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  1. Beautiful doodle. it says all couples need to survive in this live long journey called marriage,

    Jazaakumullahu khayran.

  2. ما شاء الله ما شاء الله
    It is suuuuuuuper suuuuuper amazing i just LOOOOOVE it incredible جزاك الله ألف خير jazaki Allahou khairan i simply can’t express how much i love pardo me T0T

  3. In Sha Allah I am getting married next March. This article is truly brilliant with so much beneficial information! Jazakillah Khairan sis xx

  4. Mashallah that’s really lovely and productive, pretty easy to understand. I’m so grateful for seeing this sample in my life (for the first time). I really hope to see more of that sample esp. friendships as well including other relationships in general (if it’s not to much to ask). Thank you tons for your share. May Allah grant you success in dunya and akhira.

  5. Masha Allah. Masha Allah . Masha Allah. Masha Allah Sister. Jazakallahu Khair for sharing this very important doodle. One of the best creativity ,by putting all words / articles in shorter format in attractive way to effectively communicating and sharing information to Muslim Ummah. Too much efforts, hard work , dedication & creativity are behind this preparation. I am sure , this will help all couples to lead a life as ” Happy Muslim Couples ” in productive manner. The best we can remember this, by taking prinout and stick in wall of our bedroom for few months. In this way, this may stick in our mind for long time and always we may remember that we need keep our spouse happy happy.

  6. MashaAllah nice article on marriage which is one of the important aspects of living life. Very useful and definitely mind and life changing.
    JazakAllah khairan for your writing. May Allah swt bless all the couples with these wonderful habits.

  7. Assalamu alaikum,
    Productive Muslim is like an amazing friend to me. The topics it speaks about are so realistic. I can identify myself with the content spoken about here.
    I am a striving muslimah. Would love to be a part of this family of productive muslims.

    Jazak allahu khair

  8. I absolutely LOVE this doodle! I’m surely gonna print it out and hang it up somewhere that my husband and I can see everyday. Thank you! May Allah (swt) bless you immensely for all your efforts. Ameen.

  9. Not trying to be melodramatic, but Hollywood depicted an exorcism of a girl who’s body had been hijacked by the devil. I think my spouse has been invaded by the devil and I have no idea what to do ….

  10. ASALAMUALAIYKUM I would like to purchase this poster. How can I purchase it? Can you please provide me with the link?
    Barak’Allaahu Feekum