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  1. I have been saying to my husband for the last few weeks that I can do this twice a week ’cause I’m not having trouble doing it daily at all. I’m so looking forward to doing this on Mondays and Thursdays. And I didn’t know about the 3 days out of the month. Shakran!

  2. what if the three days happens to be the days of menstruation? how can ladies benefit the three days fasting? which days can she do then in order to get same reward? jazakAllah

  3. I have started fasting on Mondays and Thursdays, today is my first day (Monday) & SUBANALLAH it has been so easy and I am happy that my deeds will be shown when Im in a state of fasting. ALHUMDULILAH

  4. I am ashamed to ask, but what can I do if a family member does not wish to fast during ramadaan. I am afraid I may have made the situation worse by getting angry at them? Please help inshallah.