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  1. This is so powerful series. Jazakumullah for the effort…I can relate here to this sentence “The kids take it out on the timid classmates”. Once I heard from Ustad Nauman Ali Khan that parents should have weekly one-on-one meetings with their kids about what’s happening with them in class/school. Only Now I can understand the benefit of these weekly meetings now.

  2. WOW I didn’t know the “art” of letting out your anger on someone else is in itself a type of self-defense, although we see it in our everyday lives, most times it gets unnoticed. This one was reaaally SURPRISING!

  3. See, that’s the thing about knowing a bit of psychology. You can’t really get angry at people as you kinda know why they’re behaving the way they do! So if you’re a victim of displacement, just be patient and pray to Allah to help the other person with their trouble!

    Thanks for the series! It is awesome, just like the other one!