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  1. i am asking you to recommend me books for ” seera el- sahaba ” , i hope my kids can take one of them as a role model especially Omar ben elkhattab & Hamza ben Abd elmottleb ,
    books for kids and for me too to know more about them
    thank you

  2. Assalam alai kum Sister Bassent,

    the seerah of the sahabas is a great topic and makes up for many stories for our children.
    per see, i dont know any books, but what i personally found educating was watching the omar series on msnbc and reading the seerah of the Prophet (pbuh). in sha Allah if any of our readers know of any books then they might help us out here.

  3. Thanks for very enlightening articles. We had a good start with our two kids, praying with us at home, reading quran and we taught them how to be good in the face of Allah and also of humans. Now they are teenagers. we seem to be doing less to them. they spend more days in the boarding schools; and we only have them during holidays. There, they have variety of friends, with multitude of habits, good & bad. We would still want to go on with the role of parenting. May be somewhere during this the course of delivering this article or somewhere after, can you help guiding what approaches should our parenting take when kids are at this stage

    • In sha Allah, i will .
      till then i would like to stress the importance of dua for their physical and spiritual well being, that you can make at all times.

      i have personally witnessed the power of dua , as i too lived my “formative” years in a hostel.
      i am sure that the duas and the reward of the righteous deed of my parents, kept harm away from me and steered me towards good :)
      may Allah ta’aala keep our children in His protection and guidance.

  4. Asalaamualaikum Sister Sana Gul, I am Omar from Malaysia. Excellent article on “parenting lessons from the Quran.
    I am in my mid 40’s, married with two kids, son 7 years, daughter 10 years old. I have two sisters and I am the only son.
    I thank Allah s.w.t. for having such patient parents as I used to dissapoint them quite often when I was a teenager right up to my 20’s.There was a time when I suddenly felt guilty of all the wrongdoings that I did to my parents and to myself.
    I strongly felt in my heart the desire to turn a new leaf, to leave behind all my bad habits an to go on to the chosen path.
    I respect and help my parents all the time now as they are getting quite weak and old now. I did mention to my mother my wish to become a good son and you know what she told me?. That she never stopped making “dua” for me.
    Jazakallah Sister Sana Gul and May Allah s.w.t.
    provide you and family Blessings here and the hereafter. Inshaallah

  5. Salams sister. Great article with very good duas. Is it possible to have these duas in arabic please, transliterated is fine too. Jazak Allah.

  6. Assalam alaykum,when i finished the articlce i said to myself “so fast”.can’t wait for the next article.i have a 3 kids 8yrs,5yrs,3yrs and recently i get so impatient and short tempered with the 8and 5yrs and i say to myself why can’t they do what l ask them to do.i end up asking myself what am i doing wrong and i wonder if am expecting too much from them but i sooo much want them to be good n righteous kids.insha Allah i pray that these articles will help a lot.jazakallah khayr for the artcle

    • Asalam alai Kum sister
      I totally understand how you feel
      Same here. I always feel that dua and patience and doing good deeds ourselves will in shallah be helpful in rasing righteous children

      So just hang in there and make lots and lots of dua

  7. alhamdullilah i thank allah
    i am a student but also i understand the meaning of real parenting as allah said
    in sha allah may allah give us good wife and children
    and make us from the people of paradise

  8. MashaAllah a superb reminder of one of the most important topic of our lives. Quite often when I read up on articles about parenting I tend to get depressed that since my own children have grown up so I cannot benefit from these ideas anymore because I cannot bring back the time when they were small and I could have built these good habits into their personalities… but today when I read your article I was filled with hope and happiness because it started with the importance of duas… and I was reminded that even when we think that we cannot do anything we MUST make duas with the belief that Allah can do everything and It is never too late for HIM to change things…
    So thanks a lot and JAZAKALLAH khairan :)

  9. Slms..sister…wonderful advice!!!!thank u for remin di ng us as paernts…o.may allahswt keep our c hildren rightgeous and .may they establish regular salah and koran recitation.may they love …honour ….n respce t us. as parents……and we show love n respect and apprec iation for them. After all children are a blessing from allah.jazakallah ..barakallahu feek.wslm…rashida.

  10. Assalamu Alaykum. Kudos to you for this reminder. May Allah reward you abundantly. To further butress some of your points, my 5 year old child always observe curiously what ever i do either at home or outside for the purpose of emulation. For instance, if i always observe nawafil after Magrib and unable to do that one day, he will quickly ask me, Papa, we have not finish our prayers and vise versa. So imagine i do something bad, he will also copy the same. May Allah protect us and our families. Amen

  11. BarakAllah for the article,I’m a new parent and this article definitely will help in being a good role model to my kids In sha Allah.

  12. Jazakhallahu akhira. Really appreciate the article and all your write-ups. Parentin requires lots of energy and needs attention,constant reminder,encouragement and strenght. I like your articles, please keep it coming.As Salam aleikum waramatullahi.

  13. Assalaamu Alaikum
    Jazakumullah qair Fr such a wonderful article..very enlightening.MaashaaAllah good job..may AllahSWT accept our efforts n make us good Muslims n reward us jannatul firdaus..Aameen

  14. Jazakhallahukhair Sr Sana. As a young girl its very informative article for me before I start this life. May Allah bless you more and more. Eagerly waiting for the next part

  15. Asalaamu Alaikum
    Nice article though I sxpected that with the title of your article, you would have quoted conspicuously from Suratu Luqman.
    Ma salaam

  16. Assalaamu alaikum

    Dear sis Sana Gul
    i m a new mother of 5 years old

    i find it very difficult to understand her n how to work on her

    can u please help me find some source like books article website on discipline and manners
    it really need to work with this
    and having lot of problem

    please help me suggest

    • Assalam alai kum Sister,

      sorry for the delay in replying. i hope you that you do see this message or you have already come across some great resources.

      Personally i find and great places for advice on discipline and manners, as they address they also explain the emotional and psychological reasons behind the behaviour of the child.

      i also personally benefitted from Grandma Jeddah’s book on discipline, “Discipline with out disrespecting” .

      I pray that you are able to get what you want.


  17. Asalam alaikum warahmatu Llah.
    Baraka Allahu fikum for the wonderfull article may Allah subhanahu wata3ala grant u goodness in this dun’ya n in the akhirah

  18. Assalamualaikum, it is n wonderful article plzz send some articles on single parenting mom
    I m eagerly waiting for it ahead

  19. Every time I read topics on how to lead a healthy family life, I’m motivated and confident but at the same time I feel nervous and scared..Indeed, there’s lot of articles and books on the topic al hamduliAllah, but what scares me the most is, like you mentioned in the article, to be disappointed and demotivated if the children don’t behave the way we want. So, as you said, the point is to be extremely patient, have trust in Allah and constantly make Dua’a to Him Subhanahu wa ta’ala :)
    Baraka’Allahu fikum for sharing :) insha’Allah I’willing to learn all the Dua’as above. Quick quick!!

  20. Hello,

    I would like to ask a question. I am a 48 year old woman. I got married when I was 27 years old and I got divorced when I was 30. I wanted to return to my parent’s home, but my father advised me to stay in the house we rented, since my ex-husband went back to his parents house. The experience was very traumatic. I stayed single for 15 years, unable to start another relationship. After a lot of therapy and time I began to pray for another husband. Now I have met an orthodox Christian from Ethiopia, whose religion is quite close to islam. My father does not take any effort to find a man for me. Neither does he take care of me. I provide for myself by working and living alone. I have been alone for 15 years and I am suffering from this. I don’t live in an islamic country, so my choices are limited. My prayers brought me this man, but when I told my parents about him they do not want to even meet or talk to him, because he is not a muslim. He is from Ahli elkitaab, but they say those people no longer exist. What am I to do. The Ethiopian man treats me with respect, he is a doctor and a good man, but he says that he will always be true to his religion. He cannot fake having another religion, because he does not want to lie. What do you advise?

  21. Asalam Alikum, could someone please tell me how to read this verse from Quran for a male child in Arabic. Thank you

    “…I seek refuge for her in You and [for] her descendants from Satan, the expelled from the mercy of Allah.” [Qur’an: Chapter 3, Verse 36]

  22. plz recommend me a book on parenting in ‘URDU’ language. I want to give to my sister for my nephew.

  23. mr Sana gulf
    Iam a research scholar in Darul huda islamic university in kerala, India . Now Iam degree final year student in that university , i have to prepare a thesis for my digrree complete., I selected the subject on “parantal psychology in islam with special reference of Surath Laman”.
    I read your article that related to my subject , now Iam very happy to got me sevaral various points from your article, l blessing you .
    In this time iam respectely wanting to you more points and benafitable opinions that will have promote me well to complete my thesis more than I decided .
    I expecting your recomments and valuable opinions. May Allah blessing us.