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  1. Absolutely fantastic article. Truly one of the best. No greater words are spoken and just the right emphasis on the important things. For me the most stand out is Allah’s reminder to us as noted by you in Surah Luqman:

    “And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.” [Qur’an: Chapter:51: Verse 56]

    Productive Muslim/Sana Gul Waseem you have done it again – you are doing a tremendous service to ummah.

  2. Beautiful article. Good guidance for parents. May Allah reward you and increase you in knowledge and wisdom.

    May Allah make it easy for us to implement

  3. Masha Allah sista this is really a great piece. Uv answered alot of questions dt iv bn tryn to find answers to. May Allah reward you and Guide us to instill good virtues in our children. Ameen.

  4. Good guidance. two points to share. We should also remember and remind little ones that purpose of life is also serving humanity(Allah’s creatures) Huquq UL Ibaad. Secondly, we should instill habit of Salah(Huquq UL Allah) in children right from beginning taking kids to mosque so that routine takes root as they grow. May Allah bless all of us!

  5. Ma sha Allah, the write up is a clarion call nourishing ones soul in the way of Allah. The message is very clear,simple and penetrating.
    May Allah reward you abundantly. Ameen.

  6. MASHA ALLAH Great work, Its absolutely Most important thing to implement.
    Its a serious issue that should not be underestimated. Truly there is no Forgiveness to the one who calls anyone else other than ‘ ALLAH (S.W.T) ‘. We should be Cautious every time. JAZAK ALLAH For
    the teams good effort.

  7. Alhamdullilah! This article is most beneficial. It was concise and touched on the most important principles of Islam and gave very good examples on how to implement the information into our daily lives. May Allah reward the writer with an abundance of good Ameen!!!

  8. Mashallah. It is most useful article. As Muslims we should know about Islam. One who has born to Muslim parents never become a Muslim. Who obeys the five pillars of Islam is a true Muslim. I am a student in college. I interact with several non-muslims. Whenever I ask them to avoid shirk they answer that they were happy with idol worship. If God has no body then where he is, Why don’t Allah harm them, How they are surviving? I pray they could get right way for their life after death.

  9. thank you so much for your daily messages they are giving me light as well for my family. May Allah forgive you all your sins and guide you to the straight path as you striving to help others.

  10. Asklm .Sana u have helped parents in a good manner to learn islam .i was really confused how to encourage kids for islam .May Allah swt reward u n ur family with his blessing. Jazakallah

  11. Very educational,nice and beautiful.This will really help me teach my daughter about Shirk .May Allah swt reward you AMEEN

  12. Salam, truly knowledgable. I didn’t discover how to raise my child the time when I need it. I have to make dua and read surah AhQaf instead. Nevertheless I shall inform and remind those who are starting a family. Never too late. Thanks for sharing. Salam to all readers.

  13. Jazakum Llahu khair, subhana Allah these series just make me love the whole parenting job more. May Allah Subhanahu Wata3alah multiply your reward for the efforts you all put in.

  14. This is really a wonderful article which will really helps the parents to teach tawheed and develop iman in childrens.Allah bless u .

  15. An excellent article with warning. Of shirk from the very beginning. Great naseehah. In sha Allah. May Allah. Help us to utilize the info given n help us parent our children to b good practicing. Muslims ameen

  16. I thank you for your extraordinary quality which i know that was blessed by Allah,
    i has brought me back and strengthen my faith the more.