. There’s others things I do as to write down 5 or more things I ve done to please Allah. Could be from from praying salat on time doing more dzikr or even doing the housework which could the last of my worries when im feeling down. Lol bit that helps me overcome low mood low imaan. And boost me for the day ahead. As I think Ive managed to be a little bit productive for the sake of Allah.

  28. Assalam wa alaikum. JajakAllah khair very nice article very much practical for every Muslim to keep up Iman.It is always goes up and down .Companions of our beloved prophet(pbuh) use to feel low in iman when they r away from him by knowing this prophet (pbuh)said by feeling as having low Iman is itself Iman. Wadu is half Iman and half Salah I pray for all my Muslim brothers and sisters Allah give Hidayat to be in wudu always.

  29. Hi I am new Muslim woman I do not know where to find meanings of words so i can do my 5 prayers like I need to i do not know what i am to pray so i pray all the time how i love Allah and Muhammad pbuh . I do not know where to find sunna. sura,i am in wheelchair in lots of pain every day since 2/6/1985 hard for me i can not get on floor or stand i cannot walk anymore and hard for me to do wu du by myself i do my prayers in bed most of the time. a lot of times i pray all night and after hours of praying i fall asleep . and when i wake every couple hours i wake myself because i hear my voice praying i do not sleep well i hurt so much.but i want to be in heaven when my time to INSHAA’ALLAH I WISH THERE WAS A WAY TO FIND ENGLISH TRANSLATION FROM ARABIC WORDS. MY DREAM IS TO READ QUARAN IN ARABIC. BLESS US ALL INSHAA’ALLAH .

    • To urty helen. May Allah ease your suffering and offer you his wonderful jenahh. Full of bliss. Allah is with the patient we all all in our time need to be patient. Know that Allah will test us because he loves us. We need to submit to him and cry to him and always ask for his forgiveness.take dear sister and May Allah bless you.

    • You’re on the right track just stick to praying as it’s the key to everything…

      Here’s a link for the Quran in both arabic and english- with an Arabic recitation I hope it helps :)

      May Allah grant you strength and patience and May you get well really soon :)

  30. assalamu alaikum.. jazakallahu khairan for this article- great reminders for us to ponder in our daily lives..May Allah guide us towards boosting our Imaan for HIS Pleasure..Allahumma Ameen..

  31. Salam ‘alaik.

    Such a good article. Love to read from this site.

    Reading articles from this site recharges my iman!
    Alhamdulillah :)

  32. Awwww, SubhanaAllah. Productive Muslim Always Has Something For Me That I Need Particularly.
    I Recently Thought Of These Ideas And Viola Here They Are~ SubhanaAllah~

  33. JazakAllah Khair for this inspiring article. May Allah reward you for your efforts.
    SubhanAllah, i really needed this reminder.

  34. Jazak Allah Khair, this is a great article and am going to share it with everybody as much as I can.
    May Allah bless you with more knowledge El-Shamy!!!!!!

  35. I would like to add one more thing to the list which has helped me really and that is to remember the grave and its punishment.

    Jazak Allah

  36. Dear,
    Very nice article and appreciate for the same as useful and helpful for umpteen muslim brothers and sisters.

    But, Hidaya is in the hands of ALLAH SUBAHANATHALA.

    I could remember having heard months back, Bilal (Ral) invokes and cries alone inside Masjid…..

    Whoever HE intends he give Hidaya.

    Iman flows from Hidaya only.

    Am I right?

    Insha Allah May Allah bless all of us HERE AND HEREAFTER, Aameen.


    Jazak Allah khair.

  37. Jazakumullahu Khairaljazaa`. Allahumma ijma3na jame3an 3la ta3atika wa adkhilna jannatika birahmatika ya Arhamarrahimeen.

  38. Jazaki Allah khair sister. This article gave me hope and a place to start from with regards to my religious obligations. May Allah increase you in knowledge and continue to put Barakah in whatever you do.

  39. Salaam 3alaykum! Thanks so much for this article! Ever since I started college this year, I have been having an “iman dip”, but it is good to know that I am not the only one who struggles. This website is so positive and inspiring. inshaAllah I can work to stay on the right path!

  40. salaam sister

    I pray allah gives you relief from your pain and gives you sabr. and from your condition its clear you are being trialled and insallah allah will reward you heavily. tc and salaam.

  41. Thank u so much for this beautiful article. I was facing lot of problems both mentally and physically. But after reading this i had got some positive energy. Insha Allah I will Overcome my all problems as soon as possible. In Sha Allah

  42. Thank u sistter Ol Al-shamy for this valuable article. It was this right time I got this article to read……May Allah bless u for ur Islamic work.

  43. Dear Brothers and Sisters!!! Alhamdulillah! I am muslim – and it gives me such pleasure reading all your comments! They are so true! It has helped me so much!

  44. 27 September 2013

    Assalamu Alaikum !

    Nice article.
    Two more tools to strengthen Iman:

    1. Dua
    يَا مُقَلِّبَ الْقُلُوبِ ثَبِّتْ قَلْبِي عَلَى دِينِكَ
    الترمذي، كتاب القدر، باب ما جاء أن القلوب بين أصبعي الرحمن، برقم 2140، وصححه الألباني

    2.Seek refuge in Allah from shaitan.
    اعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم


  45. May Allah reward you with much good. This is exactly what I needed to read. My iman is low bow sadly :/. Yaa muqallibal quluubi thabbit quluubanaa ‘alaa diinik! Allahumma amiin

  46. As Salaam mualaikum dear sister,
    Shukran these notes are such an enlightenment. My Imaan has been at an all time low.
    I make dua that you are rewarded for the time taken to enlighten Muslim around you.

    Was Salaam

  47. My father past away a month and a half ago and I am at my lowest point right now. I can’t get out it. I am losing faith and strength. It seems that no matter what anyone says to me, it goes in one ear and out the other. I don’t know what to do or say. My father was my best friend.
    I am struggling everyday. I cry myself to sleep I don’t eat like I should. I feel like I am falling apart.

    • @Um Muhammad…I’m sorry for the late reply, had a problem with the connection…
      I can imagine how deep sadness you have. For me, i consider that death is just a longer goodbye, than the normal ones that we usually have, till we meet those who left us once again in Jannah insha’allah. So, my advice to you is to work, read Quran always, keep close to your family members, and keep yourself busy preparing for the hereafter, for the day when you’ll meet again for an everlasting life with no more goodbyes :)

      May Allah forgive your father and grant you strength

  48. May Allah pay you the best of rewards. I had lost most of my Imam due to the occupation of the life of this world but Alhamdulilah you have given me some tips on how to increase my Iman.

  49. Ma sha Allo’h. JazakAllo’h al khair. Its really good. May Allo’h bestow all of u along wid the writer more. I don’t know whether u feel like this or not that sometimes i feel really lazy to do the main duty(duty towards Allah) of mine. And later feel guilty and even feel angry upon myself, feel cry but can’t help out for daily tiresome works. I think we should remember that time that Allah is raahmanurRahim, just we should ask help and ask forgiveness. Thats it. We will have d mental strength atleast that time instantly. May Allah forgive us and lead us to the true path of Allah.

  50. Jazakallah for the iman boostinv article!! I came towards Allah (s.t) with the help of my friends! I feel that being with good friends will always take us towards good deeds! In sha allah I will boost my iman!

  51. Salaam brother.

    I’ve been going through a difficult time an looking for answers. My ways of interpretation have been a struggle an reading this article has enlighten my mind but finding someone to speak to is difficult as many judge rather than listen. I don’t really want to post my problem here but I was wondering if you might be able to give me some guidance? I’d be extremely greatful if you can brother. Jazakallah khair

  52. May Allah reward you for such a brilliant article, insha Allah my iman will increase. My heart is hard and I’ve always avoided salat and reading the Qur’an due to the fact that I was addicted to games and prohibited things which created a huge gap between me and my iman. Insha Allah your tips will guide me to the right path and again thank you.

  53. Assalamualaikkum

    may Allah reward u for ur information ….usually i lost my Iman…and i am very sad about it….when i read ur article to strengthen the iman a sentence strikes me very well.that sentence is” Nothing will change unless u decide to take action”.yes of course nothing will change in my life in my iman unless i decided to take action.nobody can improve my iman .only i can.any way thank u for ur information to strengthen the iman

    • Yesw you’re absolutely right. May Allah grant you strength to keep your iman level high.
      Thank you for your comment

  54. This is the corrected response. Please disregard my earlier post.

    JazakAllah for this excellent article. May Allah SWT reward you in this world and the Next! Aameen!

    Every now and then, one comes across people complaining of sadness or depression or just feeling low. They lose energy, their thinking becomes scattered, they have difficulty sleeping or getting up in the morning. They may become lazy and disinclined to say their Salat. There is a feeling of doom and gloom. Sometimes this can become really serious and a diagnosis of mental illness (e.g. Clinical Depression or Schizophrenia) is made and the person is placed on medication.

    I, not too long ago, experienced a period in which I became profoundly sad and depressed. I read a lot about depression and my research led me to conclude that apart from biological reasons (like lack of sunlight and exercise, or too much junk and sugary foods), a major cause of feeling low are satanic whisperings or “waswas”

    Shaytan is an Arabic word that originally comes from the Hebrew word “Satan”, meaning “the opposer” or “the conspirator”. The Arabic word Shaytan means “the one who is far away”. According to its usage in Quran, Shaytan is one who is far away from the Mercy of Allah and also leads others away from the right path ——- and therefore, away from the Mercy of Allah.

    A little History: Azazeel was a Jinn who was renowned for his worship of Allah SWT, but when he disobeyed and refused to prostrate to Adam (AS), he was called “Iblees” i.e. he who despaired (of any chance of Mercy from Allah). Since Iblees is one who has lost all hope of any Mercy from Allah SWT, he instills fear and doubts about salvation in Man. He rejoices in instilling doubts (about Imaan and Allah’s Mercy) in us, as he is the sworn enemy of Man.

    What is the cure? Ulemas are of the view that aside from fulfilling the 5 arkaans (including salat and fasting), plenty of remembrance of Allah SWT (i.e. zikr including Astaghfar and Aayat-e-Manzil), it is imperative that one refrains from ‘overt rebellion’ of Allah SWT. As long as one is indulging in overt rebellion of Allah SWT, one will be easy prey for Shayateen (who are also instruments of such evil as the evil eye, black magic and so on).

    What is Overt Rebellion of Allah SWT?

    1. Shirk (Associating partners with Allah SWT): As in visiting shrines or pirs, and reciting duas or wazifas containing shirk.

    2. Dealing in Interest or Riba: These people are at war with Allah SWT and His Messenger (SAW)

    3. Enjoying music or vulgarity in any form

    4. Adopting an un-islamic appearance: For a man- not sporting a beard and not keeping the shins uncovered AND for a woman- not covering herself according to Quranic Injunctions.

    5. Indulging in back-biting

    Our Aamaal (actions) are expressions of our Imaan (Faith). The more we submit to the Will of Allah SWT, the stronger our Imaan and also, the stronger our shield against the Shaytaan.

    “Nay,-whoever submits His whole self to Allah and is a doer of good,- He will get his reward with his Lord; on such shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.” (Surah Al-Baqara, 112)

    May Allah SWT in His infinite Grace and Mercy, strengthen our Imaan. Aameen!

  55. Assalam alaikum, I have a weird issue, my iman goes done at a specific time that is when my monthly period are near, is this normal? is there someone else facing the same problem?

  56. sub hanALLAH. ALLAH give me the knowledge & Iman to follow these good words. Very nice advice.

  57. asalamualaikum,

    I am a student and i am of 16 years.I am too poor in my iman, whenever I tried to do something for it I never suceed.Even in salaah as well i can never concentrate. whenever I tried to do something in favour of Islam I always failed.

    so i want some more tips inorder to cop with all these riddles and I can strengthen my iman.And I request all the visitors in this site to pray for me so that i can make my upcoming life better and more enjoyable, and i can be a perfect Mohammadi.


  58. Its Ramadan and unfortunately I feel that it is very hard to rebuild my Iman. I’m sad to say that it is at an all time low. I am as well a convert and our masjid is very busy with the events of Ramadan so its very hard to find anyone knowledgeable with the time to assist right now there. And for a convert, I found your article very easy to understand and very helpful. May Allah bless you..

  59. A.aleykum
    jazakallahu khairan for these wonderful advice May Allah grant you and ur family jannatul firdauss…my imaan was low as very low and i felt lost i thought i was doomed nomore ways but u remembered me of the Mercy of Allah…

  60. Alhamdullillah, your article was really good, Jazakumllahukairan to all my brothers and sisters who have worked together to write this article, to help the Muslim ummah. Recently I have being feeling the wickness of faith, the main reason being that my family and the environment I stay in, is not really that my family are not Muslims ,but they are not very practicing.Although they do solat,read the Quran once every week, but must of their religious works are usually bidiah acts, when they hear anything of sunnah, they really don’t like following it,only if an imam as told them to do it. And must imam here don’t follow sunnah acts but bidiah. Like 20percent of their act of worship are sunnah acts and the remaining 80 are bidiah acts. My family are part of this category, and even though I try to enlighten them, they shun me up, tell me not to be an extremist and stop me from doing sunnah acts, that’s why I try to do some acts secretly. My iman is really falling apart, it’s making me sad, and I don’t know what to do? But I have prayed to Allah (swt) about it, but little help from anyone wouldn’t do any harm please help me. Jazakumllahukairan.

  61. Asalamooalykoom Brothers and sisters.

    I feel like my iman is going low. I read about other religions and learn them then i feel like if the other religions are true and islam is not. I dont know if this is a test from Allah (swt) but i really dont want to lose faith. I pray 5 times a day and am studying to memorise the Quran (inshallah). I try to be as religious as i can. Please can anyone reply to my comment:). Thanks Asalamooalykoom

    • Dear Br. Yusuf, yes, sometimes i feel like that too. But, try to understand the quran even more. Read the Hadith and try to understand it way more. Probably, the problem is that, you aren’t making d’ua to Allah the almighty. I promise you, Allah will answer to your du’aa almost instantly if he thinks it shall be instantly. Here’s how to do it. Read ayat al Qursi. Then say subhannallah 33 times allhamdulillah 33 times and allahuakbar 34 times. Then ask Allah to guide you to come closer to islam insha’allah.

      Sr. Mariam

  62. i have always had a doubt that why do you express the word ALLAH in capital letters everywhere like masha ALLAH subhan ALLAH and ALLAHU akbar and is it true that we should write insha ALLAH like insh sha ALLAH?
    AND which is tue social histry or islamic history
    they say in social that there were only dinosours and no humans knew how to communicate
    in islam they say that Adam (as) was the first on earth and they communicated with ease
    please answer i get so confused by this thought

  63. Assalamu alaikum to all
    I am having confusion about my career.
    Allah has rewarded me with intelligence and i am thankful for it. I am a topper of my class. i live in india and in india there is a competition for getting in an Indian Institute of Technology. I am currently studying in class 10. After two years i Will give that examination. Now currently i am living in Aligarh, a very pious place in India.
    so for preparation of this exam everyone has to study for about 12 hrs daily and i was thinking of going to a plac named kota where there are coachings which are specialized for this exam preparation. Now the problem is that i do not want to leave my current city Aligarh which is very pious but also for getting into that institution i should go for kota. So i am confused between these two places. My heart do not want to live this pious place but my brain goes for kota. give me suggestion about this. Will it be better going to kota or living in aligarh?

  64. Salam alaykum Ola,
    Do you have your own blog or any website?
    I really love poems so it would be great if I can get to read any of your pieces.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Jazakumullah khayr

  65. Thank you. I am a teenager living in America and I am struggling right now with a very low iman. After fasting during Ramadan. . I always feel pure and pray regularly. Slowly I started to have difficulty concentrating during prayers without pure intentions. I even stopped learning the Qur’an and convinced myself “I am too busy” Bismiallah Thank you again for the refreshing article. I hope to soon get back on the right path of Islam. InshAllah. .

  66. Assalamualaikum Brothers/Sisters,
    I am an IT professional working in India.As you all must be aware the environment usually in IT firms are very complicated(mainly with the non-muslim sisters who don’t follow islamic dress code) and it inturn divert’s young Brother’s mind(mostly who are bachelor’s) and wrong intention pop ups.Hence Could some one please suggest me a way to protect and strengthen my Imaan in these circumstances?.
    May Allah Bless all of us with Taqwa and Hidayatah.Aameen

  67. Salamalekum,

    Opening the Quran on a random page is the most ignorant thing to do. Hoping that God will talk to your situation by simply opening the Quran on a random page is like horoscopically hoping for an answer from the Quran. It doesnt work like that and it is has no foundation in the Quran or Sunnah. Please check what you are writing. This is very dangerous to tell people to randomly open Quran and look for answers.

  68. Assalaam wa alaikum,

    I just pray salah like if it were the last salah I would perform before I die.
    Or say it would be the last salah to ask Allah forgiveness and not go to hell.
    This gives me more strength en belief.

  69. Subhan allah may allah bless with happiness,peaceful and calmness in every moment in every second of his life to my brother who have created such a beautiful site…thanks u bro by heart….khuda hafiz

  70. Nice very helpful, keep posting.
    I suggest to go in the path of Allah as well, atleast for 3 days. It will boost your Iman very high.

  71. Jazakallah for the article
    Just wanted to request something
    The thing is i want to join the online course but i’m a student and i don’t have the money to pay
    Just wanted to ask if u guys could make a free course
    Hope you understand

  72. Asalam alaikum, I am very greatful for the tips shared. But still I have a problem lately concerning my faith. I lost a job and experiencing some difficulties, my heart believes in Allah though my faith is not strong. Sometimes inside me I feel Allah is the way and another heart says the problem won’t be solved. Please help me gain strong faith like before… It’s hurting my heart

  73. Jazak Allah Khair for this article “…Iman boosters that help you get back on track – share them with us all through a comment below!

    Doing dua. Asking Allah to guide me to his path, again.

  74. Hello everyone, peace be upon you all. Sometimes my iman can go from being up to down in seconds. Reading stuff like this really helps. Life can be highly confusing. You can be happy one second then sad the next. We all want jannah and was all have the tools to do so. Its staring us in the face and we just gotta open our eyes. Its hard, life is hard but we need the will power and trust in allah that through every hardship, every single one comes ease. A reward beyond our imagination. May allah guide us to the path of our beloved prophet Muhammad. Amen :) peace be upon you.

  75. maashaAllah great article, may Allah reward you (and everyone at Productive Muslim) for all your help in sha Allah :)

  76. jazakallahu khairan
    i’ve got another tip to save our heart from lazyness. allah said to prophet dawood(a) “what i do with an aalim if he start giving more importance to his hopes(shahwath) than my love is that i will deny him the taste of my munajath.”

  77. jazakallahu khairan
    i’ve got another tip to save our heart from lazyness. allah said to prophet dawood(a) “what i do with an aalim if he start giving more importance to his hopes(shahwath) than my love is that i will deny him the taste of my munajath.”

  78. What i wouldn’t give to be back at just tired to be able to pray fajr or the other Salaah such a simple test and we fail a lot… I am struggling to pray salaah this test is harder than any I have faced before and has lasted years now.. I have or cant see the answer to the problem i try to find it but I try and end up feeling confused and stop.. I guess im not fully trying… Insha’Allah please make dua for me that I receive that energy needed to exert my full efforts into getting back to worshipping Allah as he deserves to be worshipped… This ill health is a great obstacle but insha’Allah with Duas of my brothers and sisters and the mercy of Allah and His blessings insha’Allah im able to overcome it… We are all tested with good times and bad times good health and bad health so we should make ourselves strong during the times of ease so that we face hardships with wisdom and not let it break us and rely upon Allah to make it easy for us and look for sunnah ways of getting the help required insha’Allah.. Its the understanding of Islam that makes the hard times easier… And plenty of dua in hardship or ease… Hope this helps someone and jazakAllah for ur Duas :)

  79. Assalmu alikum,
    Some days back I had got very strong faith and I was very happy with that even though I was going through bad times. However from past few days , my level of Imaan has gone down and it is hurting me very much. I start doubting about things and even to the existence of Allah (Na’uzu Billah). I want to get back to the earlier state of strong Imaan. How can I achieve it. Please help.

  80. Salam Alaykum warahmatulaih wabarakathu.. I am really sad and crying hard writing this when I realized the level my iman has dropped to. I find it very hard this days to perform my solat at the right time most especially fajr prayer. Recitation and memorization of quran has being a burden on me now.. Please my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters in Islam. Always remember me in prayer that Allah should not take my life now because that’s my biggest fear. My advice to people in the same shoe with me is that we should always surround our self with Muslims that will always make us remember Allah.. May Allah increase our iman.. And to the person who wrote this article, I pray Allah should increase you in wisdom, knowledge and understanding

  81. As salam wa alaikum
    Start asking sincere taubah and astaghfaar
    Try do dhikr every often
    That also helps in many things

  82. Slm..
    Whilst i agree with your tips posted..i am struggling with a little more than an imaan low…i seem to be questioning religion as a whole and looking into matters from a scientific perspective. I have also been through a very troublesome time with my parents and sisters where today, we are estranged. It was then, in terms of time, that i started questioning my beliefs fed to me as a child, which i blindly followed. Can you provide insightful argument into this kanallah?…


    • Insha Allah. But you should keep faith in Allah and that your hardships are there for a reason and THEN be patient. Be patient with the hope that Allah will make things easier. If He does not, it’s up to him. When he does, Alhamdullillah. But Allah is never unjust. If you had just done your duties towards him patiently and he had not departed the hardships from you, you can be certain that he is going to reward you infinitely more for it, after your death.

      Allah knows best.

  83. Jazak’Allah khair. Ma sha Allah very simple and productive ways to increase Iman.
    May Allah increase our level of Iman and make us steadfast! !!
    Once again thank you so much.

  84. assalamu alaykum mr.Abu, if i’ve had problem in my self like im dont controlling my mine, my body for wrong way. when i think thats wrong, i felt regreted. how do i overcome that?

  85. Maa shaa Allah nice article by seeing headlines our imaan get increased sub haa nallah….. jazakallahu khair…..😃

  86. Mashallah may Allah Give u kayr and reward of paradais for your good advice my muslim brother.

  87. I need guidance on my faith islam. I need help.and support to he a good.muslim and do. Right by the Quran by Allahs word.

  88. Assalamualaikum. I trust Allah. I have only him. There are many things I took help of him. He’s always with me. Allahamdullila. But I get a bad tot telling is it true saying. I go back to Allah pray to guide me in staraigt path and I never loose him in my life. Can you tell me some tip to get rid of these wasasai ( bad tots) ik it’s from shaiytaan. I need a console. I over think I ask for help. Jazak allah khair.

  89. Assalamualaikum. I trust Allah. I have only him. There are many things I took help of him. He’s always with me. Allahamdullila. But I get a bad tot telling, is it true saying, is he there. I go back to Allah pray to guide me in staraigt path and too never loose hope on him. Can you tell me some tip to get rid of these wasasai ( bad tots) ik it’s from shaiytaan. I need a console. I over think that’s my problem. I ask for help. Jazak allah khair.

  90. Im converted almost 1 year this coming end of July,I am having trouble for my Iman. I keep praying that In Sha Allah,Allah help me to boost my Iman and to fight all the feelings that makes me down. I really need an advice to overcome this feelings that makes my Imad down.

    • Salam Alikom Ayya, I completely understand what you’re passing by. What i can tell you regarding your fears is that in life generally and as you will definitely know nothing is permanent and so as the downs. Ups will follow, be sure of that. All you need for this is faith and only faith. And because we cannot survive by patience only and we cannot have faith out of no where, we need something that makes us stand straight through the storm. And for that I advice you to stick to the Quran, the Salah, Good Company, and What you believe is right.
      That’s all you need to do and that is what will help you pass the downs :)
      Congratulations on the conversion and may Allah grant you strength and patience and show you the beauty behind all the challenges you pass by :)

      • JazakAllah Khair..:) In Sha Allah hope for the best. I just need someone to give me a wonderful advice to make me motivate everyday.
        I am trying my very best to pray to fight for everything such the feelings that make me down. I know Allah is with me,I can feel that.

  91. Asalamun calaykum…. I have been swimming agiants huge waves, mostly trying to defend what little iman i had left…. Failing every time, and every stage.. Try & try & try and fail, I feel like my dream off jannah is just a dream!! So weak.

  92. Asalamualikum, Hope Your Well. I have seriously got a weak iman. First I use to read Salah on time, Read Qur’an, Try not to do sins. But now all of a sudden everything’s gone down hill I still pray but not on time and cry over petty stuff. Can you please help me out! Send me some duas to read or even just make dua for me🙌🏼 Jazakallah Khair

    • Salam Alikom Fatimah
      This phase is very normal however we need to try and get back on track :))
      Try saying morning and night athkar, talk to someone you trust and ask them for some motivation towards being active, and try to recite this duaa and feel it :)
      يَا مُقَلِّبَ الْقُلُوبِ ثَبِّتْ قَلْبِي عَلَى دِينِكَ
      Also I recommend that you read a book titled “Reclaim your heart” by Yasmin Mogahed. It’s really expressive and beautiful :)

      Inshaallaah everything will work out real soon :)