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  1. I am commenting as a response to the recent email that has been sent to me. I can’t express enough how this website has helped me and my family to become better and more productive Muslims. I want to see productive muslim to spread everywhere. I truly believe your articles, advice and tips could help alot of Muslims to become better. May Allah SWT bless productive muslim.

  2. Brilliant write up, Sis Aishah!

    Nothing beats an inquisitive mind. I find asking the right questions are also as equally important as braving oneself out to ask.
    One of the best things my teachers have taught me is that we ask questions that benefit us and others. There’s no such thing as silly questions and even if they are silly, if properly phrase them, we will inshaAllah get an even better answer than we would expect. Allah knows best.

    Take care!

  3. Infact questioning adds to the curiosity of a person .By enquiring, a person became accustomed to gain more and more knowledge and wisdom .As anybody pursues something he will eventually grasps that .so having the spirit of questioning any one can erase the confusions otherwise distracting his path of progression. …

  4. The most promising point here is that Rasool SAW used to give answers to the questions of Sahaba RA in very pleasant manner and most of the good things have reached us just because of the questioning and inquisitive minds of Sahaba RA.
    Welldone! JazakAllah u khairan sister.May Allah SWT give you strength and good health to keep up the good work.Ameen!

  5. Ma Sha Allah, As usual i read the article and initiated towards change, growth, success. May Allah Reward U in zillion folds. Amin.
    As you put it properly ,Asking questions is so important . I wish i live in that era… when a women went and asks what ever she has misunderstanding in her mind. These days our scolars are not ready to hear and to be asked ( By female) They are uncomfortable around us.
    We pray for the day day to come , our Sheks & Imams can communicate freely with out a bias And follow the sunna of our Beloved Profet Mohamed ( SAW)
    Thank you again for including in ur circle.

    Jum’a Mubarak.

  6. Assalam Aleikoum,
    Thank you for this beneficial article.
    In relation to this topic there is one Hadith that I do not really understand. It seems to prohibit us from asking too many questions about religion :

    Narrated Al-Mughira RA: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Allah has forbidden you (1) to be undutiful to your mothers (2) to withhold (what you should give) or (3) demand (what you do not deserve), and (4) to bury your daughters alive. And Allah has disliked that (A) you talk too much about others ( B), ask too many questions (in religion), or (C) waste your property.” (Bukhari – Vol. 8, Book 73, Hadith 6)

    Can someone please explain this to me or shed some context? Because if it is founded, then it may seem contradictory to this article…

    JazakAllah Kheiran!

  7. One never loses anything by asking, he only gains. As a medical student, asking questions is one of the best ways to learn. (Also, you get to form good relations with your professors, which can help you more)

  8. MasyaAllah, this is a very informative and good writing. May Allah reward the writer with goodness.

    Islam has always encourage us to be critical thinkers and question everything that happens around us. We need to think and use our ‘aql but always remember we have limit because there are certain things/knowledges that are beyond our capability of thinking, ie: the shape of Allah.

    Hence, ask questions on almost anything except verses from Al-quran and authentic ahadiths unless we are seeking explanation to increase our faith and not for provoking purposes. Keep thinking critically and ask questions brothers and sisters.

    May Allah guide us always.

  9. I must say this came just in time! I recently noticed that im not as comfortable asking questions anymore since University is not like school, with the large number of students, the huge topics covered in little time and not to mention busy professors. These tips are truly helpful Ma shaa Allah, jazak Allah khair, this was an issue worth highlighting.

  10. As a muslims we are encouraged to be knowledgeable. We are deligent, dedicated, industrious and a keen learner. Our very best reference is Prophet Mohammed SAW. Following his sunnah means we are going to be strong and wiser. So asking question is a benefit and opportunity to gain knowledge.

  11. Asalamu Alikum,
    I was having many doubts about asking questions.Now these doubts are clear to me.May Allah bless you with more knowledge which can benefit us too.
    JazakAllah u khayr

  12. Jazakumulahu khayran……. i really gain alot frm this article……..its as if this article is meant for me. sometimes i find it hard to ask questions especially in public because i feel shy and i dont have that confidence but can go to anylength to ask questions online

  13. I’m really grateful for reading this, now I’m encouraged to ask around even though I have a lot of questions bottled up inside me. And I’m glad that I started having a clear background on how, when, and who to ask including the right ‘attitude’ in asking questions. Thank you for your share sister. Jazaki Allah Khair.

  14. Asking questions help us to improve our belief and deen and to perform better by erasing doubts created by our enemy shaytwan.

  15. salam,masha allah.nice article.i have a social anxiety.i fear to ask question in a crowd. but this article helped me to change my mind.jazakallahu hair.may allah bless you.

  16. Thanks to the productive muslim team for your great works. You are helping milions of muslims out there may ALLAH bless you and your job. I really appreciate this website.