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  1. Assalam aleykum wa rahmatu llah !
    I absolutely love these little animations, they’re very well done and are extremely useful as reminders. I’m always eager to watch the new videos as soon as see them in my mails. Please keep your hard work, and may Allah swt reward you immensely and help us to act upon these beautiful reminders !

  2. asalamo Alaikum jzakumullah khair for wise advices
    I have a question but what should we do when wife and husband are not living together mean husband or wife lives other country for study job etccc

  3. Ma sha Allah. I’ve been following the muslin couple animation and I’ve been enjoying it. May Allah make it easy for us to foster happiness in our marriages. Ameen.

  4. AssalamuAlaikum, mashallah that’s a clear sample for the good couples to give each other their time and attention. I’m not a wife yet though, I personally find it unfavorable when a person or any relative sits by the table and eat while being busy with his/her device. I usually leave my device aside when it comes to socializing with others even by the dinner table. Thanks a lot for your share. J.A.K.