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  1. Masha Allah. Great article . Need of an hour, and reminder for us those who can gently with soft words can bring our Muslim Ummah to right path .

    A peice of an advice and constantly reminding Allah , his blessings and tests in this world can guide into right path.

  2. Assalamu Alaykum my dear sister Zaynab Hamdi & and not to forget the Productive Muslim team.

    I am absolutely so attracted to your articles ,… If I open my mail box and I see ”, I act like a child that’s getting another awesome gift, my heart pounds with excitement cause never a dull moment when reading each and every article I received to this moment Algamdulilah….. And every article I read feels like it was written for me Subghaanalah!! Yaa Rabb how he guides us if we sincerely wants to be guided and if we choose ALLAH SWT in our lives and do everything for the sake of our Rabb and if we greatfull for everything no matter the trials & hardship, everything falls into place Algamdulillah.
    May ALLAH SWT always guide & protect you & your families and shower you with endless Rahma. Ameen
    Jazaakalah Kheiran

  3. Jazakillah sister, just what I needed. My best friend and I(we are high school graders) decided to start ‘practising’ Islam in our lives, and our greatest concern was what we would do if other friends started backbiting in front of us. Now I know how to tell them!

  4. It takes courage to disclose one’s own flaws so that other can learn something from our personal experiences. You did that well. May Allah reward you for this, to Whom belongs everything and everyone. Ameen.
    Well done!

    • All I need to know is, since Allah is closer to us than our lives, and he loves us 70 folds more than anyone, is it ok to talk to him normally, as we talk to a friend standing close to us?