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  1. Such an inspiring lecture. I loved it. I always say negative words to myself and under estimate my capabilities even infront of others. But inshaa Allah I’ll start practicing being positive. May Allah help me ana all muslim women to be self-confident and productive as possible. Ameen

  2. Assalamu alaikum, what a perfect timing, alhamdulillah! I was recently thinking to myself “Independence is not something you ask for, it is something you EARN”. I am learning to grow through the different challenges Allah is putting on my way as a graduate business student, and I love, absolutely LOVE the fact that He is making me independent of all besides Him. What a morale booster, especially (in my humble opinion) as a non married Muslimah. It helps us to shape our personality and achieve things before entering a relationship. That way, we are more mature and know best how to handle certain things inshaAllah.

    Here is a beautiful dua that I would like to share with you all :) Allaahumma akfini bi halaalika ‘an haraamika wa aghnini bi fadlika ‘amman siwaaka (O Allaah, suffice me with what You have permitted so that that I have no need of that which You have forbidden, and make me independent of means by Your bounty so that I have no need of anyone besides You).’” This hadeeth was classed as hasan (sound) by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Tirmidhi.

  3. Masha Allah, very good article and expository too. Self confidence has always come natural to me however when it comes to accepting compliments I always have this battle of accepting it gracefully with the fear of being seen as not been humble or being over confident, reading this has put it in some perspective for me.
    Shukran sis.

  4. Syukran for the article. Lately I have been having self confidence issue as I just begin entering working life. The advice and tips will be useful for me in sha Allah.
    Jazakillah Khayran :).

  5. Masha Allah. Jazakillahu khyr sis. can you help me? can you be my mentor? i need to discuss this matter with someone. kindly email me sis.

  6. As someone who is getting over her fear of driving, I can say that I can relate to this a lot!! The power of positive language is tremendous, and many of us don’t realize how much we’re sabotaging ourselves with negative self talk. Thank you for this!

  7. JazakAllah, I am a new muslim and self studying, I do have trust and confidence in myself. But this is really heart warming to know I can be more to be the best muslimah I can be

  8. Thank you and jazakum Allah Khair and Jannat Al Ferdous :)
    This was quite helpful; I had a hard time recently, and Allah has brought this to me, so thanks to Him and then to you again!

  9. Salaams sister I have Retinitis pigmentosa and this really lows my self esteem beacause I have to be depented on others. Please advise if their is any duas that can read to be indepent with this problem. Sukran

  10. SubhaanAllah! I always find P.Muslim articles to be important, worth the read, always! Jazaakumullahu Khairan. I thought to leave this mail and read it later but I’m glad I read it immediately, Alhamdulillah. I’ll keep recommending it to my friends in sha Allah. I love you all feesabilillah. May Allah continue to bless your lives, aameen.

  11. Alhamdulillah this is very inspiring.. jez snapping out of some problem..and ds has really boosted my.confidence.

  12. I reall y like this article because I don’t have much confidence sometimes and sometimes I do . I really need to work on the negative thinking and I will inshaAllah do the DU’A which we usually do when attending Quran classes. JazakAllahuKhairan.

  13. Masha Allah, a very nice article. I always had low self confidence in high school but since i started college my teachers have helped me discover my hidden talents. It is a slow process but slowly i have been more confident about myself. And this article has inspired me even more…..i will be sure to follow the above tips.

  14. MashaAllah a wonderfully refreshing article which has reassured my faith once again in the endless mercy of Allah… It is in His Magnificent wisdom that he gives us some amazing gifts and makes us deficient in some things so that we can remain humble and recognize our need of His constant help and support. My favourite tool for increasing my confidence is to talk to Allah and express to Him that I just need to be confident in His powers and His ability to empower me in any way that He wishes… If he can give a certain quality to one person without any effort on that person’s part then surely He can bestow upon me the same skills too… or same confidence or even better than that… because His mercy has no end… Alhamdulillah:)

  15. Thank you for such wonderful tips as we all muslimah needed them in our day to day life. We all need reminders as a human being we forget things easily. We make dua that Allah help all muslimah to be a good muslim with immense imaan, confident and knowledgeable.

  16. Dear Sister Lotifa Begum,

    A great article and many thanks for taking the trouble to encourage the female ummah – very good of you to knowledge share. In particular I liked points 2, 3, 7, 8, 9 and 10. If I may add excellence in communication that is achieving a superior command of the English language is important and one way of achieving this is to keep reading for example keep reading the Sydney Morning Herald, Readers Digest type articles and look up meanings of words and you will soon have an extensive vocabularly and and impressive style of communication. This is the first step to be noticed and to stand out. Next say you want to achieve superior skills in the Microsoft suite eg Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc keep doing exercises, keep reading solution blogs on the internet on any problems encountered and your perseverance will translate into better knowledge and confidence. The most important factor is to implore via dua and explain to Allah (swt) why you want a particular goal you are pursuing especially if your noble intention is to also knowledge share with other ummah. Believe me when you explain to Allah why it matters so much (and do not hesitate to do this as many times as it takes) for you to attain it unless Allah (swt) in his eminent wisdom thinks it is not good for you then Allah (swt) will render assistance to make things happen.

    May I also suggest another point. Cultivating role models – absolutely mandatory to foster ONLY PRACTISING MUSLIM role models. Do not look up to non-Muslim celebrities, those who drink alcohol and use foul language etc no matter how much they are adored in the media world give them a BIG miss. Look to people like the founder of Pakistan the Quaid for absolute integrity, his sister Fatima Jinnah for high moral calibre, reserve and dignity, look to our Prophet’s wives as your role models and maybe even better try to make yourself a role model for others by inculcating in your own life Islam’s outstanding values.

    Anyhow sister thanks immensely for covering most of the important factors so succinctly. May Allah reward you.


    • Waalaikumasalaam wa rahmatullah Sr. Anisa,

      Thank you for seeking our permission to re-post the article. You are more than welcome to share it on your website as long as the original link to the article is included as well :)

      JazakAllah khair.

  17. كلما ايحرت وتجولت فى شعاب النت احس بالعزة والشموخ لانى مسلم لانى اجد جنودا مجهولين فىكل بقاع الارض يبذلون كل جهدهم لخدمة دبنهم واخوانهم المسلمين وبكل اللغات وبكل اخلاص ………………..اناشعرتمونى بالفخر وانى لا أ سال الله ان بكون الحنةجزاؤكم ومصاحبة النبى محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم

  18. All of Productive Muslim articles are greatly beneficial.You people are doing a great work MashAllah.Keep it up.JazakAllah.

  19. Ma sha Allah really helpful article. Priductive muslim team you are doing great job. I feel blessed to know about you and learning alot Alhamdullilah

  20. Asalamualaikum, Shukran for dis article. I. Have always been having issues wit my self confidence, I really do appreciate dis article nd I believe dat wit dis Tips,I would be able to build my self confidence In Shaa Allah!

  21. Very nice article! I have just graduated from Medical School but to be honest in my male dominated hospital, i often find it hard to put forth my views due to low self confidence. But this article has definitely helped me! Thank you so much!

  22. Masha Allah…!! vry useful article… Jazak Allahu khairan 4 sharing dis…. May Allah reward u 4 d good work… Aameen..!!

  23. Jazakhallahu khair.So inspiring. I have been searching this type of article to boost confidence to me.
    Insha Allah I hope this gonna work

  24. hi…am Mohd Tayyab I complitaed bba but I have not confidense for face the interview and other very worried.sometimes I think about suside. I feel helpless every time …plz tell me solution….

  25. I took some free time between my studies and job..i was at home for a year..i am starting my new job tomorrow.I was feeling so down but this article helped me boost my confidence..
    Jazak Allah

  26. this advice is really good and learnt from it, I like saying positive kinds of stuff about my self when i red this advice it gave me more confidence, thanks, Allah swa for this website